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  ASC100/16/MBBS-BDS/DIRECTIVES 04.08.2016
   G.O(Ms)No.21-16-FPD 30/07/2016
  G.O(Ms)No.20-16-FPD 30/07/2016
  G.O(Ms)No.157-2016-HFWD 29/07/2016
  GO(Ms)NO.156-2016 29/07/2016
  GO.(Ms)No.296-16. 27/07/2016
  GO(RT)No.6346-16 27/07/2016
      Niyamasabha- Schedule of Subject Committee Meetings-Scrutiny of Demands for Grants (2016-17)
  No(MS)No.121-2016-GED 25/07/2016
  G.O. No. 708-SC1-2016-GA(SC) 25/07/2016 General Administration Department - Procedure for inter-departmental reference - instructions issued.
  G.O(Rt)No.4729-2016-GAD      22/7/2016 General Administration Department- By-election on 28-7-2016- Transfer of officials restricted-orders issued 
  GO(RT)No.20-16 20/07/2016 General Administration Department- Uploading of Government orders and circulars issued in pursuance to the decision of the Council of Ministers in the Government Website-Intruction issued.
      State Photography Award- Entries invited
  GO(RT)No.1686-16 30/06/2016
  G.O(Ms)32-16-GAD 02/03/2016 General Administration Department-Madrassa Teachers Welfare Scheme – Pension Scheme- Minimum Pension enhanced-reg.
      Andaman & Nicobar- Tribal Welfare- Vacancy notification for the post of Research Officer- reg.
      Pradhan Manthri Awas Yojana- guidelines-reg.
  GO (Ms) No.282-2016-Fin 15/07/2016 Finance- Social Security pensions- Enhancement of the minimum pension and limiting the entitlement to any one of the pensions- reg.
  GO(Ms)No.380-16 1/07/2016
  No.29749/B1/15/ID 8/07/2016
      National Jute Board-Vacancy notification-on Deputation Basis-reg. 
      Department of Food and Public Distribution, Government of India- Vacancy notification- Post of Joint Commissioner (S&R) on Deputation Basis-reg.
  GO(P)No.90-16 02/07/2016
      P&ARD- Official Language Awards- Nominations invited- reg.
  G.O.(Ms)No.155-16 30/06/2016
  G.O.(Ms)No.184-16 28/06/2016 Home Department- Kerala Fire & Rescue Services- Stipend Enhanced.
  G.O.(Ms)No.13-16 01/07/2016 Ayush- Ayurveda Medical Education Department- Stipend to Post Graduate students- enhanced 
  G.O(Ms)No.15-16-FPD 02/07/2016 Fisheries and Ports Department- Fishing in Kerala coasts by other states- Fee re-fixed
  G.O.(P) No. 12-2016-P&ARD. 04/06/2016 Personnel and Administrative Reforms Kerala Last Grade Service (Amendment) Rules, 2016 - reg.
      White Paper on State Finances - Laid on the Table by Dr.T M Thomas Issac, Minister for Finance and Coir
      Stray Dog Menace- Public Notice
  G.O(Ms)No.102-2016-GED 16/06/2016 General Education Department- Higher Secondary Education-plus one admission (2016-17)- Enhancement of 20% marginal seats- reg.
    24-06-2016 Governor's Address - English[PDF] / Malayalam[PDF]
      Ministry of Culture- Vacancy notification for Deputy Curator, National Gallery of Modern Art
      Ministry of Culture- Vacancy notification for Director, National Gallery of Modern Art
  G.O(P)No.99-2016-GAD 15/06/2016 General Education Department- teachers appointed for the year 2015-16-K-TET examination-relaxation till 2018-sanctioned 
  G.O(P)No.336-2016-RD   Revenue Department- Survey and land record dept- 2013-14-financial year-administrative report-Review- approved 
  G.O.(Ms)No.13-16  14/06/2016 Personnel and Administrative Reforms Public Services- Qualification- Recongnition of Computer Wod Processing Certificate- reg.
      RDD- PMKSY- Notification of various posts
      Celebration of International Day of Yoga on 21 June 2016-reg
    02/01/2015 Allotment of Brass Scrap Cartridges/Small Arms Crushed - reg
  G.O(Rt)No.269-2016-SJD 01/06/2016
  G.O.No.1556-B3-16-SJD 26/05/2016
  G.O(Ms)No.11-2016-PARD 26/05/2016
  No.84393/Cdn.5/2014/GAD 01/06/2016
  No. 85455/Cdn. 5/2008/GAD. 01/06/2016
  No.26378-KI-2016-DMD  01/06/2016
      HSD- Appintment of Surgeons-reg
  No.6419-R1-2016-P&ARD 18/05/2016
      General Education Department-HSE- Single Window System for Plus One admission- Prospectus approved- reg.
  G.O.No.C3-38-2016-PARD 27/05/2016 Personnel and Administrative Reforms- Reporting anticipatory vacancies to KPSC- reg 
      Pesticide Residue Research and Analytical Laboratory- Production and marketing of "Safe to Eat" (Pesticide free) vegetables, fruits and food products for sale through government outlets- Report No.24/2015
      Technical Education Department- NSS Awards-reg.
      Advocate General Kerala, Ernakulam- Transfer and postings-reg.
  G.O.(Ms)No.16-16 13/04/2016
  No. SE3-204-2016-GAD 12/05/2016
  GO(P)No.61/2016/Fin 05/05/2016
      Consumer Price Index No.s for Agri. labourers and Industrial workers for March 2016
      VHSE 2016- Result Notification
      HSE/VHSE Results 2016
  G.O(Ms)No.34-16-SYAD 06/05/2016 Sports and Youth Affairs Department-License for state swimming training centers-guidelines- reg.
  No. 417 16-2-2016
      Disaster management- Review of monsoon preparedness 2016
   No. 26592-Leg.H1-2015-Law   Law- Act 10 of 2016- The Kerala Anganawadi Workers' and Anganawadi Helpers' welfare Fund Act, 2016 -reg. 
  G.O.(P) No.02-2016-Norka  
      NIRDPR- Vacancy notification for the post of Registrar & Director
    29/4/2016 GAD - Provisional seniority list of Section officers- Objections called for reg. 
      ECI- Advisory regarding holding of public meeting during peak summer days.
    23/04/2016 GAD - Declaration of public holiday for all government-quasi government and commercial establishments on 16-05-2016 - day of poll - reg. - G.O.Ms. No.58-2016-GAD
    23/04/2016 GAD - Election to Kerala Legislative Assembly 2016 - Declaration of public holiday on 16 May 2016 - Orders issued - G.O.Ms. No. 59-2016-GAD.
      The Aadhaar (targeted delivery of financial and other subsidies, benefits and services) Act, 2016-reg
      SSLC and other examinations 2016- Report, Result Analysis and other details
    13/04/2016 Health and Family Welfare H&FWD- Kerala Govt. Servants Medical Attendance Rules, 160- Additional list of admissible medicines and equipments-G.O.(P) No.16-16
      SSLC Result 2016
    30/03/2016 SCSTDD- National Level Photo competition depicting life style of the tribals -reg
      Election Commission of India-  Systematic Voters' Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP) initiatives for greater electoral participation during ongoing State Assembly elections, 2016. 
      Consumer Price Index No.s for Agri. labourers and Industrial workers for Feb. 2016
      Boys Sports Company (Nilgiris)- All India Open Selection Rally (23-28 May 2016) Notification
      Ministry of Textiles- Vacancy notification for JTC (Economics)
  G.O(Rt)No.2428/2016/G.Edn  13/04/2016 .
      Ministry of Urban Development- Filling up of the post of Controller of Publications in the Department of Publication on Deputation(including short-term contract) basis. 
  G.O.(Ms)No.75-16 05/04/2016 General Education Department-Higher Secondary Education- Sanctioniong of new Higher Secondary Schools and additional batches- reg.
  No.e-487167-Cdn.1-2016-GAD 24/03/2016 General Administration General Election to Kerala Legislative Assembly - 2016- Restrictions on Release of funds-reg
  No.e-511748-Cdn.1-2016-GAD 31/03/2016 General Administration- General Election to Kerala Legislative Assembly - 2016 -MCC- leave sanction- reg
  G.O.(Ms)No.19-16 03/03/2016 Co-operation Deparment- Kerala Co-operative Professional Education Fund Scheme 2015
      CAT- Vacancy Notification-Appointment of Administrative Member 
  G.O(P)No.05-2016-P&ARD 22/01/2016 P&ARD- Public Services- Persons in service belonging to scheduled castes/scheduled tribes-Temporary Exemption from passing special or Departmental tests-Period of exemption-Extended-Orders issued. 
      ECI- Ban on exit Poll during State Assembly elections of Assam, Kerala, Puducherry, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal.
      SET (Dec 2015) Result
      63rd National Film Awards (2015)
  No.16789-K3-2016-DMD 4/03/2016 Disaster Management - SDRF - Utilisation - Guidelines - reg 
  G.O.(MS)No.72-16 5/03/2016 Health& Family Welfare Department- Antimicrobial Stewardship programme- Guildelines for rational usage
  G.O(Ms)No.28-2016-SJD 15/03/2016 Social Justice Department- Registration of Juvenile Justice Institutions as per Juvenile Justice Act and 1968 OCB Act-reg 
  G.O.(P) No. 01-2016-SJD 3/02/2016 Social Justice- Appointment of person with disabilites vide GO(P) 40-13-SJD dated 18-5-2013 - Service Rules formulated - Orders issued.
  G.O.(P)No.4-16 25/02/2016
  G.O.(P) No.37-16 14/03/2016
  G.O.(Rt)No.269-2016-PWD  05/02/2016 Public Works Department- Revision of guidelines for fixing the rate of the building taken for accommodating Government officers-Proposal accorded- Orders issued. 
      General Elections 2016- Schedule
  No SS-1/73/2016/ Fin 18/3/2016
      Science Express Climate Action Special Exhibition- Schedule
  72016/Pol-1/2015/GAD 1.12.2015 General Administration Department - Direct contact of Foreign Embassies/High commissions/ Consulates-Protocol to be maintained- reg.
  No.639/CDN1/16/GAD 15.03.2016
      Election Department- General Elections 2016- Model Code of Conduct-details
  No.639/CDN1/16/GAD 09.03.2016 General Administration (Sainik Welfare ) Department- General Elections 2016- Strict adherance to model code of conduct- reg.
  22488/AR(12)/2015 8/2/2016 Personnel and Administrative Reforms Department- RTS 2012- vacancy reporting to PSC included in  the purview of Right to Service - reg.
  G.O(Ms)No.14-2016-SJD 15/02/2016 Social Justice Department-Wayanadu district- Sickle cell disease patient -pension sanctioned 
  G.O(Ms)No.59-2016-Home 26/02/2016 Home Department- Police estt- creation of 350 women civil police 
  G.O.(Ms)No.60-2016 29/02/2016 Higher Education Department- Private Aided Colleges- Staff Pattern of Non Teaching Staff
  G.O(Ms)No.13-2016-Co-op 12/02/2016 Co-operation Department- cooperative service examination board- Data entry operator-typist post written exam- syllabus approved
  G.O(Ms)No.38-2016-G.Edn 09/02/2016 General Education Department- special school- aided status -sanctioned 
  G.O(Ms)No.12-2016-Plg 20/02/2016
  G.O.(P) No.10-2016-H&FWD 21/01/2016 Health & Family Welfare Department- Kerala Government Servants Medical Attendant Rules, 1960- Empanelment of private hospitals for Medical Reimbursement- Orders issued.  
      Notification- Appointment of VC, KUFOS
  G.O.No.22488/AR12(1)/2015/P&ARD 8/02/2016 Personnel and Administrative Reforms Department- RTS 2012- Inclusion of vacancy reporting to PSC- reg.  
  G.O.(P) No.382-2016-H&FWD   Health & Family Welfare Department - Order of the Honble Supreme Court of India in WP(Crl) No.129-2006 filed by Smt.Laxmi - Instructions for Providing Free Medical Treatment to acid attack victims - Approved - Orders issued. 
      Ministry of Corporate Affairs- Filling up of various posts in National Company Tribunal 
  G.O(P)No.01-16-SJD   Social Justice Department- G.O(P)No.40-13-SJD dated,18.5.2013-disabled persons service allowances -orders issued. 
  G.O(Ms)No.11/16/S&YA 09.02.2016
  G.O.(P) No.29/2016/TD 15.02.2016.
  G.O(Ms)No.37/2016/G.Edn 05.02.2016
  No.B2/88/2015/PAD  08.02.2016
  No.460/CDN1/116/GAD 11.02.2016
  G.O(Rt)No.975/2016/GAD 11.02.2016 General Administration Department- Attukal Pongala festival-holiday on 23.02.2016 -sanctioned-orders issued
  G.O(Ms)No.9-2016-SJD   Social Justice Department- Social welfare pension for persons with family income limit Rs. 1 lakh-clarification -amended-orders issued. 
  G.O.(MS)No.06-2016-Tran 10/02/2016 Transport Department- Road Safety Act, 2007- Kerala State Policy on Outdoor Advertising- Approved-Orders issued. 
      Industries- Development Area and Development Plots- Rules for lease of land for industrial purposes.......30/01/2016
      KAT- Notification- Appointment of Administrative members
      Bureau of Immigration-Leave India Notice
  No.77078/Pol.5/2015/GAD. 10-01-2016 General Administration (Political) Department - National Day Celebrations - Republic Day Celebrations 2016 - Adherence to the Guidelines - Reg.
  G.O(MS)No.19/16/Rd 12.02.2016 Revenue Department- revenue recovery on agriculture loan- moratorium sanctioned-orders issued
  G.O(Ms)No.11/2016/G.Edn 11.01.2016 General Education Department- Higher secondary edn- Barath scouts and guides -grace marks -sanctioned-orders issued
      Ministry of Law &Justice- Filling up of one post of  Sub-Editor
      Ministry of Urban Development- Filling up of the post of Controller of Publication
      KIIFB- Inviting entries for new Emblem and Tagline
  G.O(P)No.01.2016/Plg 04.01.2016.
  G.O.(P)No.5/2016/GAD 06.01.2016.
  No.74/EPB2/2015/LSGD 21.12.2015 Local Self Administration Department- Disciplinary action-finalization of disciplinary action  -employees going to be retired -general guideline reg.
  G.O(Ms)No.03.2016/G.Edn 01.01.2016.
  No.20364/Ad.C3/15/P&ARD 23.12.2015.
  No.600/Ad.C2/2014/P&ARD 21.12.2015
  G.O(Ms)No.45/15/Plg 10.12.2015.
  G.O(Ms)No.45/15/Plg 10.12.2015.
  G.O(Ms)No.81/2015/SJD 30.12.2015.
  G.O(Ms)No.80/2015/SJD 29.12.2015.
  G.O(Ms)No.314/2015/G.Edn 22.12.2015. General Education Department- Higher Secondary Education- academic- Kerala State open school- I year completed as open private- II year regular school admission sanctioned-orders issued
  G.O(MS)313/2015/G.Edn 22.12.2015. General Education Department- State government/aided/special school- Boarding grant,uniform allowance,request allowance- Enhanced-orders issued
  G.O(Rt)No.4087/2015/H&FWD 26.12.2015. Health & Family Welfare Department- Chennai flood- Duplicate certificate to nurse-orders issued
  G.O(Ms)No.94/2015/SCSTD 02.12.2015. SC/ST Development Department- Financial assistance to Women Self-Reliant Groups -Guidelines amended- Orders issued
  No.1184/SC1/2015/GAD 26.12.2015. General Administration Department- Kerala Service Rules 1960- Online submission of Annual property statement - reg.
      Ministry of Information and Broadcasting- Filling up of one post of Director General in Films Division, Mumbai
  G.O(Rt)No.9176/2015/GAD 28.12.2015 General Administration Department- Chennai flood- availing duplicate certificate to students from Kerala- directions issued
      AABY Scholarship - Application invited
  G.O(Rt)No.3257/2015/Home 18.12.2015. Home Department- Attestation through Agencies-approval-revised- orders issued
  G.O(Rt)No.55/2015/AYUSH 05.12.2015. AYUSH Deparment- Estta-Government Ayurveda dispensary and hospitals-OP time  regularized-orders issued
  G.O(Rt)No.51/2015/AYUSH 04.12.2015. AYUSH - Estta-Government Homoeo dispensary and hospitals -OP time regularizaed - Orders issued
  G.O.(P) No. 611/2015/RD.  17.11.2015.  Revenue (P) Department- Kerala Conservation of Paddy Land and Wet Land (Regularisation of Unauthorised reclamation) Rules, 2015


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