Urban Agglomerations 2011

An Urban Agglomeration is a continuous urban spread constituting a town and its adjoining urban out-growths, or two or more physically contiguous towns together and any adjoining urban out-growths of such towns. In some cases, railway colonies, university campuses, port areas, military camps, etc., would have come up near a city or statutory town outside its statutory limits but within the revenue limits of a village or villages contiguous to the town. Each such individual area by itself may not satisfy the minimum population limit to qualify it to be treated as an independent urban unit but deserves to be clubbed with the towns as a continuous urban spread.
The following are the possible different situations in which urban agglomeration would be constituted:
(i) A city or town with one or more contiguous outgrowth;
(ii) Two or more adjoining towns with their outgrowths;
(iii) A city and one or more adjoining towns with their out-growth all of which form a continuous spread;
(iv)The core town or at least one of the constituent towns should necessarily be a statutory town; and
(v) The total population of all the constituent units (i.e., towns and outgrowths of an urban agglomeration should not be less than 20,000) (as per 2001 census).
There are 19 Urban Agglomerations in the State of Kerala in 2011 census. Ottappalam (UA), Chalakkudy (UA), Kothamangalam (UA), Changanassery (UA) and Kayamkulam (UA) are the five new Urban Agglomerations for 2011 census. The Urban Agglomerations Vadakara (UA) of 2001 Census has been merged with Kozhikode (UA) for 2011 Census. Similarly Kodungallur (UA) and Guruvayoor (UA) are merged with Thrissur (UA) for 2011 Census.
The list of 19 Urban Agglomerations with name of constituent units and their status is given below: