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The present Department of Tourism had its beginning in the State Guest Department of the erstwhile Travancore State and Hospitality Organisation of the Cochin State. At that time the functioning of the Department was confined to looking after the comforts of the Guests of Rulers and those of the Government. A few palaces and State Guest Houses were used for accommodating the Guests and a small fleet of cars and boats maintained for their transport needs.


In Travancore, the State Guest Department had been functioning since 1930. Till the re-organisation of States in 1948, the State Guest Department of Travancore State and Hospitality Department of Cochin State continued as such. Later, after the formation of Kerala State in 1956, these two separate organisations were combined as "Tourist Department" in 1958.This Department continues to be the Government agency responsible for looking after the comforts of Guests of the Government. It also functions as the Estate Office so far as accommodation of VIPs like Ministers are concerned. Their conveyance needs are also managed by the Tourist Department. Although the Department continues to handle the hospitality function of the State, more emphasis is now given to Promotion, Planning and Development of Tourism. In 1981 it was again re-named as Department of Tourism.



The Department is headed by the Director (IAS cadre) and supported by two Additional Directors - one Additional Director (General- IAS cadre) and the other Additional Director (Hospitality - Non - IAS cadre). The Additional Director (General) is assisting the Director in all matters of the Department whereas the Additional Director (Hospitality) looks after the Hospitality wing only. There are three Joint Directors in the Department one at the Directorate and the other two at the Regional Offices, Ernakulam and Kozhikode. The Joint Director at the Directorate is looking after the Estate Office duty. An Administrative officer and Finance Officer from Government Secretariat are looking after all administrative matters and financial matters respectively.


Planning Section is headed by Planning Officer on deputation basis. Maintenance of vehicles and providing vehicles to State Ministers and State Guests are being monitored by an Executive Engineer from PWD (Mechanical) on deputation basis. There are 3 Deputy Directors at the Directorate. One Deputy Director is looking after the maintenance of Guest Houses and Residential Bungalows of ministers and VIPs. The publicity wing is headed by a Deputy Director and assisted by a Tourist Information Officer. Accounts department is managed by a Deputy Director functioning as Drawing and Disbursing Officer. Statistics, Research and Computer division is manned by the staff from the Department of Economics and Statistics and supervised by the Research Officer.

The Department has Offices in all the districts of which six are headed by Deputy Directors and eight by Tourist Information Officers. There are fifteen Information Offices within the State and four outside the State. All these offices are concentrating very effectively in marketing Kerala Tourism. 

Organization Structure

Adv. P. A. Mohamed Riyas
Minister for Public Works and Tourism
Room No. 601
6th Floor
Annexe- 2
Thiruvananthapuram– 695001
Tel: 0471- 2517152, 2333160, 2335866
Office Room No. 157
Near North Committee Room
North Block,Secretariat
Dr. Venu V. IAS
Additional Chief Secretary, Tourism
Room No. 406
4th Floor
Annex II, Secretariat
Phone - 0471-2331509, 2518997
Mobile: 9560407263
Director Department of Tourism
Park View
Opposite to Museum Compound
Kerala - 695 033, India
Phone : + 91-471-2321132
Fax : + 91-471-2322279
Tourist Information toll free No : 1-800-425-4747
Email :,



Department Sections

Line departments, Institutions and organizations under the department

  • Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC)
  • Tourists Resorts (Kerala) Ltd. (TRKL)
  • Bekal Resort Tourism Corporation
  • The District Tourism Promotion Councils
  • Kerala Institute of Travel and Tourism Studies (KITTS)
  • Kerala Institute of Hospital Management Studies (KIHMS)

Major Functions of the department

The Department of Tourism has three major function such as (i) Hospitality wing of the State Government (ii) Estate Office duty and (iii) Tourism Development.

i.Hospitality Wing : The Department provides accommodation and transport to the State Guests including VVIPs and VIPs. Maintains 24 Guest Houses at Kovalam, Thiruvananthapuram, Ponmudi, Attingal, Varkala, Kollam, Kottayam, Ernakulam, Aluva, Devikulam, Munnar, Peermade, Cheruthuruthy, Idukki, Thrissur, Guruvayoor, Malampuzha, Malappuram, Kozhikode, Sulthan Battery, Kannoor, Kasargod,Yathri Nivas at Thiruvananthapuram and Ernakulam and Kerala House at Kanyakumari and New Delhi. All reservations to these establishments except Yatri Nivas, Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi are made through GAD (Political) Govt. Secretariat, Thiruvananthapuram.
The Department of Tourism has a fleet of cars of various models and brands to provide transport to the guests as well as the Ministers, Speaker, Leader of Opposition, etc.

ii. Estate Office Duty :
It is the responsibility of the Department of Tourism to provide furnished Residential Bunglows to the Ministers, Leader of Opposition, Chief Whip, Speaker etc. The transport facility is also provided to the above by the Department of Tourism.

iii. Tourism Development : A shift in the emphasis from Hospitality Management to Tourism Planning, Development & Marketing was the major change the Department witnessed in the 1980s.
The Budget pattern underwent a sea change by the 1990s to provide more for Tourism Development. The activities under this head can be broadly classified into:
      (a). Marketing & Promotion

      (b).Planning & Development

      (c). Support to other agencies.
Effective marketing and promotional measures are essential to attract tourists and to highlight Kerala as a distinct destination. For this, various measures such as media advertisement, printing and distribution of multi-colour brochures, hospitality to travel writers, conducting festivals, participating in National and International fairs & festivals etc are being adopted.
As part of Tourism Development, new destinations are being identified and various schemes are being implemented to develop them as important tourist spots in the State. Department is providing assistance to District Tourism Promotion Councils (DTPCs) in all the districts. Private sector investment needs encouragement from the Government. Accordingly Tourism was declared as an industry way back in 1986 and certain concession/incentives were offered for investment this sector.

Schemes & Programmes


Accreditation Procedures and Proformas


For the Trade 
E-submission of C-forms
It is mandatory for all properties in the state to submit a C-form for each foreign national staying with them to the Police Department. The C-forms can now be submitted online through this website. Only properties that have registered with the online database of Kerala Tourism can avail of this service.

If you are already a member, Click here to login

If you have not registered yet, submit an online application by clicking the link given below.

The Department of Tourism, after verifying the application, will send you an unique ID and password to log in.


Guidelines for submitting Form-C


Online Tour Operator Accreditation

A completely online system has been instituted for accrediting Tour Operators based in Kerala. The system includes facility for online submission of applications. Click here for details 


E-submission of Tourist Arrivals

As a part of its efforts to streamline and expedite collection of tourist arrival data, Kerala Tourism has introduced a facility for e-submission of tourist arrival data. The accommodation providers in the state have been provided with a unique user id and password, with which they can upload details of tourist arrivals in their properties on a daily basis. The details can be submitted nationality-wise in terms of foreign tourist arrivals and state-wise in terms of domestic tourist arrivals. It will help Kerala Tourism to have real time data on tourist arrivals and plan the promotional strategies accordingly.


Online Homestay Accreditation

Accreditation process is initiated for ensuring the quality and competence of homestays working inside the state. Now all homestays must get accreditation from the Dept of Tourism, Govt of Kerala, for its operations.

An online system is introduced to facilitate the process of homestay accreditation. Homestays can fill accreditation form, upload documents and images through this system. For more details click here ( .


Services & Activities

Tourism (A) Department
1. All establishment papers of the Directorate of Tourism and its Subordinate Offices.
2. Administration Report of Tourism Department.
3. Inspection of Subordinate Offices.
4. All papers of Kerala House, New Delhi and Kanyakumari.
5. Papers relating to Government lands out side the State.
6. Allotment and maintenance of Kanakakkunnu Palace, Sooryakanthi Fair Ground, Nishagandhi Auditorium.
7. Implementation, review and issue of Administrative Sanction of tourism projects in respect of Palakkad, Malappuram,Kozhikode,Wayanad, Kannur, Kasaragod districts, including land acquisitions for the above projects.
8. Master Plan on Tourism.
9. Working Group Meeting.
10. Implementation review and issue of Administrative sanction of Tourism projects in respect Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Pathanmthitta, Alappuzha, Idukki, Kottayam, Ernakulam and Thrissur Districts including land acquisition for the above projects
11. All Centrally Sponsored Schemes.
12. Dream City Project.
13. ICC, Akkulam.
14. All papers on Eco-Tourism.
15. Thenmala Eco-Tourism Promotion Society.
16. All papers relating to District Tourism Promotion Councils.
17. Papers relating to House Boats and Back Water Tourism.
18. Papers on the task force for tourism and Smart Water Ways under the mission of the President of India.

Tourism (B) Department
1. All papers relating to Kerala Tourism Development Corporation Ltd., Tourist Resorts Kerala (Ltd.) and its Joint ventures.
2. Bekal Resort Development Corporation including the PUC, Audit Reports and other Legislative Committee Reports of the above companies.
3. Acquisition of land for the above companies.
4. Papers related to Kovalam Palace.
5. All Act and Rules pertaining to Tourism Department.
6. Festivals, Exhibition and Road shows.
7. Financial assistances for fairs and festivals.
8. Advertisement, Tourism Publicity, Tourism Awards.
9. Declaration of Special Tourism Zones/Destination.
10. Tourism Clubs.
11. Journey of officers within the country.
12. Tourism Advisory Committee.
13. Foreign Journeys of Minister for Tourism and Secretary (Tourism) and other officers of Tourism Department.
14. Training programmes of the officers of Tourism Department.
15. All papers relating to Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, Kerala Institute of Tourism and Travels Studies (KITTS).
16. Kerala Institute of Hospitality Management studies and Food Craft Institutes.

Tourism (C) Department
1. All papers relating to Vazhiyoram Projects.
2. All papers relating to Guest Houses and Yatri Nivases.
3. Repair, Purchase and Maintenance of vehicles.
4. All papers related to clean destination campaigns and miscellaneous papers of the Department.
5. Tourism Road Projects.
6. CRZ Task Force.
7. All new Tourism Projects including Pilgrim Tourism, Village Tourism, Farm Tourism, Heritage Tourism, Medical Tourism, Wild life Tourism, Ayurveda Tourism, Monsoon Tourism, Rail Tourism, Cruise Tourism etc.
8. Non-Plan Schemes.
9. Tourism Development Authorities.
10. Preparation of Annual Plan.
11. Budget Estimates, Review and Monitoring of Plan Expenditure.
12. Budget Speech.
13. Governors Speech.
14. M.P's. Conference.
15. Collector's Conference.
16. Budget papers.
17. Stationery Indent.
18. Consolidation of Monthly Business Statement.
19. Monitoring and consolidation of LA Interpellations, LA Assurances and Reports/Recommendations of all Legislature Committees, Draft Para, Audit Para, Inspection Report etc

Contact Us






No. Department Sections. Phone No.
1. Tourism (A) Department 0471-2518490
2. Tourism (B) Department 0471-2518803
3. Tourism (C) Department 0471-2517109


Public Information Officer

Mr. M. S. Venugopal
Deputy Director

Department of Tourism
Government of Kerala
Park View
Kerala - 695 033, India
Tel : + 91 471 2560436

Appellate Authority

Mr. S. Mohanan
Joint Director

Department of Tourism
Government of Kerala
Park View
Kerala - 695 033, India
Tel : + 91 471 2560407
Fax: + 91 471 2322279


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