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Taxes Department Officials & Offices


Dr. T. M. Thomas Isaac
Minister for Finance and Coir
Room No. 131, 2nd Floor, 
North Block, Secretariat
Phone: 0471-2333294 & 2333254
Mob: 9447733600
Fax: 0471-2334648
E-mail: min.fin@kerala.gov.in

Taxes Department

Above Old Assembly Hall

Shri. Subrata Biswas IAS
Additional Chief Secretary, Taxes (Excise)
Room No. 357(A) & 358
Main Block
Tel: 0471- 2333174/2518455
Fax: 0471- 2327395
E-mail: acs.home@kerala.gov.in
Shri. Manoj Joshi IAS
Principal Secretary- Taxes (excluding Excise)
Ph-91 471 2327586, 2518292
Fax: 0471 2326990
E-mail: prlsecy.fin@kerala.gov.in

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Dr. Usha Titus IAS
Principal Secretary-  Taxes (Excise only)
Room No. S47
4th Floor
Annex II, Secretariat
Ph-0471-23331509, 2518997
E-mail: secy.headu@kerala.gov.in
Shri. P. Venugopal IAS
Room No. 395
1st Floor
Main Block, Secretariat
Tel: 2518451/ 2338533
Mob: 9447001022




Officers in Charge of RTI Act 

State Public Information Officer Under Secretary
Tel: 0471- 2518496
Appellate Authority Additional Secretary
Tel: 0471- 2518484




The Department of Commercial Taxes is the major source of revenue of the Government of Kerala, accounting for 3/4th of its revenues. The Department caters to 1,83,000 traders through 431 offices, including Check Posts, across the state. The critical functions of the Department such as Filing of returns, Payment of Tax, Issue of Statutory Forms, Declaration of Consignments etc. are now fully automated.


 24*7*365 toll free helpline service : –
 Toll free No :
1800 - 4254777
 Mobile number : 9446505527
 Clarification of doubts relating to VAT Act and Rules, Check post complaints.
 The helpdesk also provides assistance through e-mail:
vathelpline@keralataxes.gov.in This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Kerala State Financial Enterprises Limited
The Kerala State Financial Enterprises Limited, popularly known as KSFE,
- Is a Miscellaneous Non-Banking Company,
- Is fully owned by the Government of Kerala.
- Is one of the most profit-making public sector undertaking of the State.
- Was created by the Government of Kerala with the objective of providing an alternative to the private chit promoters in order to bring in social control over the chit fund business, so as to save the public from the clutches of unscrupulous fly-by-night chit fund operators.
- Has been registering impressive profits every year, without fail since its inception.
A striking point is that all the funds mobilised by KSFE through its various deposit schemes and chitties are advanced wholly to the public in Kerala itself; whereas other financial institutions and banks channel their deposits collected in Kerala for advances outside the State.

For more information: Kerala State Financial Enterprises Limited


Kerala State Beverages Corporation Limited

The Kerala State Beverages Corporation Limited was established on 23rd February, 1984. Through this Corporation Government provides genuine liquor at reasonable prices to consumers and thus check the distribution of spurious liquor through unauthorized shops. The Head Office of the Corporation is situated in Sasthakripa Office Complex, Sasthamangalam, Thiruvananthapuram. There are 338 FL1 shops and 21 Warehouses in different Districts under the Corporation.

For more information: Kerala State Beverages Corporation Limited


Services / Activities

1. Taxes (A) Department
Phone: 0471-2518495

1. Abkari dues. including current year's due.
2 W. P.s, O.S.s connected with the Abkari arrears.
3. F. L. I. licences and connected. W.P.s., O.Ss.
4. Restaurant Licence.
5. Kisth Arrears.
6. Ban of liquors during election period.
7. Closing Abkari shops on special occasions/complaints.
8. W. Ps. and O. Ss. relating to Abkari shops other on F. L. 3 licence
and Abkari arrears.
9. Remission and Write off of excise revenue.
10. Grant of extension of time for kisth/remittances and other
concessions for the current years dues
11. Sweet toddy and free tax.
12. Methyl Alcohol/Surgical Alcohol and connected WPs.
13. Abkari shops other than location complaints and arrear collection.
14. All papers relating to Kerala State Beverages Corporation.
15. F. L. 3 Licences.

2. Taxes (B) Department
Phone: 0471-2518904

1. Kerala General Sales Tax Act and Rules, 1963-91.
2. Central Sales Tax Act and Rules.
3. Regional Council for Sales Tax.
4. Kerala Tax on Luxuries in Hotels and Lodging Houses Act.,
5. Rules and connected papers.
6. Agricultural Income Tax Act and Rules.
7. Surcharge on Taxes Act and Rules.
8. Sales Tax Advisory Committee and connected papers.
9. Exemption under Kerala General Sales Tax and Central Sales Tax Act.
10. Refund of excess tax (ST&AST) remitted.
11. Write off of irrecoverable arrears of tax and connected papers
12. VAT consultative committee.
13. Empowered committee of State Finance Minister.
14. Computerization of Commercial Taxes Department.
15. Papers relating to Lucky VAT
16. Papers relating to Entry Tax.
17. Papers relating to GST.
18. Papers relating Work Contract Act.
19. Papers on KVAT Act and Rules.

3. Taxes (C) Department
Phone: 0471-251 8887

1. Suits relating to KGST Act and KVAT Act—Notices under Section
60 CPC of the Sales Tax Act.
2. Draft papers, C&AG Reports and PAC Reports on ST& AIT, KVAT
Luxuries Tax.
3. Papers relating to OPs/WPs/WAs/SaIes tax Revised cases/ STA
before High Court/condemnation of Department Vehicles.
4. Papers relating to Centre for Taxation Studies.
5. Papers relating to Accommodation and construction of Sales Tax
Offices and Tribunals.
6. Papers relating Enforcement of Sales Tax Act and rules, shop
inspection, Erasion of Tax and Check Posts.
7. Papers relating to Chitties and Curies Act and Rules—CentraI
Chitty Fund Act, Insta1ment Scheme.
8. Prize Chitties and Money Circulation (banning) Act 1978.
9. Non Banking Finance Companies—State level Bankers committee
meeting of state level co-ordination committee meeting.
10.Papers lating to purchase, repairs, replacement of spare parts
and condemnation of vehicles of Commercial Taxes Department.

4. Taxes (D) Department
Phone: 0471-2518205

1. All Gazetted and Non-Gazetted Establishment of Commercial Taxes
Department and Appellate Tribunals.
2. All Disciplinary cases of Gazetted Officers except Sales Tax
Officers in the Commercial Taxes Department.
3. Budget and Administration Report of the Commercial Taxes
Department and Appellate Tribunals and connected papers.
4. All Non-Gazetted Establishment of Commercial Taxes Department and
Appellate Tribunals.
5. All disciplinary cases of Non-Gazetted Officers in the Commercial
Taxes Department.
6. All Establishment matters of Traders Welfare Board.
7. All miscellaneous papers of Taxes Department.
8. Stationery, Books and Publication.
9. Request for telephones in the Commercial Taxes Department and the
Appellate Tribunals.
10. Disciplinary cases ‘of Sales Tax Officers in the Commercial Taxes;

5. Taxes (E) Department
Phone:0471- 251 8302

1. All Esablishment papers of Registration Department including TA
arrear claim and Computerization of Registration Department.
2. 1ndian Stamp Act 1899.
3. India Stamp Rules.
4. Kerala Stamp Act 1959 except audit objection.
5. Kerala Stamp Rules.
6. Manufacture and Sale of Stamp Rule, 1960.
7. Stamp duty exemption.
8. Under valuation.
9. Impounded documents—fair value fixation of land.
10. Stamp depot—Scarcity of Stamps.
11. Miscellaneous papers
12. All matters relating to the India Registration Act, 1908.
13. Registration Rules.
14. Transfer Act.
15. Travancore Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies
Registration Act.
16. Kerala Document Writer's Licence Rule, 1960.
17. Draft paras and PAC report in respect of Registered Documents.
18. Budget relating to Registration Department and Treasury Directorate
and Commissionerate of Land Revenue.
19. Jurisdiction of sub Registry Offices.
20. Opening of new Sub Registry Offices.
21. Follow up action of C&AG Reports—PAC Report on Appropration.
22. Repair/Maintenance of Vehicle and Building for Sub Registry Offices
and fixation of rent of Sub Registry Offices.
23. Appeal petition in respect of Audit Objection raised by AG.
24. All papers relating to Welfare Fund Schemes.
25. Shifting of Sub Registry Offices and matters relating to vendor

6. Taxes (F) Department
Phone: 0471-251 8699

1. Establishment matters, of Excise Personnel.
2. Disciplinary action against excise personnel.
3. All arrear claims of Excise Department.
4. Compassionate Employment assistance Scheme in Excise Department
5. Grant of leave to Excise personnel.
6. Confiscation of vehicles.
7. Central Excise.
8. Budget and Administration Report of the Excise Department.
9. Complaint against Excise personnel vehicles.
10. Infrastructure of Excise Department.

7. Taxes (G) Department
Phone: 0471-251 8198

1. Abkari Act and Rules and Amendment thereto; papers related
Subordinate Legislation Committee on Estimates.
2. Illicit distillation.
3. Location complaint and shifting of Abkari shops.
4. Special license (FL-6)
5. Prohibition—Commission and Enquires.
6. Udayabhanu Committee
7. Medicinal and Toilet Preparation (Excise duties) Act and Rules.
8. Molasses Contro1 Order.
9. Inter state allocation of Alcohol/Spirit and Molasses and connected
10. Transit of Spirit and Liquor.
11. Progress of revenue collection.
12. Convening of Excise Officers meeting.
13. PAC
14. Inspection Reports and Audit objections relating to Excise
Department. Distillaries other than Establishment papers relating to
personnel deputed from Excise Department.
15. Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act and Connected
16. Subject Committee.
17. Abkari Policy.
18. Construction of building for Excise Department, fixation of rent for
building hired by Department.

8. Taxes (H) Department
Phone: 0471-251 8589

1. All matters relating to the establishment of Kerala State Lotteries.
2. Lotteries Act and Rules.
3. Conducting of Lottery draws.
4. Papers relating to Kerala State Financial Enterprises.
5. All matters relating to Kerala Money Lenders Act.
6. All Supreme Court cases and Lower Court cases in connection
with Agriculture Income Tax and Sales tax and WPs outside the
7. Papers relating to review of Collection of Sales Tax and Agricultural
Income Tax.
8. Collection and stay of Sales Tax and Agricultural Income Tax arrears.
9. Monitoring of Revenue Collection.
10Miscellaneous interpellations of tax collection.

10. Taxes (PS) Department
Phone: 0471-251 8972

Public Accounts Committee.
2. Petition Committee.
3. Assurance Committee.
4. Subject Committee.
5. Estimate Commiittee.
6. Committee on Subordinate Legislation.
7. SC/ST Committee.
8. Public Undertakings Committee.
9. Monitoring of LA Interpellation.
10. Consolidation work of Taxes Department.
11. Papers relating to monthly Staff Meeting.