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1 Social Justice Victim Rehabilitation Scheme (English) 17/01/2014 View/Download(188 KB)
2 Social Justice Scheme for the Rehabilitation of the Dependents of the Indigent Convicts (English) 17/01/2014 View/Download(188 KB)
3 Social Justice Educational Assistance to Children of Women Headed Families (English) 17/01/2014 View/Download(181 KB)
4 General Administration Merit Scholarships to Economically Backward Sections among the Forward Communities of Kerala – To pursue Master Level Courses (English) 17/01/2014 View/Download(198 KB)
5 General Administration Kerala State Welfare Corporation for Forward Communities Limited – Merit Scholarships– To pursue programmes in graduate Level Courses (English) 17/01/2014 View/Download(197 KB)
5 items found, displaying all items