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Revenue Department has very close interaction with the general public. Every individual has to approach Revenue Offices frequently for various requirements.


The functions of this Department include

  1. Issuance of various certificates for general public purposes
  2. Collection of Basic tax, Plantation tax, Building tax etc,
  3. Effecting Revenue Recovery.
  4. Maintenance and updation of land records.
  5. Conduct Elections including revision of electoral rolls and issuance of photo identity cards for the purpose of voting.
  6. Assignment of Government land to various categories.
  7. Acquisition of land for public purpose.
  8. Conservation of Government lands and trees.
  9. Implementation of calamity relief operations and disbursement of funds to eligible persons.
  10. Disbursement of Chief Ministers Distress Relief Fund to the needy.
  11. Issuance of arms licence, explosive licence, etc.
  12. Implementation of MPLADS and various other developmental schemes.
  13. Redressal of public grievances
  14. Implementation of various pension schemes.
  15. Implementation of various housing schemes.
  16. Management and control of natural resources, regulation of sand mining,etc.
  17. Conduct of census operations.
  18. Transfer of government lands between departments.
  19. Security proceedings under Criminal Procedure code.
  20. Maintain Law and Order.
  21. Removal of public Nuisance.
  22. Lease of Government land.
  23. Survey and demarcation of land.
  24. Issuing death compensation to the legal heirs of NRIs.
  25. Sanctioning of burning and burial grounds.


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Department Sections

The Department is under the control of the Revenue Minister. In Secretariat, the department is headed by the Principal Secretary (Revenue Secretary) who is assisted by Additional Secretaries/ Joint Secretaries. The Revenue Department is headed by Land Revenue Commissioner who is assisted by Additional Commissioner and Assistant Commissioners. The State of Kerala consist of 14 districts, 27 Revenue Divisions, 77 Taluks and 1674 Villages(including group villages). Each district is headed by a District Collector who is assisted by Deputy Collectors among others. Each revenue division is headed by a Revenue Divisional Officer and assisted by Senior Superintendent among others. Each Taluk is headed by a Tahsildar and Additional Tahsildar who is assisted by Deputy Tahsildar among others. Each Village is headed by a Village Officer who is assisted by Special Village Officer, Village Assistant and Village man.
The Director of Survey and Land Records at Thiruvananthapuram is in-charge of Survey operations and updation of land records and is assisted by Additional Director, Joint Directors, Assistant Directors among others. Each district Office is headed by an Assistant Director.more
  • Land Board

Land Board, Thiruvananthapuram is headed by Land Revenue Commissioner who is also the State Land Board and assisted by secretary for disposal of land ceiling cases under Kerala Land Reforms Act. This district has Taluk Land boards headed by Revenue Divisional Officers/ Deputy Collectors.

  • Institute of Land and Disaster Management

The Institute of Land and Disaster Management, Thiruvananthapuram imparts necessary training to the staff of Revenue Department from all over the State.

The land Revenue Department was in existence even before India became independent in 1947. Revenue Department was in existence in the erstwhile Princely states of Travancore, Cochin, and also the Malabar region which was part of the Madras Provinces. The Revenue administration got special attention during the reign of Marthanda Varma. Marthanda Varma entrusted the work of settlement of lands, both wet and dry to Mallan Sankaran of Palliyadi. Preparation of land records or ozhuku containing survey number, name and extent of property, number of yielding trees, name and address of the assignee etc, is one of the most important works connected with Settlement. There are Vilangipper records which give additional information on Ozhukus. The classification of lands was done under the main heads of Devaswom, Brahmaswom, Danam and Pandaravaka was introduced by Mallan Sankaran. The double crop lands were assesses at twice the pattom for single crop lands. Every landholder was given a patta specifying the tax levied on each item of land. The state establishment had a Valiya Sarvadhikaryakkar (Prime Minister), Neettezhuthu Pillai (Secretary), Melezhuthu Pillai (Head Accountant), Rayasam Pillai (Head Clerk) and several Rayasams and Kanakku Pillais (Clerks and Accountant). During the first revenue settlement each division or district in the state was divided into taluks called Mandapathuvatukkals which was further subdivided into Kelvis or villages. The Mandapathuvathukkal was under a Karyakkar and the kelvi under the parvathikar. The Karyakar and the Parvathikar have evolved into the present day Tahsildar and the village officer respectively. Ayilyam Tirunal (1860-1880) who succeeded Swati Tirunal got the services of Sir.T.Madhava Rao as Diwan till 1872. The beginning of agrarian reforms in Travancore started with the reign of Ayilyam Tirunal. The Pandarapattam proclamation of 1865 enfranchised all Sirkar Pattam lands and made them heritable and transferable. The Janmi Kudiyan Proclamation of 1867 provided for fixity of tenure of the tenant. A comprehensive survey and settlement of the lands was conducted in Visakam Tirunal's (1880-1885) regime. Land reforms got a fillip under the next ruler Sree Mulam Thirunal (1885-1924). The settlement process which begun during the previous regime was completed with the settlement proclamation in 1886. Consequent on the re- organization of states, Kerala State was formed on 1.11.1956 integrating Travancore- Cochin and Malabar areas. Different set of Laws, Rules and procedures were in existence in Travancore, Cochin and Malabar and the administrative set up was also different. Unified Laws, Rules and Regulations were framed after 1.11.1956. The Department of Treasuries and Civil Supplies were part of the Revenue Department in the past. Later on, a separate department of Treasuries was formed in the year 1963 and Department of Food and Civil Supplies formed in the year 1975.
The Village Establishment and the Revenue Establishment were two distinctive services in the Revenue Department. Separate set of Rules governing the services of Village staff and Revenue staff were in existence. In the year 1984, the Village and Revenue services were integrated and a common Revenue service was formed. Lower Division Clerks and Village Assistants were integrated into one common unit and Upper Division Clerks and the Village Officers were integrated as another common unit. Unified Rules governing the services of various other categories were also framed.


The Head of the Department in respect of the Revenue Department was the Board of Revenue and the Revenue hierarchy consisted of Secretary Board of Revenue, District Collectors, Revenue Divisional Officers, Tahsildars, Firka Revenue Inspectors and Village Officers. The Revenue Board was abolished with effect from 1.7.1998 and instead a Commissionerate of Land Revenue was formed. In the place of Member, Board of Revenue, Commissioner, Land Revenue was appointed. The post of secretary, Board of Revenue was re-designated as Additional Commissioner (LR). The posts of the Assistant Secretaries were re-designated as Assistant Commissioners. The post of Firka Revenue Inspectors was abolished and the post of village Officers were upgraded to that of the Head Clerk/ Revenue Inspector and one post of Additional Tahsildar in each Taluk was also newly created.


Line departments, Institutions and organizations under the department

  • Land Revenue Department

  • Directorate of Survey and Land Records

  • Land Board

Kerala suffered a series of natural disasters since the Tsunami havoc in 2004. There was an unprecedented draught followed by floods, landslides and tremors. The disasters continue in the form floods from summer rains this year. In the context of global warming and world climate change such disasters are likely to recur causing death and loss of property. This situation compelled Government to focus on disaster mitigation in a time bound and effective manner. So the government constituted the State Disaster Management Authority.


Institute of Land and Disaster Management is an autonomous body constituted under the Revenue Department, Govt. of Kerala to impart professional training, including induction training, in-service training and refresher training to personnel of the Land Revenue and Survey Department of Kerala State. Disaster Management Policy-2010


1                   To impart professional training, including induction training, in-service training and refresher training to personnel of the Land Revenue and Survey Department of Kerala State
2 To impart and develop managerial and technical skills of the above personnel.
3 To undertake research and study projects relating to the aforesaid departments with a view to improve their functioning and productivity.
4 To function as a nodal agency for introducing new techniques of operation, innovations and modern technology.
1    Governing Body
2 Executive Committee
3 Director
4 Any other committees appointed by the Governing Body.


The management of the society will, in accordance with its Rules, be vested in the Governing Body, consisting of the following members:
1     Chairman, Minister for Revenue.
2 Vice Chairman, Commissioner Land Revenue
3 Members:    
    i) Secretary to Government, Revenue Department.
    ii) Secretary to Government, Finance Department
    iii) Director of Survey and Land Records.
    iv) Director, IMG
    v) Director, ILM
    vi) District Collector, Thiruvananthapuram
    vii) Secretary to Government, Personnel & Administrative Reforms Department
    viii) Secretary to Government, Local Administration Department
Subject to the general superintendence of and the policies laid down by, the Governing Body, the Executive Committee shall be responsible for the management, administration and control of the affairs of the institute and its income and properties in accordance with these rules.


i) Commissioner, Land Revenue Chairman
ii) Secretary to Govt., Finance Department Member
iii) Director of Survey and Land Records Member
iv) Director,ILM Member
v) District Collector, Thiruvananthapuram Member


Hon'ble Minister for Revenue Chairman , Governing Body
Commissioner, Land Revenue Vice Chairman, Governing Body & Chairman, Executive Committee
Raveendran,IAS Director (in charge)
Girija.P.K, Dy.Collector

Secretary & Administrative Officer



Organization Structure

Shri. K. Rajan
Minister for Revenue and Housing
Room No. 140
2nd Floor
North Block
Tel: 2333670, 2327068
Mob: 9400006300
Shri. K. Radhakrishnan
Minister for Welfare of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Backward Classes and Devaswoms
Room No. 100
1st Floor
North Block
Thiruvananthapuram– 695001
Tel: 0471- 2518594
Mobile: 9400099555
Department  Secretariat
Additional Chief Secretary
Revenue and Disaster Management
Dr. A. Jayathilak IAS
Additional Chief Secretary
Room No. 201A
2nd Floor
Annex I, Secretariat
Ph: 0471- 2333028, 2517214
Principal Secretary, Revenue (Devaswom) 
Shri. K. R. Jyothilal IAS
Principal Secretary
Room No. 394
1st Floor
Main Block, Secretariat 
Ph-0471-2320311, 2518669
M: 9447744200




Schemes & Programmes

Land Information Mission has been constituted for the purpose of carrying out the objectives of Bhoomi Keralam, the most ambitious project of Government of Kerala. Bhoomi Keralam is a time bound project for the completion of cadastral survey of the State using hybrid technology (aerial photogrammetry, GPS+ETS ground survey). The ultimate goal is to generate digital land records as GIS layers that would be permanently available over the web for easy verification by stake holders.


The objectives of the mission include , finalising resurvey in the State within a period of three years, maintain updated records of all public lands, prepare survey records of 27,000 Hectares of land to be distributed to the Adivasis of the state in nearly 1000 locations, complete resurvey of 31 villages of Thiruvananthapuram taluk under the centrally sponsored National Land Records Modernisation Programme (NLRMP), complete the resurvey of land in the possession of M/s. Harrison Malayalam Plantation limited and to identify excess land if any held by the company unauthorisedly, attend to survey of lands to be acquired for public purpose under special projects and on those objectives which may be directed by the Government, from time to time.Click here for more information


Services & Activities


Administration of revenue has historically come to mean a lot of things. Although Revenue Department deals with issues related to land, maintenance of documents, protection of public land, collection of land revenue etc today the Department has to carry out a number of responsibilities. Right from the village offices to the District Collectorates, the Revenue Department is dealing with nearly 150 subjects concerning common man such as issuance of various certificates, maintenance of land records, collection of land revenue tax and cess, effecting revenue recovery, settling land survey disputes, land reforms, conduct of election process, handling of law and order situation, calamity relief and rehabilitation, disaster management and so on. In short the department is directly or indirectly involved in all situations of the day-to-day administration of the State. At the district level it coordinates activities of various departments and developmental programems of the State.

 Statutes and Orders
The Revenue Officials by virtue of this fact that the majority of their functions are governed by statutes have to necessarily acquaint themselves with nearly 140 and odd statutes in their capacities as the District Collectors or Sub Divisional Magistrates, the functionaries have to be familiar with some of the following Acts and Rules.

Central Acts
Indian Penal Code 1860
Prevention of Corruption Act 1947
Commissions of Inquiry Act 1952
Arms Act 1959
……..Act 1969
Code of Criminal Procedure 1973
National Security Act 1980

State Acts
Kerala Police Act 1960
Kerala Enquiries and Summons Act 1960
Kerala Places of Public Resort Act 1963
Kerala Public Servants (Enquiries) Act 1963
Kerala Public Men's Corruption ( Investigation and Enquiries ) Act 1987

Revenue and other Laws

Central Acts
Motor Vehicles Act 1939
Essential Commodities Act 1955
Citizenship Act 1955

State Acts
  1. Cochin Abkari Acts 1077 and Disposal and Auction rules
  2. Kerala Requisitioning and Acquisition of Immovable Property Act 1955
  3. Kerala Board of Revenue Act 1957
  4. Kerala Cinemas Regulation Act 1958
  5. Kerala Stamp Act 1959
  6. Kerala Plantation (Additional Tax) Act 1960
  7. Kerala Panchayati Raj Act
  8. Kerala Nagara Palika Act
  9. Kerala Local Authorities Entertainment Tax Act 1961


10. Kerala Land Tax Act 1961
11. Kerala Forest Act 1961
12. KGST Act 1963
13. Kerala Public Accountant Act 1963
14. Kerala Building (Lease and Rent Control) Act 1965
15. Kerala Revenue Recovery Act 1968
16. Kerala Private Forest (Vesting and Assignment() Act 1971
17. Kerala Buildings Tax Act 1975
18. Kerala Agricultural Labourers Act 1975

Land Laws
  1. Kerala Land Conservancy Act 1957
  2. Kerala Compensation for Tenants Improvement Acts 1958
  3. Kerala Land Relinquishment Act 1958
  4. Kerala Land Assignment Act 1960
  5. Kerala Survey and Boundaries Act 1961
  6. Kerala Land Acquisition Act 1962
  7. Kerala Land Reforms Act 1963
  8. Kerala Land Development Act 1964
  9. The Treasure Trove Act
  10. Escheats and Forfeiture Act

* Travancore Land Revenue Manual
* Cochin Land Revenue Procedure
* Boards Standing Orders
* Manual of Village Accounts
* District Office Manual
* Manual of Office Procedure
* Kerala Civil Services (Classification Control and Appeal) Rules 1960

1. Revenue (A) Department
1. Land Assignment, Transfer and Land Conservancey in respect of Pathanamthitta/ Kottayam/ Alappuzha/ Idukki/ Ernakulam District.
2. Papers relating to Munnar issue.

2. Revenue (B) Department
  1. Kerala Land Acquisition Rules.
 2. Publishing of notification under section 4 (1) of Kerala Land Acquisition Act, Approval of declaration on Land Acquisition, withdrawal of notification except for Government of India         Offices/Institutions and Airport Societies.
  3. Remarks and advice of land acquisition matters except for Government of India Offices/Institutions.
  4. Creation of special staff for Land Acquisition Units, its continuance and abolition.
  5. Rules on reconveyance of land under Kerala Land Acquisition Act.
  6. All suits and petitions on the subject dealt within ‘B' Section except for Government of India Offices/Institutions and Airport Societies.
  7. Public Accounts Committee, Draft paras.
  8. Inspection Report and Audit Report of Accountant General.
  9. Satisfaction of devices and Judgements and issuance of sanction to file appeals in L.A.R. cases by the DC's and papers relating to special L.A. Units in the Districts of Ernakulam,       Thrissur, Palakkad, Malappuram, Wayanad, Kannur and Kasaragod.
10.Remission and write off, Kerala Recovery of Arrears of Jenmikaram Act, 1975.
11.Satisfaction of devices and Judgements and issuance of sanction file appeals in L.A.R. cases by the DC's and papers relating to special L.A. Units in the Districts of            Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Pathanamthitta, Alappuzha, Kottayam and Idukki Districts except for Government of India Offices/Institutions and Airport Societies.
12. Miscellaneous papers.

3. Revenue (C) Department
1. Establishment matters of Deputy Collectors.
2. Movement of District Collectors.
3. Liaison Officer and his Office at the Advocate General's Office (all papers).
4. Establishment and service matters of Tahsildars and Deputy Tahsildars and equivalent categories.
5. Special Rules for the various posts in the Kerala Revenue Service and Revenue Subordinate Service.
6. Establishment/Service matters relating to all posts under Revenue Ministerial Subordinate Service viz., L.D. Clerks/Village Assistant including Speical Village Assistants and Additional Village Assistants, Revenue Inspectors including Firka Revenue Inspectors and Special Revenue Inspectors, Head Clerks/Head Accountant and all other equivalent categories in the Land Revenue Department/Land Board.

4. Revenue (D) Department
1. Disciplinary cases (including allegation petitions/complaints etc.) against all categories of staff and officers in the Land Revenue Department and Land Board.

5. Revenue (Devaswom) Department
  1. Establishment/Service matters relating to all posts under Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowment (A) Department.
  2. Disciplinary cases (including allegation petitions/complaints etc.) against all categories of staff and officers of Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowment (A) Department.
  3. Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowment Act and Rules.
  4. Malabar Temple Employees Welfare Fund Scheme.
  5. All Temples/Devaswoms under Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowment (A) Department.
  6. All Appeal Petitions/Revision Petitions of Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowment (A) Department.
  7. Annual Inspection and follow up on the Inspection Report of Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowment (A) Department.
  8. Travancore Devaswom Board, Cochin Devaswom Board, Koodal Manickom Devaswom and Guruvayur Devaswom.
  9. Travancore-Cochin Hindu Religious Institutions Act.
10.Koodal Manickom Devaswom Act and Rules.
11.Guruvayur Deavswom Act and Rules.
12.Grant and Loans to Devaswom Boards.

6. Revenue (E) Department
  1. Establishment and Service matters relating to Non-Gazetted Officers of Survey and Land Records Department (excluding papers relating to disciplinary proceedings, T. A., D.A.,    Leave, P.C.A. and arrear claims).
  2. Survey Training Schools.
  3. Special Rules of Survey and Land Records Department.
  4. Employment assistance under scheme to dependents of all category of Survey and Land Records Department.
  5. Survey Training Programmes of Survey and Land Records Department.
  6. Accountant General's Report on Survey and Land Records Department.
  7. Establishments and Service matters relating to Gazetted Officers of Survey and Land Records Department.
  8. Disciplinary proceedings relating to both Gazetted and Non-Gazetted Officers of Survey and Land Records Department.
  9. T.A., D.A., Leave, P.C.A. and arrear claims of both Gazetted and Non- Gazetted Officers.
10 .Cardamom Hill Reserve Lands.
11. Preparation of Administrative Report of the Survey and Land Records Department.
12. Establishment of Revenue Administration Institute.
13. Training of Gazetted Officers of Survey and Land Records Department.
14 .Kerala Survey and Boundaries Act and Rules.
15 .Boundaries disputes received from land holders.
16 .Joint verification of Inter state Boundary between Kerala and adjoining States.
17 Scheme of Re-survey of State.
18. Purchase of Survey Stones, Survey equipments for Survey and Land Records Department.
19 .Plan Scheme relating to Survey.
20 .Restricted Maps.
21 .Torrens System.
22.Transfer of Registry Acts and Rules.

7. Revenue (F) Department
1. Formation/Delimitation of Districts/Taluks and Villages.
2. Construction of Revenue Buildings.
3. Hiring of Private Buildings for Revenue Department Offices and connected papers.
4. Budget of Land Revenue Department.
5. Kerala Wakf Board and papers relating to Wakf matters, Wakf Act and Rules, Adithoon Pension, Court of Wards Act.
6. Free ration under CMDRF.
7. State Name Authority and Centrally Sponsored Scheme.
8. Inspection Reports of Finance Department.
9. Appropriation Accounts.

8. Revenue (G) Department
  1. Plantation Tax.
  2. Basic and Land Tax.
  3. Kerala Escheats and Forefeitures Act and Rules.
  4. Kerala Public Accounts Act.
  5. Kerala Treasure Trove Act and Rules.
  6. Revenue Enquiry and Summons Act.
  7. Board of Revenue Act and Rules.
  8. Printing of forms, Registers and supply of stationeries for the Offices under the Land Revenue Department and the Land Board.
  9. Purchase of furniture and other office equipments for the offices under the Land Revenue Department and the Land Board.
10.Purchase and repair of the vehicles of Land Revenue Department and the Land Board.
11.Installation of telephones in the Offices under the Land Revenue Department and the Land Board.
12.Office procedure of Board of Revenue (LR).
13.General Administration of Land Revenue Department and Collectors Conference.
14.Gathering of information and furnishing of consolidated replies relating to references receiving from other departments other than LA. Interpellation/Assurance.
15. Office procedure of the Revenue Department.
16. Staff meeting of Revenue Department.
17. Meeting of Revenue Secretary and other officials.
18. Meeting of Minister (Revenue) and other officials of Revenue Department.
19. Miscellaneous papers of the Revenue Department.
20. Consolidation of Monthly Business Statement of Revenue Department.
21. Monthly Business Statement of Collectors.

9. Revenue (H) Department
1. Papers relating to Revenue Recovery in respect of Palakkad, Malappuram and Wayanad Districts. Issuing Stay Orders, Original Suits, Original Petitions, Suit Notices relating to Revenue Recovery.
2. Papers relating to Revenue Recovery in respect of Kannur, Kasaragode, Kozhikode Districts. Issuing Stay Orders, Original Suits, Original Petitions, Suit Notices relating to Revenue Recovery.
3. Papers relating to the Revision Petition filed u/s 83 (2) of KRR Act, 1968 of all Districts.
4. Papers relating to Kerala Revenue Recovery Act and Rules.
5. Papers relating to DCB statements in respect of Revenue Recovery.
6. Revenue Recovery Meetings.
7. General Papers relating to Revenue Recovery.
8. Papers on SLBC relating to Revenue Recovery.
9. Draft Para/Audit Para.

10. Revenue (L) Department
1. Assignment of land, Transfer and land conservancy cases of Palakkad and Malappuram Districts.
2. Pattayam pass book/Revenue card.
3. Assignment of land, Transfer and land conservancy cases of Kannur, Kozhikode and Kasaragod Districts.
4. Assignment of land, Transfer and land conservancy cases of Wayanad and Thrissur Districts.

11. Revenue (N) Department
  1. Kerala Land Reforms Act and Rules.
  2. Ceiling on Urban properties.
  3. Kudikidappukar's Benefit Fund and Kudikidappukar's Housing Scheme.
  4. Agriculturist Rehabilitation Fund.
  5. Reconstitution of Taluk Land Board.
  6. Reconstitution of Land Reforms Review Board.
  7. The Bonds issued for compensation for excess lands.
  8. Committee on Subordinate Legislation of K.L.R. Act.
  9. Purchase of Land lords right by cultivating tenants.
10. Rehabilitation and welfare schemes to ex-landlords.
11.All suits under the K.L.R. Act and papers relating to the resumption of land under the K.L.R. Act in respect of Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Pathanamthitta, Alappuzha, Kottayam, Ernakulam and Thrissur Districts.
12. Alienation of surplus land in respect of Districts mentioned above.
13. Petition from public for surplus land, against eviction, request for patta etc. in respects of above Districts.
14. Transfer or Assignment of surplus land, to other departments or agencies in respect of above Districts.
15. Request for exemption from ceiling provisions under section 81 (3) and section 98 (A) of K. L. R. Act, in respect of above Districts.
16. Implementation of ceiling provisions of K.L.R. Act, in respect of above Districts.
17. Q.S.T. Block Joint Farming Co-operative Societies.
18. Petitions on surplus land before Committee on Petitions S.C. and S.T. Welfare Committee.
19. Papers on Draft Para.
20. All suits under the K.L.R. Act and papers relating to the resumption of land under the K.L.R. Act in respect of Palakkad, Malappuram, Kozhikode, Wayanad, Kannur and Kasaragod Districts.
21. Alienation of surplus land in respect of Districts mentioned above.
22. Petitions from the public for surplus land, against eviction request for patta etc. in respect of above Districts.
23. Transfer or Assignment of surplus land, to other departments or agencies in respect of above Districts.
24. Request for exemption from ceiling provisions under section 81 (3) and section 98 (A) of K.L.R. Act, in respect of above Districts.
25. Request for compensation due for the excess land surrendered or taken over.
26. Petitions on surplus land before Committee on Petitions S.C. and S.T. Welfare Committee.

12. Revenue (P) Department
  1. Papers relating to Kerala Land Conservancy Act and Rules.
  2. Papers relating to Kerala Land Assignment Act and Rules.
  3. Papers relating to Kerala Protection of River Banks and Regulation of Removal of Sand Act and Rules.
  4. Interpellation of a general nature in respect of Land Assignment and Land Conservancy.
  5. Papers relating to Rules for the Lease of Lands.
  6. Papers relating to Land Assignment Committee under the KLA Rule.
  7. Papers on advisory nature received from other Departments on Assignment, Leases etc. of land.
  8. Papers relating to the Kerala Conservation of Paddy Land and Wet Land Bill, 2007.
  9. Papers relating to the Kerala Fisherman Debt Relief Commission Bill, 2007 (Relating to Revenue Department).
10. Papers relating to setting up of Land Bank).
11. Papers relating to Kerala State Land Policy.
12. Papers relating to review of progress of Land Assignment.
13. Papers relating of vested Forest Land Assignment.
14. Papers relating to lands owned by the Government of Kerala outside the territorial limits of the State.
15. Arable Forest Land Assignment Rules.
16. Papers relating to Special Staff for land assignment work, District Land Assignment Committee under the Arable Forest Land Assignment Rule.
17. All Papers under KLA (Regulation of Occupants Prior to 1997.
18. Papers relating to Assignment of Land to IIST under VSSC.
19. Papers relating to eviction and rehabilitation of occupants from project areas.
20. Papers relating to transfer of land to Municipalities and Corporations.
21. Papers relating to Janmikaram Payment (Abolition) Act, 1960 and Kerala Compensation or Tenancy Improvements Act.
22. Papers relating to the Kerala Farmers' Debt Relief Commission Act and Rules.
23. Miscellaneous papers of the section.
24. Implementation of Kerala Protection of River Banks and Regulation of Removal of Sand Act and Rules.
25. Implementation of River Management Fund/Administrative Sanction.

13. Revenue (R) Department
  1. Regular and Interim Annuity to Religious, Charitable and Educational Institutions of Public Nature under Kerala Land Reforms Act in respect of Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Pathanamthitta, Alappuzha, Kottayam, Ernakulam and Palakkad Districts.
  2. Plan Schemes on Centrally Sponsored Schemes regarding Land Reforms.
  3. Release of funds from Government of India for the assignes of surplus land under the Centrally Sponsored Scheme.
  4. Kanam Tenancy Act.
  5. Review of fortnightly/monthly/quarterly progress report under the 20 Point Programme regarding financial assistance to the assignees of surplus land.
  6. Pattazhi Devaswom Lands (Vesting and enfranchisement) Act, 1961.
  7. Legislation of the Oodupally lands (Enfranchisement) Bill.
  8. Kerala Scheduled Tribes (Restriction as Transfer of Land and Restoration of Alienated Lands) Act, 1975.
  9. Monthly review of work of Land Tribunals under various sections of K. L. R. Act.
10. Public Accounts Committee, Inspection Reports, Draft Paras, Audit Report and Appropriation Accounts in respect of Land Board.
11. Review of Implementation of ceiling provisions of various matters under K. L. R. Act.
12. Review of quarterly statement of disposal of disciplinary cases relating to K.L.R. Act.
13. Kandukrishy Land Assignment Rules.
14. Sreepandaravaka Lands (Vesting and Enfranchisement) Act.
15. Bhoodan and Gramadan Movement.
16. Viruthy Rules.
17. Thirappuvaram Payment (Abolition).
18. Certificates.
19. Miscellaneous papers connected with the Taluk Land Board, Appellate Authorities, Land Board, Land Tribunals etc., other than the establishment matters of the personnel now dealt within Revenue  ‘ C' or ‘D' Section.


20. Section 75 (3) shifting of Kudikidappu of K.L.R. Act and the suit there under.
21. Defence personnel relating to K.L.R. Act.
22. Purchase of Kudikidappu right under section 75 to 80 of the K.L.R. Act.
23. Regular and Interim Annuity to Religious Charitable Educational Institutions of Public nature under K.L.R. Act in respect of Thrissur, Malappuram, Kozhikode, Wayanad, Kannur and Kasaragod Districts.
24. Kannan Devan Hills (Resumption of Lands ) Act and Rules.
25. Assignment of Surplus land at Mankulam and Muthikkad.
26. Supply of Paddy and Rice to the Travancore Palace (Extinguishment Rights and Liabilities Bill, 1976).
27. Kerala Stay of Eviction Proceedings Act, 1966 and 1968.
28. Oodukkoor settlement proclamation.
29. Record of Rights Act, 1968.
30. Payment of Jenmibhagam Pension.
31. Karathil Chilavu and Arthapalisa.
32. T. C. Edavagai Rights Acquisition Act.
33. Sreepadam Lands Enforcement Act, 1969.
34. Service Inam Land Enforcement.

14. Revenue (S) Department
1. Revenue Recovery (Issuing of Stay Orders, Original Suits, Original Petitions, Suit Notices relating to Revenue Recovery).
2. Revision Petition under section 83 (2) of Kerala Revenue Recovery Act.
3. Amendment to Kerala Revenue Recovery Act and Rules.
4. Papers relating to D.C.R. Statement in respect of Revenue Recovery.
5. Papers received from other Departments for advice and remarks on the provisions of the Kerala Revenue Recovery Act.
6. General Papers relating to Revenue Recovery.

15. Revenue (Special Cell) Department
1. Papers relating to solvency cases relating to Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Pathanamthitta, Alappuzha, Kottayam, Idukki and Ernakulam Districts, Miscellaneous papers and Building Tax relating to Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Pathanamthitta and Alappuzha Districts.
2. Papers relating to KBT Act, 1975 in respect of Palakkad, Malappuram, Kozhikkode, Wayanad, Kannur and Kasaragod Districts.
3. Papers Relating to Kerala Building Tax Act, 1975 in respect of Kottayam, Idukki, Ernakulam and Thrissur Districts.
4. Papers Relating to Draft Para, Audit Para And PAC Recommendations.
5. Disciplinary Action against the Revenue Officers who involved in the issuance of Solvency Certificates in respect of Thrissur, Palakkad, Malappuram, Kozhikode, Wayanad, Kannur and Kasaragode Districts.

16. Revenue (T) Department
1. Employment Assistance to Dependants of Government Servants under Compassionate Employment Scheme in Land Revenue Department and Land Board.
2. Copyists, Drivers, Security, Watch and Ward Staff, Attenders, Last Grade Servants, Villageman and P.T. Contingent employees and Land Revenue Department and Land Board now dealt within ‘D3' seat.
3. Continuance sanction of posts of Land Board, Taluk Land Board Appellate Authorities and Land Tribunals and Land Revenue Department.
4. Administration Report of Land Board.
5. Arrear claims of Revenue Staff.
6. Certificates.
7. Deputation and leave of all categories of staff and Officers in the Land Revenue Department and Land Board, including Establishment/ Service matters relating to Typists (L.D./U.D./Supervisory) and CA's. Establishment matters relating to the posts of UDCs/Village Officers including Special Village Officers and Additional Village Officer.
8. Delegation of powers.


17. Revenue (U) Department
1. Land Assignment, Transfer and Land Conservancy cases in respect of Thiruvananthapuram District.
2. The Estate Committee.
3. Land Relinquishment Act and Rules.
4. Land Assignment, Transfer and Land Conservancy cases in respect of Kollam District.
5. Transfer of Land to Panchayats.

18. Revenue (PS) Department
1. Receipts, Distribution, Consolidation and follow up action of papers of Legislative Assembly interpellations/Assurance concerned to the Revenue Department and matters on Wakf and Devaswom.
2. Liaison work between the Revenue Department and the Legislative Secretariat.
3. Communicating and follow up action of papers relating to:—
(1) Public Accounts Committee.
(2) Petition Committee.
(3) Assurance Committee.
(4) Subject Committee.
(5) Estimates Committee.
(6) Committee on Subordinate Legislation.
(7) Public Undertakings Committee.
(8) Scheduled Castes and Schedule Tribe Committee of the State Legislature.
4. Watching over the disposal of papers relating to the Report of the comptroller and Auditor General.
5. Compilation or Important Orders of Revenue Department.

19. Disaster Management (Rev. K) Department
  1 Natural calamities such as Flood, Sea erosion, Land slide etc., other than drought and fire.
  2. Preparation of Memorandum on Flood.
  3. Central Assistance for flood relief measures and allied papers.
  4. Relief operations on flood etc., other than drought and fire.
  5. The meeting of relief Commissioners.
  6. Famine Relief Works.
  7. Natural calamities (Drought) and fire.
  8. Drought Relief Works.
  9. Preparation of Memorandum on Drought.
10. Central Assistance for drought relief measures and allied papers.
11. Prime Ministers National Relief Fund.
12. Preparation of Drought Manual.
13. Personal Accident Insurance Social Security Scheme for the poor families (PASS).
14. Hut Insurance Scheme.
15. State Level Committee meetings on the administration of Calamity Relief Fund.
16. Grand of financial assistance to the victims of Natural Calamities.
17. Issue of free ration to the victims of Natural Calamities.
18. Anti disaster scheme.
19. Flood works.
20. Modification of rules relating to the Manual on relief on account of Natural calamities and Distress relief.

20. Revenue (DRF-A) Department
1. Papers relating to CMDRF of Thiruvananthapuram/ Kollam/ Alappuzha/ Pathanamthitta/ Idukki/ Kottayam/ Ernakulam Districts.
2. General papers on CMDRF.

21. Revenue (DRF- B) Department
1. Papers relating to CMDRF of Thrissur/ Palakkad/ Malappuram/ Kozhikode/ Wayanad/ Kannur/ Kasaragod Districts.

22. Disaster Management (TRP-Cell) Department
1. Prime Minister's National Relief Fund, Programme Management Unit,Maintenance of accounts of Programme Management Unit, Tsunami Emergency Assistance Project, Papers relating to Housing, Maharashtra Housing Scheme, District Level Monitoring Committee, Procurement of stationery and equipments for TRP Cell, Japan Poverty Fund for Rehabilitation.
2. All general guidelines except Prime Minister's National Relief Fund, State Level Empowered Committee, Planning Commission, Location-wise Physical Financial Sectoral Programme, Release of Funds, TRP.
3. General papers relating to Tsunami, Papers relating to Tsunami anniversary, writing off of loans, additional exgratia to family of Tsunami victims, General Petitions, Jankar Service,
legal services authority, Comptroller and Auditor General Reports, Tusnami Museum, Miscellaneous papers.


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3. Revenue (C) Department 0471-2518105
4. Revenue (D) Department 0471-2518963
5. Revenue (Devaswom) Department 0471-2518147
6. Revenue (E) Department 0471-2518815
7. Revenue (F) Department 0471-2518480
8. Revenue (G) Department 0471-2517162
9. Revenue (H) Department 0471-2518960
10. Revenue (L) Department 0471- 2518696
11. Revenue (N) Department 0471- 2518241
12. Revenue (P) Department 0471-2518103
13. Revenue (R) Department 0471-2517132
14. Revenue (S) Department 0471-2518201
15. Revenue (Special Cell) Department 0471-2517180
16. Revenue (T) Department 0471- 2518234
17. Revenue (U) Department 0471-2518104
18. Revenue (PS) Department 0471-2518828


19. Disaster Management (Rev. K) Department 0471-2518113
20. Revenue (DRF-A) Department 0471-2518513
21. Revenue (DRF- B) Department 0471-2518487
22. Disaster Management (TRP-Cell) Department 0471-2518216


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