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Public Works Department in the State of Travancore (which later formed the major part of Kerala State following the reorganisation of states in 1956) made its beginning in the year 1823 with the formation of the Maramath Department as a branch of the Huzur Cutchery (Government Secretariat) with an executive branch known as the Panivakai Maramath. The Administration Report of the department for the year 1873-74 states that "the new roads of which very nearly 1000 miles have been either completely opened or are in various stages of progress have tapped an enormous tract of the country hitherto almost inaccessible, giving fresh impetus to agriculture".


The PWD Code was introduced in 1901. The department was perodically reorganised and in 1935-36, the administrative staff under the Chief Engineer consisted of 7 Executive Engineers in charge of divisions, 8 Assistant Engineers and 8 Sub-Engineers in charge of sub-divisions and Supervisors and Overseers in charge of sections. Over the years the department has grown substantially and now has 5 Chief Engineers, 22 Superintending Engineers, 81 Executive Engineers, 284 Assistant Executive Engineers, 638 Assistant Engineers and other supporting staff. The length of roads under the department at present is 33,593 km. 


Mission & Vision
Kerala's Socio-economic development reached such an important stage in the beginning of the twenty first century that further growth became possible only by reconstructing and modernising important roads in the State. At the national level when the important cities are to be interconnected with super highway corridors Kerala had to develop her own National Highway link roads to partake of the resultant economic growth. As a part of this effort discussions were held with the Central Government. Consequently Kerala entered into the State Support Agreement with the Centre. Decision was taken to develop NH 17 and NH 47 into four/six lane state super highways. The follow up measures are being taken by the Government showing enough urgency.
Organization (PDF)

Organization Structure

Adv. P. A. Mohamed Riyas
Minister for Public Works and Tourism
Room No. 601
6th Floor
Annexe- 2
Thiruvananthapuram– 695001
Tel: 0471- 2517152, 2333160, 2335866
Department 2nd Floor
South Block
Shri. Anand Singh IAS
Room No. 377
1st Floor
Main Block
Phone: 0471-2518008, 2321232
Mobile: 8826736327



Department Sections


Major Functions of the department

The department is responsible for Design, implementation and maintenance of all public works undertaken by Government.
  • * Economic development of the State by providing required road infrastructure
  • * Development of interstate road infrastructure facilities
  • * Road safety
  • * Enhanced mobility of people and goods and services


The Minister (Works) is in charge of the Kerala Public Works Department. The Secretary to Government heads the department at the Secretariat. A major concept in PWD's organisational framework is based upon managing the programme delivery by separate wings, headed by Chief Engineers. The wings are established to reflect the need to manage by a combination of direct ownership and agent agreements. The programme delivery wings are:

  • * Roads and Bridges (R&B) wing for roads and bridges owned and managed by PWD
  • * National Highways wing for PWD's agency duties on behalf of Ministry of Road Transport an Highways (MORTH), Government of India
  • * Buildings and Local works wing


The operational units of each wing are geographically distributed and tiered by Circles, under which are the Divisions that generally correspond to the districts of Kerala, Sub-Divisions and Sections. All programme delivery activities such as design, construction, operations and maintenance are delegated to the wings. The Kerala State Transport Project is headed by Chief Engineer (Projects). Major design of bridges, buildings & project preparation are provided by a separate wing (DRIQ Board) headed by Chief Engineer (Operations). Each programme delivery wing reports to a Chief Engineer thus ensuring that the appropriate approvals and resources are obtained. The department has also an Architecture wing headed by a Chief Architect.


Services & Activities


Seat               Subject


A1. -     Establishment Matters of Executive Engineers/Deputy Director/ Architect and above

-           Departmental Promotion Committees Matters for all categories.

-           All questions of policy in relation to establishment.

-           All proposals for creation of posts in any category.

-           Matters of re- organisation/redeployment of any category


A2.      -  Establishment matters of


•           Work Superintendents

•           Drivers

•           Roller Staff

•           Mechanical Staff

•           T.B. Staff

•           Ferrymen

•           General papers relating to Work establishment

-           all cases of employment assistance under the dying in-harness scheme of all categories.


A3.   -  Establishment matters of

•           Non-gazetted Technical Staff.  Except those mentioned under A2


Seat               Subject


B1.    - Establishment Matters of

•             NMR/CLR/SLR workers

•           Last Grade Employees and Part Time contingent Employees

•           Establishment matters of KSCC Ltd.


B2.  - Establishment Matters of

•           Assistant Engineers

•           Gazetted and Non-Technical staff

•           Non Gazetted non-technical staff except drivers.


B3.  - Establishment matters of

•           Assistant Exe. Engineers/Assistant Director

•           Special rules of all categories

•           All matters of training

•           Kerala State Engineering Works Ltd. 


Seat               Subject


C1.       - Budget Matters

-           Issue of Letter of Credit (Buildings/NH)

-           Plan/ Non-Plan Implementation/Expenditure Statements

-           Special Component Plan and Tribal Sub Plan.


C2.       -  Indian Roads Congress matters

-           Public Address System

-           Installation of Telephones

-           Departmental Motor Vehicles Accident Cases

-           Vehicles and tools repair

-           Insurance

-           Issue of Letter of Credit (Roads & Bridges)



C3.     -   all matters of co-ordination

-           periodical business

-           official language

-           staff meeting

-           administration reports

-           residuary papers


Seat               Subject


D1.   -  bridges and approach roads - Investigation, Construction, Repair including

•           bridges financed by NABARD

•           Railway Over/under Bridges

•           Railway safety works.


D2.     -   Kerala State Transport Project (KSTP)

–          Central Road Fund Matters.

–          all toll collection matters


D3.     -  National Highway matters

-           Matters of Roads and Bridges Development Corporation of Kerala Ltd, (RBDCK)

-           Roads in City Corporations


Seat               Subject


E1.  Papers relating to the Government Buildings (under the control of PWD) in the districts of

•           Thiruvananthapuram

•           Kollam

•           Alappuzha

•           Kottayam

•           Pathanamthitta


-           Government buildings outside the State.

-           ferries/cinema theatre centage, scrutiny and inspection charges


E2.  - Papers relating to Government buildings in the districts of

•           Ernakulam

•           Idukki

•           Thrissur

•           Palakkad

•           Malappuram

-           fixation of rent of private buildings, Convening Rent Committee.


E3.  Papers relating to Government buildings in the districts of

•           Kozhikode

•           Kannur

•           Wayanad

•           Kasaragode

-           Government servents' quarters.

-           Computer allied matters.


Seat               Subject


F1.     Follow up action on the Vigilance Reports received from the Vigilance Department/LSG Department and Directorate of Vigilance and Anti-Corruption Bureau relating to.

•           Thiruvananthapuram

•           Kollam

•           Pathanamthitta

•           Alappuzha

•           Kottayam

•           Idukki

•           Thrissur


F2. 1. Follow up action on Vigilance report relating to

•           Kannur

•           Ernakulam

•           Palakkad

•           Kasaragod

2.         proposal for disciplinary action required from Chief Engineer (Administration), PWD.

3.         Audit objections, Draft paras and Audit paras.


F3. 1. Follow up action on Vigilance reports in respect of

•           Kozhikode

•           Wayanad

•           Malappuram

2.         Action on the inspection notes of Finance Inspection Wing.

3.         Action on the enquiry reports of Chief Technical Examiner.

4.         Implementation of PAC and Estimate Committee recommendations in respect of cases dealt within the section.


Seat               Subject


G1.   - Papers related to investigation, construction and maintenance of roads in the districts of

•           Alappuzha

•           Kottayam

•           Idukki

•           Wayanad

G2.   Papers related to investigation, construction and maintenance of roads in the districts of

•           Ernakulam

•           Pathanamthitta

•           Thrissur

-           roads financed by NABARD

G3.      Papers related to investigation construction and maintenance of roads in the districts of

•           Thiruvananthapuram

•           Kollam

•           Malappuram

-   administrative sanction committee


Seat               Subject


H1.         -    Policy reforms

-           road policy

-           Road Fund Act 2001, rules & notifications

-           Road Board matters

-           Kerala Toll Act - 1963, Rules & Notifications

-           Implementation of Highway Protection Act 1999

-           DRIQ Board meetings

H2.         -  resource mobilisation for RBDCK & KSCC

-           ISAP (Institutional Strengthening Action Plan) of KSTP

-           Arbitration Cases and convening of Arbitration committee Meeting

-           matters relating to stores

H3.    - PWD Code and Manual - amendments, revision, advice

-           Registration of contractors and other papers relating to contractors.

-           delegation of powers.


Seat               Subject


PS1. Papers relating to construction and maintenance of roads of Palakkad District.

-           Recommendations of PAC/PUC, Subject committees, Estimates committee.

-           Committee on subordinate legislation, Committee on assurances and other Committees of Legislature.

PS2.   - Papers relating to investigation, construction and maintenance of roads in the districts of

•           Kasaragod

•           Kannur

•           Kozhikode

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