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This Government's top most priority is to increase power generation to ensure availability of power in tune with increased demand. At the same time quality of power is also of equal importance. The needs of backward sections of society will get top priority and tariff at affordable rates will be ensured. bold steps are the need of the hour and all efforts will be made to tap all available sources of energy. The future of the State's economy is mainly dependent on power and hence the co-operation of all sections of society including that of environmentalists is necessary to achieve these goals. Discriminatory attitude of the Centre in the allocation of power hampers the State Government's efforts in this sector. With co-operation of the Central Government and all sections of the society, the State will be able to surmount all challenges we face now in the power sector.


     Organisation Structure


Department Sections



Organization Structure

Shri. K. Krishnankutty
Minister for Electricity
Room No. 208
2nd Floor
North Sandwich Block
Mob: 9400055333
Department: 2nd Floor
North Block
Shri. Rajesh Kumar Sinha IAS
Principal Secretary, Power
Room No. 403
4th Floor
Annex I, Secretariat
Phone: 0471- 2333388, 2517395
Email:  prlsecy.forest@kerala.gov.in
E-mail: secy.pwr@kerala.gov.in


Schemes & Programmes


Current charges complaints regarding excessive billing etc.
Energy Audit.
Land Acquisition for KSEB.
Meter Testing Lab.
Cinema regulation Rules and Orders.
Gas,Coal, Diesel, LNG, Wind & Nuclear based Power Projects.
Private participation in Power Generation.
Electrical accidents.
Shifting of Electric lines.
Inter state sale of Power.
Power-cut-load-shedding, peak load restrictions and uninterrupted supply of power.
Installation of transformers and low voltage problems.
Setting up of sub stations.
Constitution of Kerala State Electricity Licensing Board-KSEB-rules and papers relating to wiremen supervisor permits etc.

Services & Activities

1. Electricity Tariff revision including Tariff of Licensees and slab system.
2. Complaints on current charges, excessive billing, wrong meter reading.
3. Appeal of K.S.E.B./Consumers over the order of CEI on excessive billing and wrong meter reading.
4. Energy Audit.
5. Establishment matters relating to K.S.E.B.
6. State Electricity Regulatory Commission (all papers including Subject Committee).
7. K.P.S.C. (Additional Functions) Act and Rules.
8. Indian Electricity Act and Rules.
9. Theft of Power.
10. Pay Revision/Long term Settlement in K.S.E.B.
11. Approval of creation of additional Posts in K.S.E.B.
12 Papers relating to Vigilance Enquiry against Board Officers.
13. Payment of compensation to dependants of those who died in Electrical accidents.
14. Establishment matters of those working in K.S.E.B. on deputation/working arrangement/on other duty/in addition to the cadre of Government Departments of other institutions (including L.A. Staff).
15. Constitution of K.S.E.B. and appointment of Members.
16. K.S.E.B. Rules.
17. Training and foreign Tour of Board Officers/Members.
18. Prosecution sanction against Board Officials in connection with Electrical accident.
19. Review of SC/ST representation in K.S.E.B.
20. Kerala Power Finance Corporation(all papers)
21. Meter Testing Lab.
22. Annual Administration Report of Electrical Inspectorate Department.
23. Convening of Departmental Promotion Committee, Departmental Purchase Committee and Working Group of Electrical Inspectotate Department.
24. Release of Grant/Fund, Budget papers including Subject Committee, Supplementary Demands and Surrender of funds relating to Electrical Inspectorate Department and Energy Management Centre.
25. Energy Management Centre—all papers.
26. Energy conservation and safety week.
27. Energy Conservation Act.
28. Cinema Regulation Rules and orders.
29. UNlDO Projects.
30. Miscellaneous papers.
31. Suits, Inspection Reports, Draft paras, C & A. G Reports and L. A.Interpellations relating to Electrical Inspectorate Department and Energy Management Centre.
32. Papers on Leg. Committees on the above subjects.
1. Gas based Power Projects and LNG Terminal at Kochi.
2. Coal based and Diesel based Power Projects.
3. All Hydro Electric Projects.
4. Private participation in Power Generation.
5. Wheeling of Power (except by Consumers/Licensees).
6. Malabar Cancer Centre—all papers.
7. Government Guarantee to Power Projects in cases where Power Purchase Agreements were signed with K.S.E.B.
8. Land Acquistion and payment of compensation for the lands acquired for generation projects, NTPC and M.C.C.
9. Training programme conducted by NTPC/Power Management Institute.
10. GIM Projects.
11. Investment Promotion Board.
12. Papers relating to K.S.E.B. Quarters, buildings etc.
13. Electrical accidents.
14. Price preference policy of the K.S.E.B.
15. Inter State River Disputes relating to the use of water in power projects.
16. Maintenance of Power Projects.
17. Setting up of Power Projects outside Kerala.
18. Nuclear Power Projects.
19. Eviction of encroachers on Project lands.
20. Issuance of Pattayam of land holders in project areas.
21. Dam safety.
22. Miscellaneous papers relating to Projects.
23. Construction/Maintanance/Flood damages to check dams, approach roads and bridges of all Power Projects.
24. Customs clearance for materials sparesparts imported for Power Projects.
25. Minimum guarantee, Consumer Contribution and Service connection charges.
26. Electricity Connection and line extension including request for new connections and complaint.
27. Electric connections to SSI Units.
28. Formation, upgradation, abolition and shifting of Sub Engineers offices, Asst. Engineers Offices, Section Office and Major sections.
29. Request for NOC for getting electric connection from Pondichery, Tamil Nadu etc.
30. Purchase of Energy Meters.
31. Shifting of Electric Lines including transformers and Electric Posts.
32 Electricity Connection under S. 27 of Indian Electricity Act.
33. Consumer protection Council cases.
34. Miscellaneous papers.
35. Suits, Inspection Reports, Draft paras, C & A G. Reports and L.A. lnterpellation on the above subjects.
36. Papers on Legislative Committee on the above subjects.
1. Financial Matters, Plan papers, Loan, guarantees, external and internal aids and resources of K.S.E.B.
2. Budget papers of K.S.E.B. including papers on Subject Committee.
3. Annual Accounts and Annual Report of K.S.E.B.
4. Payment of Electricity dues/cost of power to Central utilities and private producers.
5. M.G.P. in power Department.
6. Licencees and sanctiones before constitution of K.S.E.B.
7. Rural Electrification.
8. Electrification of Tribal Colonies.
9. Kutiljyothi.
10. Prime Minister's Gramodaya Yojana (PMGY).
11. Accelerated power Development Reforms Programme (APDRP).
12. Performance Report of K.S.E.B.
13. Power Policy.
14. Inter state Sale of Power.
15. Quality Control Order.
16. Transmission and Distribution losses.
17. Electricity Duty and Electricity Surcharge —Act and Rules.
18. Exemption/Waiver of Electricity Duty and Electricity Surcharge.
19. Power cut, load shedding, Peak load restrictions and uninterrupted supply of power.
20. Drawal of Central share of Electricity.
21. Constitutions of Consultative Council and Local Advisory Committee of the K. S. E. B.
22. Rental charges of Meters.
23. Hydel Tourism except GIM projects.
24. Wheeling of Power by consumers and Licensees.
25. Cess collection for water used by K. S. E. B./ private producers for generation of Electricity from Reservoirs.
26. Installation of Power Generators in Industries at times of Power failure.
27. Licenses and sanctions under Indian Electricity Act and Rules.
28. Papers relating to Power Distribution by Thrissur Corporation.
29. Installation of Transformers and low voltage problems.
30. Land Acquisition and tree cutting for K.S.E.B.—payment of compensation (except those relating to generation project sites).
31. Setting up of Sub-stations.
32. Tenders/Purchases (except Energy Meters) in K.S.E.B.
33. Sales Tax and Entry Tax and Excise Duty.
34. Constitution of Kerala State Electricity Licensing Board, K.S.E.L.B. Rules, Wireman, Supervisory permits etc.
35. Complaints on Street lighting.
36. Encroachment of lands owned by K. S. E. B. (Except Project land).
37. Allotment of Electric posts/poles for use of Cable T.V. Operators.
38. Complaints of contractors on various payments by K.S.E.B.
39. Negotiated purchase of land by K.S.E.B.
40. Railway Electrificaticn.
41. Miscellaneous papers of Power Department.
42. Suits, Inspection Reports, Draft paras, C&AG Reports and L.A. Interpellations on the above subjects.
43. Papers on Legislature Committees on the above subjects.
44. Miscellaneous papers of the section.
1. Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha questions relating to Power Department.
2. Monitoring of L.A. Interpellations.
3. Monitoring of work relating to Legislative Committees.
4. Monitoring of C & AG Reports.
5. Power Ministers Conference, M.P.'s Conference and Collectors Conferences
6. Audit Committee.
7. Audit Monitoring Committee.
8. Chief Secretary's Conference with Secretaries.
9. Staff Conference of Power Department.
10. Monthly Business Statement of Power Department.
11. Meetings convened by Chief Minister, Ministers and Secretary.
12. Papers relating to Meeting and Conferences not specifically allotted to any other Sections.
13. Consolidations and furnishing of replies to L.A. Interpellations received from other Departments in Secretariat.
14. All papers relating to the Establishment and financial matters of Anert.
15. Non-conventional Energy Projects implemented by EMC/ANERT.
16. Right to Information Act 2005.

Contact Us


No. Department Sections. Phone No.
1. Power (A) Department 0471- 2518240
2. Power (B) Department 0471- 251 8677
3. Power (C) Department 0471-2517038
4. Power (PS) Department 0471- 2518243


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