Nava Keralam Karma Padhathi (NKKP) is the Government's unprecedented initiative being implemented through four innovative Missions covering six prioritized sectors of the State. The programme is intended to touch the lives and livelihoods of the common man.
Being an inclusive programme, the missions are being implemented for the benefit of the vulnerable sections of our society. The Government is committed to reaching out to them with basic socio- economic services.
Haritha Keralam, the first Mission seeks to create an environment friendly approach, focusing on organic farming, water conservation and waste management.
The dream of each landless and homeless family to have a safe and secure roof over their head will be realized through the LIFE Mission, which will ensure Livelihood, Inclusion and Financial Empowerment for all homeless in the state.
Focusing on the next generation, Education Rejuvenation Mission will take the State forward from universalisation of education to modernization of education, with smart classrooms, digital libraries, IT enabled learning and contemporary syllabus.
Among health indicators the State has already achieved successes on par with other developed countries. Now, the focus is on people friendly health delivery system by converting PHCs into Family Health Centres and Taluk-District hospitals into super speciality hospitals, which are the key objectives of the mission, AARDRAM.
Following landmark implementation of land reforms, educational reforms, literacy campaign and people's campaign for decentralization, the State is now taking up the Nava Keralam Karma Padhathi to build on and consolidate our gains of the yesteryears.
People's participation and leadership by the Local Self Government Institutions is the key to the implementation of these programmes. I am sure that the four missions, which are aimed at building a new Kerala, will definitely change the development scenario of the State.
Ever since the formation in 1956, the State of Kerala has attempted sustaining reform measures with a long term vision and strengthening the foundation of its development. Land reforms, Educational reforms, Literacy campaigns, People's Planning campaigns, Police reforms including Jana Maithri Police and the Knowledge Revolution are some in the long list of such initiatives. The latest effort is based on a very contemporary and innovative mission mode known as the Nava Keralam Karma Padhathi (NKKP) encompassing in itself four missions covering six prioritized sectors of the State. The NKKP has been designed to touch the lives and livelihoods of the ordinary citizen of the states in all walks of life levels of governance. It is proposed to be implemented with massive public participation and Local Self Government Institutions in the driving seat.

Nava Keralam Karma Padhathi aims to bring basic socio - economic services in a qualitative manner to those who have so far been excluded from the various development initiatives of the past. There will be a clear targeting of the poorest of the poor, the most vulnerable sections of the society including widows without support, the aged, the terminally ill, the tribal population and so on. The ‘business as usual' approach of government programs will be replaced with carefully planned and systematically implemented programs with a clear thrust on results. The core of the implementation strategy is that the state and district level departmental machinery will converge their development efforts meaningfully at the level of local self-government institutions. All services and support will converge on the ordinary households in the state.

For more information, visit: missions.kerala.gov.in