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Labour and Skills


Shri. T. P. Ramakrishnan
Minister for Labour and Excise
Room No:397,
1st Floor, Main Block,
Secretariat, Statue,
Phone: 0471-2333833/2331685 
Mob : 9447913300
Fax : 0471-2333833
Department of Labour and Skills
Dr. Usha Titus IAS
Principal Secretary 
Room No. S47
4th Floor
Annex II, Secretariat
Ph-0471-23331509, 2518997
E-mail: secy.headu@kerala.gov.in
Department of Labour & Skills

First floor South Block
Secretariat Building

Labour Commissionerate www.lc.kerala.gov.in


Labour & Skills
This department seeks to facilitate harmonious industrial relations in the state and to enforce various labour laws. There are a number of welfare schemes for different sections of workers. A number of welfare fund boards also function under this department. In Industrial disputes the department is the instrument for conciliation and conflict resolution between the labour and management.

Mission and Vision of the department
Kerala has an enlightened labour force who knows their own interests as well the interests of the society at large. The labour in Kerala has always remained cooperative in running the industrial ventures both in traditional and modern sectors. It was unnecessary to teach them about the importance of undisturbed efficient running of industrial enterprises for the well-being of the society and for their own well-being.  So the foremost task of the Government on the labour front was to restore confidence among the members of the labour force about the intentions and ability of the Government to restore their livelihood. The government started right earnest in reopening locked out factories, helping loss-making industrial units to run profitably and opening up plantations that were closed. While all these achievements were made Government took care that the welfare of labour was protected and preserved. This has created an august atmosphere in the State that enables an entrepreneur to start his venture in any sphere of Kerala's economy.
An immediate effort made in the labour front was to make sure that labourers in traditional sectors got employment for the maximum number of days and minimum wages fixed for than were observed. The Labour Department has decided to raise minimum wages in traditional sectors (both organised and unorganised) in July 2008.

Organisation Structure
The honourable Minister for Labour is assisted by the Secretary to Government, Labour & Skills Department in the Government Secretariat, 4 Joint Secretaries, 4 Under Secretaries, Section Officers, Assistants and other ancillary staff.

Line departments, Institutions and organizations under the department

  • Employment Services Kerala
  • Kerala State Cashew Development Corporation Ltd.
  • Kerala State Cashew Workers Apex industrial Co-operative Society Ltd (CAPEX)
  • Traders Welfare Board
  • Department of Factories and Boilers
  • Kerala Abkari Workers Welfare Fund Board
  • Kerala Agriculture Workers Welfare Fund Board
  • Kerala Labour Welfare Fund Board
  • Kerala Motor Transport Workers Welfare Fund Board
  • Kerala State Anganwadi Workers and Helpers Welfare Fund Board
  • Kerala Tailors Welfare Fund Board
  • Kerala Toddy Workers Welfare Fund Board
  • Health Insurance Agency, Kerala


Services/ Activities

Thiruvananthapuram district has been declared the first ‘Nokkukooli-free' city. Kerala Head Load Workers Welfare Board has brought out booklets on new rates for various head load works. The Labour Department soon release wage rates for head load work in other districts also.


Labour (A) Department


Labour (B) Department

Ph:251 8409

Labour (C) Department


Labour (D) Department


Labour (E) Department

Ph:251 8998

Labour (F) Department


Labour (G) Department

Ph:251 8995

Labour (H) Department

Ph:251 8884

Labour (J) Department

Ph:251 8494

Labour (R) Department

Ph:251 7166

Labour (S) Department

Ph:251 8184

Labour (PS) Department


1. Labour (A) Department
Phone No: 0471-2518556

1. Matters relating to Industrial Disputes coming under Industrial Dispute Act 1947.
2. Papers relating to granting " No Objection Certificate" for starting stone crusher units.
3. Periodical reports on pending cases of all Labour Courts and Industrial Tribunals
4. All labour disputes falling outside the purview of Industrial Disputes Act
5 Declaration of Industry as Public service.

2. Labour (B) Department
Phone No: 0471-2518409

1. Papers relating to Kerala Toddy Workers welfare Fund Board (except section 8 (5) appeals cases)
2. Kerala Labour Welfare Fund Board
3. Kerala Artisans and Skilled Workers Welfare Fund Scheme
4. Kerala Barbers and Beauticians Welfare scheme
5. Kerala Laundry Workers Welfare Scheme.
6. Papers relating to Factories and Boilers Department
7. Factories Act and Kerala Factories (welfare officers) Rules
8. Indian Boiler Act and Rules
9. Kerala Boiler operation Engineers Rules and Kerala Dangerous Machine Regulations Act and Rules and
constitution of the post of Cashew Special Officer
10. ESI exemption of Institutions under section 87, 88 and 91 A
11. Labour Academy.

3. Labour (C) Department
Phone No: 0471-2517168

1. Papers of Industrial Training Department and Govt. ITI's.
2. Administration Reports of Industrial Training Department and related Instruction Centres (R. I. Centres)
3. Papers relating to private Industrial training centres
4. Training of industrial training institutes and their associations
5. Five Year Plans/Plan Schemes
6. Upgradation of ITI's
7. Finishing schools, design institute
8. Minor works of Govt. ITI's & Starting of new ITIs
9. Vocational training Improvement Programme of the Government of India
10. Rent of ITI buildings and hostels 200

4. Labour (D) Department
Phone No:0471- 2518097

1. Establishment papers of Labour Department and staff of Labour department working in Industrial
Tribunals and Labour Courts.
2. Transfer and postings and DPC (Higher) in respect of and above the District labour Officers.
3. Administrative report of Labour Department
4. Administrative Sanction for plan schemes and purchase of furniture etc., rent of buildings
5. Medical re-imbursement claims and time barred T.A. bills
6. Continuance sanction of posts in respect of Labour Department
7. Payment of Gratuity Act
8. Kerala Beedi and Cigar Workers Welfare Fund Act and Rules/Board
9. Kerala Bamboo, Kattuvally and Pandanus Leaf Workers Act and Rules/Board
10. Plantation Labour Act and Rules
11. Labour Minister's Conference
12. Labour Secretary's Conference
13. Review of monthly labour situations
14. Weekly, fortnightly and monthly statements of lockout lay off, retrenchement
15. Consolidation work other than L.A. Interprellations, assurance, Subject Committees etc.
16. Office orders relating to the department
17. Labour Policy
18. Plantation State level meetings and connected subjects
19. Miscellaneous papers of the department.

5. Labour (E) Department
Phone No:0471- 2518998

1. Minimum Wages Act and Rules, 1948
2. Recommendation of Wage Board
3. Wage Boards, Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act and Rules
4. Industrial Relations Committee
5. Inter-State migrant worker's labour and service conditions
6. EPF and Miscellaneous Provisions Act
7. Exception from EPF Act
8. Constitution of Welfare Boards
9. Trade Union's Act and Rules
10. Motor Transport Workers Act and Rules
11. Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act and Rules
12. Working Journalist and Other Newspaper Employees Service and Miscellaneous Provisions Act and Rules
13. Working Journalist (fixation of rates and wages) Act
14. Child Labour Act, Rules and Regulations
15. Kerala Subsistence Allowance Act and Rules
16. Kerala Industrial Estrablishment (National Festival Holiday) Act and rules
17. Papers relating to International Labour Organizations
18. Educational Schemes of labourers
19. Kerala Shops and Establishment Act and Rules
20. Problems of unorganized workers
21. Papers in respect of committees of women, children and physically handicapped
22. Grant-in -aid scheme
23. Bonded Labour

6. Labour (F) Department
Phone No: 0471-2517142

1. Establishment papers of Insurance Medical Services Department
2. Fixation of rent of ESI dispensaries
3. Extension and implementation of ESI Schemes to new areas and categories
4. Die-in-harness papers of IMS Department
5. Establishment of NGO's including medical and para-medical arrangements and general papers related to
ESI Scheme.
6. Purchase of medicines, Payment of medical benefits to IP's and family
7. Establishment Papers-National Employment service

7. Labour (G) Department
Phone No:0471- 2518995

1. Establishment papers of National Employment Services (Kerala)
2. Papers relating to Employment Registration
3. Registration seniority and Employment Assistance
4. Simplification of Emigration Act.
5. Enforcement of CNV Act and papers relating to ODEPC Ltd.
6. Papers relating to KILE
7. Establishment papers of the Presiding Officer of all Labour Courts and all Industrial Tribunals in
the State
8. Papers relating to rent, telephone and vehicles of the Employment Department.

8. Labour (H) Department
Phone No: 0471-2518884

1. Kerala Unemployment Assistance Scheme
2. Self Employment Scheme implemented through Employment Exchanges
3. All papers relating to Kerala Tailoring Workers Act, Scheme and Welfare Board
4. All Papers relating to Kerala Headload Workers Welfare Board
5. Papers relating to Kerala Headload Workers Act and Rules
6. Kerala Motor Transport Workers Welfare Fund Scheme
7. Kerala Autorickshaw Workers Welfare Fund Scheme
8. Kerala Automobile Workshop Welfare Fund Scheme
9. Problems of workers in the respective categories but falling outside the purview of the above
Welfare Fund Boards
10. Fixing of wages of the headload workers
11. All papers relating to Kerala Motor Transport Workers Welfare Fund Board except appeal cases
under Section 8 (5) of the Kerala Motor Transport Workers Welfare Fund Act.

9. Labour (J) Department
Phone No: 2518494

1. Kerala Building and other Construction Workers Welfare Board
2. Building and other Construction Workers Welfare Cess Act
3. Building and other Construction Workers (RE&CS) Act and Rules
4. Kerala Cashew Workers Relief and Welfare Fund Board
5. Kerala Cashew Workers Relief and Welfare Act and Scheme
6. Kerala Cashew Workers Relief and Welfare Act and Rules
7. Kerala Handloom Workers Welfare Fund board
8. Kerala Handloom Workers Welfare Act and Rules
9. Kerala Handloom Workers Welfare Cess Act
10. Problems of workers in the respective categories but falling outside the purview of the above
Welfare Fund Boards
11. Aam Aadmi Bima Yojana
12. Rashtryia Swasthya Bima Yojana
13. Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme (CHIS)
14. Relief to cashew Workers of closed factories
15. MP's Conference/Collector's Conference/Chief Secretary's Conference with Secretaries.
16. Welfare Fund Boards (common papers)
17. Plan Review/Working Group for plan schemes

10. Labour (R) Department
Phone No: 0471-2517166

1. All papers relating to Kerala Abkari Workers welfare Fund Board
2. Kerala Shops and Commercial Establishments Workers Welfare Fund Board
3. Kerala Agricultural Workers Welfare Fund Board/Kerala AgricultuiralWorkers Act & Rules
4. Kerala Tree climbers Welfare Scheme
5. Papers relating to the rehabilitations repatriate from Srilanka, Burma,Uganda etc.
6. All papers that want of State Government sanction/advice/clarification etc. by the management
of Rehabilitation Plantations Ltd. to be placed before the Legislative Secretariat
7. Civil suits and other papers relating to evacuee properties
8. Kerala Agricultural Workers pension
9. Group Insurance Scheme for landless agricultural labourers
10. SC/ST Advisory Committee papers and follow up action
11. Papers relating to the Rehabilitation Plantation Limitted

11. Labour (S) Department
Phone No:0471- 2518184

1. Appeal under Section 11(5) of the Kerala Abkari Workers Welfare Fund Act, 1989
2. Appeal under Section 8(5) of the Kerala Motor Transport WorkersWelfare Fund Act, 1985
3. Appeal under Section 8(5) of the Kerala Toddy Workers Welfare FundAct.

12. Labour (PS) Department
Phone No:0471- 2518349

1. Consolidation of L.A. Interpellations
2. Monitoring and follow up action of Assurances
3. Various Legislative Committees
4. Draft para/Audit para
5. Staff conference and consolidation of monthly business statements
6. Papers relating to the Right to Information Act,

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