Kerala Lok Ayukta


Kerala Lok Ayukta
Kerala Lok Ayukta,
Legislature Complex,
Vikas Bhavan,
Thiruvananthapuram-695 033
Registrar & Competent Authority 
Additional Registrar 0471-2300362 (For information on filing complaints)
Deputy Registrar 0471-2300495 (General Information)

The Lok Ayukta under the Kerala Lok Ayukta Act, 1999 (Act 8 of 1999) has been constituted for investigating into the allegations of corruption and mal-administration against public servants and for the speedy redressal of grievances of the public.


Property Statement of Public Servents 

The Act also provides that all public servants are required to submit their statements of assets and liabilities, besides the statements in respect of those of the members of their family, once in two years, before the competent authority, in the forms prescribed by the Rules.


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