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The Department of Industries and Commerce is headed by the Hon'ble Minister for Industries. The administrative head of the department is the Additional Chief Secretary (Industries). The Directorate of Industries & Commerce Department is located at VikasBhavan, Thiruvananthapuram, headed by the Director (Industries & Commerce).



To transform Kerala into a vibrant entrepreneurial society with faster, inclusive and sustainable economic growth in order to achieve global standards in every domain.



Kerala economy is transforming into a service economy with high inward remittance and skilled technical human resources. Development of more enterprises by fortifying the skilled human capital and promoting investments including domestic as well as foreign in all the sectors to entail in the total economic development of the State through employment generation and export oriented business is the major objective:

  • To promote Kerala as a prime destination for industrial investments with environmental protection.
  • Revamp Kerala into an entrepreneurial State by encouraging private investment in all sectors particularly in Agro Processing, Services & Commerce and new emerging Sectors.
  • Mobilize establishment of Micro and Small Enterprises particularly in rural areas to achieve employment generation and utilization of local resources.
  • Create a policy framework to encourage enterprises as against wage employees.
  • Create cordial environment for ensuring the utmost value addition of the locally available resources.
  • Market Kerala as a competitive investment destination for Foreign & Domestic Investments in Services, emerging industrial sectors (Biotechnology & Nanotechnology) and employment for skilled Human resources within the State.
  • Improve infrastructure through PPP mode for industrial infrastructure.
  • Accelerate industrial clusters in the State.
  • Augment Services & Commerce sector to create in house employment to the skilled and semi skilled manpower in the State.
  • Introduce globally accepted standards in Technology, Quality and Management to rejuvenate the Public Sector Enterprises in the State.
  • Encourage environment friendly practices in enterprise development.


Directorate of Industries and Commerce 


Directorate of Industries and Commerce functions as a nodal agency in the timely implementation of various industrial activities as per the Norms of State formulated Government Industrial Policies. The directorate is responsible for promoting/ sponsoring, Registering, Financing and advising MSMEs (Micro Small or Medium Enterprise) in the state. The role of directorate is to act as a facilitator for industrial promotion and sustainability of MSMEs (Micro Small or Medium Enterprise) and traditional industrial sector in the state. 


Directorate of Industries and Commerce is the controlling office of the 14 District Industries Centres, Common Facility Service Centres at Changanacherry and Manjeri and Documentation Centre.


Organization chart (PDF)


Organization Structure

Shri. P. Rajeeve
Minister for Law, Industries and Coir
Room No. 216
3rd Floor
North Sandwich Block
Thiruvananthapuram– 695001
Mobile: 9400077333
Shri Alkesh Kumar Sharma IAS
Additional Chief Secretary
Industries and Commerce
Room No. 388
Ist Floor
Main Block,
Ph-0471-2335462, 2517380
Mob: 9958647648
Dr. K. Ellangovan IAS
Principal Secretary I
Room No. 127
Ist Floor
North Block,
Ph-0471-2327499, 2518445
Mob: 9446001265
Sri. APM Mohammed Hanish IAS
Room No. 138
2nd Floor
North Block, Secretariat
Ph-0471-2327451, 2518228
Shri. Rajesh Kumar Sinha IAS
Principal Secretary, Industries (Cashew & Coir)
Room No. 403
4th Floor
Annex I, Secretariat
Phone: 0471- 2517395
Director Directorate of Industries & Commerce
Vikas Bhavan,Thiruvananthapuram
Ph:91 471 2302774
Fax: 91 471 2305493



Department Sections

The Department of Industries & Commerce is headed by the Hon'ble Minister (Industries & IT). The administrative head of the Industries & Commerce Department is the Principal Secretary (Industries & IT). The Directorate of Industries & Commerce (DI&C) located at Vikas Bhavan, Thiruvananthapuram, headed by the Director (Industries & Commerce), the functional arm of the Department is implementing various industrial activities of the Department. The District Industries Centers (DICs) located in all District headquarters comes under the control of the DI&C.


Line departments, Institutions and organizations under the Department

Schemes & Programmes


Entrepreneur Support Scheme (ESS)


Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) under Department of Industries & Commerce

(The details of PSUs are available in the websites , )

Chemical Sector

·         Kerala Minerals & Metals Ltd

·         Kerala State Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd

·         Malabar Cements Ltd

·         Travancore Cements Ltd

·         Travancore Titanium Products Ltd

·         Travancore-Cochin Chemicals Ltd

·         Kerala State Mineral Development Corporation Ltd

Electrical Equipment

·         Kerala Electrical & Allied Engineering Company Ltd

·         Traco Cable Company Ltd

·         Transformers and Electricals Kerala Ltd

·         United Electrical Industries Ltd

Ceramic & Refractories

·         Kerala Ceramics Ltd

·         Kerala Clays and Ceramic Products Ltd

Electronic Sector

·         Keltron Electro Ceramics Ltd

·         Kerala State Electronic Development Corporation

Development and Infrastructure

·         Kerala Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation

·         Kerala Small Industries Development Corporation Ltd.

·         Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation

·         Kerala State Industrial Enterprise Ltd


·         Autokast Ltd

·         Kerala Automobiles Ltd

·         Metal Industries Ltd

·         Steel and Industrial Forgings Ltd

·         Steel Complex Ltd


·         Alleppey Co-operative Spinning Mills Ltd

·         Cannannore Co-operative Spinning Mills Ltd

·         K. Karunakaran Memorial Co-operative Spinning Mills Ltd. (KKMCSM)

·         Kerala State Co-operative Spinning Mills Ltd

·         Kerala State Textile Corporation Ltd

·         Malappuram Co-operative Spinning Mills Ltd

·         Quilon Co-operative Spinning Mills Ltd

·         Sitaram Textiles Ltd

·         Trichur Co-operative Spinning Mills Ltd

·         Trivandrum Spinning Mills Ltd

Traditional / Welfare Units

·         Kerala Artisans Development Corporation Ltd

·         Kerala Handicrafts Development Corporation of Kerala Ltd

·         Kerala State Bamboo Corporation Ltd

·         Kerala State Cashew Apex Industrial Co-operative Society

·         Kerala State Cashew Development Corporation Ltd

·         Kerala State Handloom Development Corporation Ltd

·         Kerala State Handloom Wavers Co-operative Society Ltd

·         Kerala State Palmyra Products Development and Workers Welfare Corporation Ltd

Wood and Agro-based

·         Forest Industries (Travancore) Ltd

Services & Activities


  1. All Establishment paper of DMG
  2. Administration report of DMG
  3. Miscellaneous papers in the section.


  1. Ministerial Staff of the DI&C (LDC,UDC, HC, JS, SS and also AA)
  2. Non – gazetted staff of the Industries subordinate service (JCI, Coir inspectors, SCI, IEO's)
  3. Gazetted Staff of the Kerala Industries Service
  4. Special rules for the Kerala Industries Service
  5. Special rules for the Kerala Industries Subordinate Service
  6. Non-gazetted Technical Staff, Class IV staff
  7. Administration Report of DIC.


  1. Kerala Mining Area Welfare Board and administration of its fund
  2. All papers related to Minerals in Kerala.
  3. Implementation of Kerala Minor Mineral Concession Rule and its amendments.


  1. Appeal and connected papers received under Kerala Minor Mineral Concession Rule (1967).
  2. Purchase proposals relating to vehicles (including repairs and maintenance) of DIC, DHT and DMG.
  3. Deputation of training, DIC and DMG
    1. Papers relating to Ministry of Steel and Mines, administration of its fund, and Indian Bureau of Mines.
    2. Matter of DICs in the State including acquisition allotment / construction of building.


  1. Pricing of Industrial products, marketing assistance price preference to SSI Units
    1. Assistance to existing units including loan to Harijan entrepreneurs. Assistance to new units, woman Industries Project, Rural assistance Programme etc.
    2. Revitalization of Sick SSI Units.
    3. All industrial Co-operative excluding Beedi – Handloom and Coir
    4. Margin Money Loans to SSI Units
      1. State level inter institutional Committee for Kerala / SLBC and matters related to credit deposit ratio.
      2. Miscellaneous paper in the section.
      3. CFC, Changanassery, Manjeri.


  1. Industry varsity Linkage Scheme
  2. All papers on SSI Units on Sales Tax exemption, Complaints, Suggestions etc.
  3. Prime Minister Rosgar Yogana
  4. All papers relating to MSMEs and SSI Unit
  5. Advisory Committees attached to MSMEs/ SSIs
  6. Matters on Registration of SSI Units
  7. National and State Awards for MSMEs
  8. Small Scale Production Centres
  9. Cluster Development Programme
  10. Industries Resource Locator
  11. All paper of NABARD
  12. State, Central Investment subsidy or any type of subsidy or loan to SSI sectors and incentive for growth scheme.
  13. KSIE, KSO


  1. Training and Interest free loan to young entrepreneurs.
  2. Employment Promotion Programme.
  3. Self-employment Scheme to educated unemployed.
  4. Kerala Credit linked capital subsidy Scheme for technology up gradation to MSMEs
  5. National Productivity Council
  6. All papers relating to Trade and Commerce, Trade Policy of Government of India and WTO
  7. Marketing incentive Schemes for marketing.
  8. All Exhibitions / Seminars / Conventions.
  9. All papers relating to industrial policy and connected issues, including issues of industrially backward Districts.
  10. All papers relating to Single Window Clearance Boards
  11. Kerala State Industrial Product Trading Co. Ltd.
  12. General paper of the Industries Department.



  1. Papers relating to Kerala State Handloom Development Corporation – HANVEEV AND HANDTEX
  2. Institute of Handloom and Textiles Technology
  3. Kerala garments Ltd.
  4. Miscellaneous Papers in the section on all Handloom and textile matters.


  1. Papers relating to Handloom Industry.
  2. Papers on all Co-operative Societies in Handloom and Textiles Sector.
  3. All papers on Texfed
  4. Integrated Power Looms
  5. All papers on power loom project and power loom societies.
  6. Administration Report of DHT.


  1. Kerala State Textiles Corporation.
  2. Papers relating to all Spinning and weaving Mills in the public / Co-operative / Private Sector other than new Texfed units and Sitharam Textiles. BIFR cases of the Mills, OPS etc.
  3. National Textile Policy.
  4. Sitharam Textiles.



  1. Kerala Electrical and Allied Engineering Co. Ltd.
  2. Travancore Plywood Industries Ltd.
  3. Paper relating to Kerala Administration Reforms Committee, and Law Reforms Committee.
  4. General and Miscellaneous papers on PSUs including L.A. Interpellations and Guarantee Commission.
  5. Company Law Board and related papers. 6. Miscellaneous papers in the section


  1. Steel Industries (Kerala) Ltd.
  2. Steel and Industrial Forgins Ltd.
  3. Autokast Ltd.
  4. Steel Complex Ltd.
  5. Malabar Steel re rolling Mills Ltd.
  6. Metal Industries Ltd.
  7. Scooters Kerala Ltd.
  8. All General Papers relating to Steel Sector


  1. Keltron and subsidiary Companies / Associate Companies
  2. SIDKEL Television Ltd.
  3. Kerala Automobile Ltd.
  4. All General papers relating to Electronics and Automobile Sectors.



  1. Foam Mattings (India) Ltd.
  2. Kerala State Coir Corporation Ltd.
  3. C-DOCT
  4. Kerala State Coir Workers Welfare Fund Board.


  1. All scheme relating to Coir Development Department.
  2. Papers relating to Kerala Co-operative Coir marketing Fed Ltd.
  3. Coir Co-operative Societies and Statutory Orders relating to Coin industries.
  4. Budget papers relating to coir industries
  5. General paper relating to coir
  6. Administrative report of Coir Directorate.
  7. Husk Control acts and Rules.


  1. Centre for Management Development
  2. Land selection Committee for selection of sites for setting up of Development Area, development plot, industrial Estate and Connected papers.
  3. Papers on Assignment of Land in Industrial Development Areas and Industrial Development plots under the Directorate of Industries & Commerce.
  4. General Issues regarding Industrial Land excluding land of KINFRA, KSIDC and PSUs.
  5. Guidelines for Private Industrial Estates.


  1. Raw materials – Controls
  2. All papers on Industrial Estates, Mini Industrial Estate and Functional Industrial Estate of Director Industries & SIDCO.
  3. Kerala Institute of Entrepreneurship Development
  4. Central Tool Room (other than for Electronics) papers related to SIDCO.
  5. Committee for scrutiny of tenders, estimates tenders excess of work done by SIDCO
  6. Mannam Sugar Mills
  7. KSSC Limited
  8. Papers relating to KELTRAC
  9. General paper of the Industries Department


  1. All papers relating to KINFRA
  2. All project implemented by KINFRA
  3. Papers of NIFT
  4. Project under critical Infrastructure Balance Scheme (CIBS) ASIDE etc.
  5. The Infrastructure Development Bill
  6. All papers on Bio- Technology Industry.
  7. All papers on Food Processing Industries
  8. KSDC


  1. Travancore Rayons Limited, Punalur Paper Mill, Premier Tyres Limited and Mavoor Gwallior Rayons Limited.
  2. Forest Industries (Travancore) Ltd.
  3. Papers relating to Private Sector wood based Industries and Large and Medium Rubber Based Industries.
  4. All papers relating to Spices Board, Tea Board and all Coffee Board and other issues relating to Plantations.
  5. Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).
  6. General issues on winding up of Defunct PSUs
  7. Staff Meeting, File Workshop and all Service Delivery Issues
  8. HIV Mainstreaming
  9. Miscellaneous papers of the section

10. Collectors conference, MP's Conference etc.

11. Industrial Pollution.

12. All papers on Chief Secretary's Conference

13. K-BIP



  1. TRACO Cable Company Limited
  2. Transformers & Electricals Kerala Limited
  3. United Electrical Industries Limited
  4. All papers relating to RIAB and performance Review of State PSUs
  5. General paper relating to Bonus
  6. Setting up of New PSUs under Industries Department
  7. Modernization, Revitalisation and Restructuring of State PSUs including L.A. Interpellations
  8. All General Papers relating to Electrical Sector
  9. Miscellaneous Papers of the section.


  1. Chalakudy Refactories Limited, Kerala Special Refactories Limited, Travancore Cements Limited, Malabar Cements Limited, Kerala Ceramics Limited, Kerala Clays and Ceramics Products Limited, Travancore Cochin Chemicals Limited and Metropolitan Engineering Company Limited.
  2. All General Papers relating to Ceramics and Cement Sectors.


  1. Kerala Minerals and Metals Limited, Travancore Titanium Products Limited, Kerala Construction Components Limited, Kerala State Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Limited and Kerala Mineral Development Corporation Limited.
  2. All Papers relating to Clay, Tile and Chemical Sectors.



  1. All Papers related to INKEL
  2. All papers on Sales Tax, Government level meeting etc of Sick, Large and Medium Industries in Private Sector
  3. All Papers related to BIFR in respect of Private Companies other than those coming under respective sectors
  4. Letter of Intents and Industrial Licenses and Foreign Direct Investment proposals and connected matters.
  5. Proposals for New Investment and Industry and papers connected with CII and FICCI.
  6. Handling of correspondence with Government of India including the meeting of Cabinet Secretary and Union Budget Related Issues.
  7. All central PSUs and Central Investment Issues.


  1. Planning and Five Years Plans preparation, review and monitoring of plans.
  2. Budgeting, Re-appropriation, SDG etc and all papers relating to Budget Speech
  3. Cochin Special Economic Zone
  4. Advertisement
  5. Matters relating to special representative officer, New Delhi
  6. All papers on training in Foreign countries
  7. All papers on foreign tour of officers of state Government and PSUs and Minister (Industries)
  8. Miscellaneous papers of the section


  1. KSIDC and its subsidiary companies. All issues of KSIDC
  2. All papers relating to electricity, Water cess, electricity tariff and power cuts
  3. Water taken for the use of Industries in connection with Minor irrigation
  4. Japan – Colombo plan and all bilateral and multilateral schemes and issues thereof.
  5. Kerala Industrial Revitalization Fund Board (KIRF) Board
  6. Industrial Growth Centres
  7. All papers relating to Private Sector Companies in the Medium and Large sector other than Sick Companies and not coming under the Sectors allotted to other Sections.



  1. Khadi and Village Industries
  3. Kerala State Bamboo Corporation Ltd.
  4. Miscellaneous papers in the section.


  1. Kerala State Cashew Development Corporation
  2. Kerala State Cashew Workers Apex Industrial Co-Operative Society (CAPEX)
  3. All papers relating to cashew Industry including acquisition and requisition
  4. Papers relating to Kerala State Agency for Expansion of Cashew Cultivation
  5. Residuary work of SERIFED


  1. Handicrafts and related subjects, Match Industry
  2. Handicrafts Development Corporation of Kerala Ltd.
  3. Kerala Artisans Development Corporation
  4. Kerala State handicrafts Apex Co-operative Societies Ltd. ( SURABHI)
  5. Beedi industries including Beedi Co-operative Societies
  6. All general papers related to traditional industries including L.A Interpellations.




  1. All papers relating to IR draft para, audit report of C and AG and PAC, PSU Subject Committee and other legislature committee.
  2. All allied matters relating to legislature secretariat
  3. LA Interpellation
  4. Papers related to Official Language and committee on official language
  5. OBC/SC/ST/ Review meeting
  6. Consolidation Work and Monthly Business Statement. 

Contact Us



No. Department Sections Phone No.
1. Industries (A) department 0471- 2518685
2. Industries (B) department 0471- 2518497
3. Industries (C) department 0471- 2518737
4. Industries (D) department 0471- 2518080
5. Industries (E) department 0471- 2518032
6. Industries (F) department 0471- 2518146
7. Industries (G) department 0471- 2518086
8. Industries (H) department 0471- 2518744
9. Industries (J) department 0471- 2518800
10. Industries (K) department 0471- 2518362
11. Labour (PS) department 0471- 2518036



Government Secretariat

Additional Secretary

Government Secretariat,

Tel: 91 471 2518386

Additional Secretary

Government Secretariat,

Tel: 91 471 2327792

Joint Secretary

Government Secretariat,

Tel: 91 471 2327303

Joint Secretary

Government Secretariat,

Tel: 91 471 2320474

Deputy Secretary

Government Secretariat,

Tel: 91 471 2518426

Under Secretary

Government Secretariat,

Tel: 91 471 2518304

Under Secretary

Government Secretariat,

Tel: 91 471 2518424

Under Secretary

Government Secretariat,

Tel: 91 471 2518431

Under Secretary

Government Secretariat,

Tel: 91 471 2518408

Directorate of Industries & Commerce

Additional Director,
Industries & Commerce (G)

Directorate of Industries & Commerce
3rd Floor, Vikas Bhavan,

Tel: 91 471 2302934

Additional Director,
Industries & Commerce (T)

Tel: 91 471 2304295

Joint Directors

Tel: 91 471 2302612, 2300910

Deputy Directors

Tel: 91 471 2304676

Assistant Directors

Tel: 91 471 2304676

Directorate of Handlooms & Textiles

Director ( Handloom & Textiles)

Directorate of Handloom & Textiles , Vikas Bhavan,
Thiruvananthapuram – 695003

Tel: 91 471 2303427

Directorate of Mining & Geology

Director (Mining & Geology)

Directorate of Mining and Geology,
Pattom Palace P.O.,
Thiruvananthapuram -695004

Tel: +91 471 2447429

Directorate of Coir Development


Directorate of Coir Development
Mani Bhavan
Thiruvananthapuram 695 010

Tel: 91 471 2722046

Khadi & Village Industries Board


Kerala Khadi & Village Industries Board,

Vanjoor P.O,


Tel: 91 471 2462 183

Promotional Agencies

Managing Director, KSIDC

Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation Limited (KSIDC) Keston Road , Kowdiar, Thiruvananthapuram-695004

Tel: 91 471 2318922

Fax: 91 471 2315893

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Managing Director, KINFRA

Kerala Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation (KINFRA)
KINFRA House, T.C. 31/2312, Sasthamangalam, Thiruvananthapuram-695010

Tel: 91 471 2726585
Fax: 91 471 2724773
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Chief Executive officer,


Kerala Bureau of Industrial Promotion (K-BIP)
‘Sri Ganesh', Kurup's Lane, Sasthamangalam, Thiruvananthapuram - 695 010

Tel: 91 471 2311882
Fax: 91 471 2311883
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Secretary, RIAB

Public Sector Restructuring and Internal Audit Board (RIAB)
USRA-54, Udarasiromani Road, Vellayambalam, Sasthamangalam P.O.

Tel: 91 471 3921244
Fax : 91 471 3921245
E-mail : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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