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This department is functioning as the nodal department in the housing sector engaged in the co-ordination of various housing schemes in the state. The Department is headed by a   Secretary. The Kerala State Housing Board and Kerala State Nirmithi Kendra are   the major enterprises under the Department of Housing. The office of the Housing Commissioner is also under the control of Housing Department.


Mission & Vision


The primary objective of the Housing Department is to formulate and implement various housing construction schemes as well as housing loan schemes for catering the housing needs of public belonging to various income groups viz. Economic weaker sections, low income group, middle income group and high income group. In addition to this, general improvement schemes (like commercial cum office complex), government directed schemes (like Rental Housing Schemes, slum improvement schemes, housing complexes for EWS, Rehabilitation Housing Scheme, Revenue Towers etc.) And deposit work (ie. Taking construction of work of other agencies) also forms part of activities of the Housing Department.


Organization  chart (PDF)



Department Sections

Line departments

Major Functions of the department

Achieve the goal of ' House for all' by implementing Housing Policy.

Organization Structure


Shri. K. Rajan
Minister for Revenue and Housing
Room No. 140
2nd Floor
North Block
Tel: 2333670, 2327068
Mob: 9400006300
Department : 1st Floor,North Block
Dr. A. Jayathilak IAS
Additional Chief Secretary
Dr. A. Jayathilak IAS
Additional Chief Secretary
Room No. 201A
2nd Floor
Annex I, Secretariat
Ph: 0471- 2333028, 2517214




Schemes & Programmes

M.N. Laksham Veedu Punarnirmana Padhathi
Under the scheme , which is named "M.N.Laksham Veedu Punarnirmana Padhathi" financial assistance for the reconstruction of dilapidated twin houses into single units and recontruction of single houses, is being implemented through the Board. The Government subsidy will be 75,000/- for General Category, 1,00,000 for SC Category and Rs.1,25,000/- for ST category. 50% of the subsidy amount will be given by Kerala State Housing Board and the balance amount shall be met by the Local Self Government Departments.
Innovative Housing Scheme
In the 11th Five year plan, under 2nd years programme (2008-2009) it was proposed to construct residential flats (4-6 storied) in government land for the displaced labours in the economically weaker section in urban area.It is proposed to implement the scheme at the Government land available with the Board at Thrikkakara (Ernakulam) and Poojappura (Trivandrum).212 Nos of falts have been completed under the scheme.
Revenue Tower, Ernakulam
This is a 14 storied building at Kanayannoor Taluk, Ernakulam district having a total built up area o 16.139.92 m2. The basement floor intended for 41 shop rooms, Ground Floor 11 shops and parking area. 1st & 2nd floor for 38 shops 3rd floor for restaurant, 4th to 12th floor are office spaces.
Tsunami Rehabilitation Programme
Kerala State Housing Board has been designated as nodal agency for the implementation of the coastal housing and re-settlement programmes (CHRP). KSHB has constructing houses in Trivandrum ,Malappuram ,Kozhikkode, Kannur and Kasargod districts.
Suraksha Housing Scheme
The scheme is to give financial assistance for the houseless EWS in both Urban and Rural areas limiting the Govt. assistance to the vulnerable sections under the EWS group after strict scrutiny of their eligibility. Under this Scheme, assistance will be given to persons owning at least 2 cents of land to construct a house by themselves. The scheme will have an option to associate Voluntary Agencies and NGOs to assist the construction. Vide GO(MS) No.9/2005/Hsg dated 21-3-2005, the capital subsidy from the State Government shall be Rs.9000 per house and Rs.2000 shall be the beneficiary/Voluntary contribution. Rs.19,000/- will be construction loan for a building costing Rs.30,000/-.
In cases where Voluntary Organizations are associated, they shall provide entire amount to the beneficiary or build the structure upto roof level and the Government Subsidy shall be disbursed. In this case no loan component is involved and beneficiary is fully free from repayment.
New Suraksha Housing Scheme
The Board in its meeting held on 16/7/07 had approved a new financial pattern for Suraksha HS and requested the Government for sanction on 1/8/07. In this scheme the construction cost of one house is taken as Rs.1,00,000/- (having a plinth area of 30m2) against the present amount of Rs.30,000/- and the Government Subsidy as Rs.25,000/- against Rs.9,000/- (sanctioned as per order GO(MS) No.9/2005/Hsg dt.21/3/2005). 
The Kerala State Housing Board implement the following schemes also;
Parasparyam Projects
Saphalyam Housing Scheme
Grihasree Housing Scheme
Major projects undertaken by Nirmithi Kendra
1. Construction of C Block for TRIDA at Palayam, Tvm. 
2. Renovation work of Youth Hostel, Veli. 
3. Construction of Holo graphic studio at C-Dit Thiruvallam 
4. Construction of Seed Godown Alappuzha 
5. AHADS Project, Palakkad 
6. Seed Godown, Eruthyampathi, Palakkad 
7. Karshika Vipanana Kendram, Attappadi 
8. Modernization works in various CHC/PHC's, District /Taluk hospitals at Palakkad District (NRHM & Health department works)
9. Construction of Building Complex for Kerala State Institute of Design at Chandanathoppe 
10. Renovation work of Akkulam park, Trivandrum 
11. LSQ & USQ in staff quarters at Jail Department, Tvpm 
12. Swayam Paryaptha Gramam Project for SCDD at various Districts.
13. Construction of Office Complex for Kerala Building and other Construction Workers Welfare Board at Edappally, Ernakulam. 
14. Office buildings for Toddy workers welfare Board, Thodupuzha, Kozhikode and Kottayam. 
15. Construction of School of Social Science, MG University. 
16. Construction of building for Pedagogical Science at MG University Kottayam 
17. Slaughter house Kumily 
18. District Ayurveda Hospital, Paremavu, Idukki 
19. Operation Theatre, District Hospital Idukki 
20. Children ward, District Hospital, Idukki 
21. Ductable Air conditioning works in District hospital Palakkad 
22. Construction of Occupational Health & Research Centre at Kollam for Factories and Boilers Dept.
23. SPARSAM Phase-II (Construction of mini industrial Units at Bangladesh colony, Kozhikode 
24. Attappadi Package Sub centres at Palakkad under NRHM.
25. Renovation work at W&C hospital at Palakkad under NRHM
26. Swayam Paryapthagramam Projects in Kollam, Kottayam, Palakkad 
27. Development of way side Amenity centre cum Camping centre at Kallar 
28. Construction of conference hall, Car parking area and recreation room at Park view Bldg. Directorate of Tourism, Tvpm.
29. Making Entertainment Park in Akkulam .
30. Project Kumarapuram, Haripad (Hamlet Development scheme) 
31. Maintenace work of Office Building sainik centre, Alappuzha 
32. Electrification & Civil work for cold storage rooms and auction hall electrification at Agricultural whole sale market, Vengeri 
33. Irinjalakuda Municipality flat-1,2,3,4,5 construction of Jawahar Colony 

Services & Activities

Services of Kerala State Nirmithi Kendra
1. Provide effective and standardised services to the general public through housing board.
2. Ensure sinciere services to the benificiaries of the various schemes
3. To implement new schemes for attaining the goal of dream home of all houseless
1. Implement Housing scheme for achieving house for all
2. Become self sufficient in the field of housing construction
3. Attain shelters at low cost for public, especially for economically weaker sections
4. Modernization of Housing sector by providing high quality materials
5. Build earthquake resistant houses and rehabilitation colonies for those who are suffering from natural calamities
6. Controlling the prices of building materials by increasing the production through Government controlled institutions
7. To asses the demand of the public and to formulate housing schemes by acquiring land in bulk.

The Government of Kerala has constituted a Technical Cell of the Housing Department in the year 1980 with the objective of achieving the desired degree of co-ordination among various housing activities in the State under the direct guidance of Housing Commissioner to the Government. The state Government had defined the duties and functions of the Technical Cell as per the Government Order No. G.O. (MS) 8/80/I&HD dt. Trivandrum 19.01.1980 and it is explained as follows.

-To provide technical guidance to Village Housing Project.

-To undertake a comprehensive study of the set up, policies and programmes, targets and achievements, problems in implementation etc., of the various agencies connected with housing.

-To arrange housing surveys, in order to ascertain the qualitative and quantitative shortage of Housing in Kerala and to suggest reasonable housing standards consistent with the climate, topography and socio-economic conditions prevalent in the State.

-To assist the housing agencies in identifying and acquiring land for the implementation of housing schemes.

-To assist the agencies in obtaining institutional finance for housing schemes.

-To render guidance to the housing agencies in the implementation of their housing programmes (including scrutiny and approval of housing schemes) and evaluation of achievements against targets.

-To arrange research on indigenous building materials through the Engineering College & Engineering Research Institutions with a view to reducing the cost of construction.

-To collect result on research conducted on building materials and construction techniques by the various research institutions and to make them available to the housing agencies.

-To set up a ‘Housing Information Service' for the benefit of the housing agencies as well as to public.


As shelter, it fulfills a basic need and provides social security and it serves aspect of people's sense of identity and self esteem. Adequate shelter has also an important role in health status of occupants. Investment in activities for the development of shelter like any other sector has a multiplier effect on income and employment generation. In order to co-ordinate the activities in housing sector in comprehensive and integrated manner, Technical Cell of Housing Department functions as central co-ordinating agency as Government Department. This office also functions as the Technical Supporting Directorate for framing Acts and Rules and other legislations related with Housing Activities.


Now the Office is actively engaged in policy formulation and provides technical assistance to various agencies in the Housing sector. It also involves in Data collection and interpretation, facilitating decision making in the Housing sector. The present major contributions of the office are, the total revision of the existing Kerala Building (Lease and Rent Control) Act, 1965 in relation with Model Rent Control Act of Govt. of India; preparation of draft bill for a new act namely Kerala Apartments Regulation (Development and Maintenance) Act, in tune with the Model Real Estate (Development Regulation) Act of Govt. of India; and the preparation of


1. Report on Citizens Charter for Housing Department,
2. Feasibility study Report on National Games Village - Akkulam,
3. Review Report on Draft Water Policy of the state,
4. Report on the suggestion put forwarded for Affordable Housing Scheme,
5. Report on Draft Action Plan on the Mitigation Measures on Climate Changes issues in the Housing Sector,
6. Report on the remarks on the draft State Strategic Statistical Plan,
7. Report on Appraisal of various office Manuals related to KESNIK,
8. Review Report on Affordable Housing Policy 2009 prepared by Government of Rajasthan,
9. Report on Suggestions on framing the Approach Paper for XII the Five Year Plan, and
10. Report on new Housing Scheme for Beedi Workers and
11. Working Group Report for Housing Sector for the 12th Plan period.

The Rules and Regulations for Laurie Baker National Award, instituted to commemorate the visionary Architect, Lawrence Wilfred Baker, popularly known as Laurie Baker was also prepared in this Technical Cell.

The Government of Kerala has recently released the Kerala State Housing Policy (2011) highlighting the view as, " safe and secure shelter is one of the basic needs of human being and right to shelter has been recognized as a human right". This policy emphasises to give shelter for the lakhs of shelter less with hygienic surroundings and better infrastructure facilities. The preparation of draft policy document and its technical scrutiny were one of the recent contributions of this Technical Cell for the public.

The Citizen Charter of the Housing Department revealing its vision, mission, services, service standards, expectations from service recipients, grievance redressal mechanism etc., has published in our website.

This office hoists and maintains a website .



1. Establishment matters relating to KSHB and Housing Commissioner.
2. Papers relating to the Technical cell under the Dept. of Housing.
3. Advance Registration scheme.
4. Special Staff for acquisition of land for the KSHB.
5. Constitution of KSHB and allied matters.
6. Public, General and other housing schemes of the KSHB excluding Rental Housing Scheme, Co-operative Housing Scheme for economically weaker sections, slum clearance and Re-Housing.
7. All papers relating to Nirmithi Kendra including Audit Report on the review work executed through KESNIK, Local Audit Report, PAC.
8. Sponsored Research in Low Cost Housing.
9. Housing scheme of KSHB for NRKs.
10.P.F linked Housing scheme of the KSHB
11. Scheme for production of building materials for the KSHB.
12. Low Cost Housing and Organisation of Low Cost Housing competition.
13.Complaint/petitions relating various schemes of the KSHB. (HlG).
14.Fixing of rent for the space of KSHB occupied by other agencies.
15.Purchase and Maintenance of vehicles.
16.Budget papers of Housing agencies like Housing Commissioner, KSHB, KSCHF, Kaloor, Kochi, Registrar of Co-operative Societies, Commissioner—Land Revenue, Director—Sainik Welfare Dept., Chief Engineer—B & W, SC/ST Development Corpn. Thrissur, Kerala School Teachers Staff Co-op., KESNIK Habitat Management coming under grant No. XXI under h/a 2216,4216 & 6216.
17. All Housing schemes to be notified under KSHB Act 1971.
18. Subject committee-Action taken report relating to KSHB and Housing Federation.
19. Draft para, Audit para, excess regulation transferred from Parliament section.
20. SDG files of KSHB.
21. Inspection report of KSHB, Housing Commissioner office & KESNIK.
22. Miscellaneous papers on schemes of the KSHB not specifically assigned to any seat.
23. KSHB acts & Rules and regulations thereunder.
24. LAIs/Assurances on the above subjects.
25. OPs and WP (C)s connected with the above subjects.
1. Working Journalists' Housing Scheme.
2. MLA/MPs Housing Scheme.
3. Papers relating to MIG/LIG through Housing Board.
4. Guarantee and Counter Guarantee to KSHB and KCHF.
5. Satellite Township and Eco Township.
6. Papers on EWS urban scheme.
7. Papers relating to Kudikidappukars Housing scheme.
8. Village Housing Scheme and Rural Workers Housing Scheme.
9. Housing scheme for Government Servants and Teachers.
10. Upgradation of marginal settlement scheme.
11. Slum Clearance.
12. Housing for all-Housing and Habitat policy.
13. Working Women's Hostel projects.
14. Freedom Fighters' Housing Scheme, Housing concession to war widows, widows of Jawans, ex-service men etc.
15. Papers on Revenue Towers constructed by KSHB, allocation of space etc.
16. Papers/Progress Report related to 20 point programme.
17. Rental Housing Scheme and Innovative Housing Scheme, Athani Housing Scheme
18. Flood Relief Scheme.
19. Colonization Scheme.
20. Construction of quarters to Government Servants.
21. Papers on land acquisition for the KSHB and negotiated purchase. Objections/representations against acquisition of land.
22. Implementation of projects through PPP in important land of KSHB and short listing of consultants.
23. Housing scheme for coir workers, Handloom workers, Beedi workers and Industrial workers
24. LAIs/Assurances on the above subjects.
25. OPs and WP (C)s connected with the above subjects.
1. Papers relating Maithree Housing Scheme, Kairali Housing Scheme and Suraksha Housing Scheme.
2. Papers related to MN One lakh houses Renovation scheme.
3. Papers related to Rajeev One Million Housing scheme for EWS.
4. Papers related to issuance of Bulk Guarantee to KSHB from HUDCO, NHB.
5. Papers related to repayment of HUDCO dues by KSHB.
6. PAC, Subject Committee, Audit Paras relating to the above subjects.
7. Kerala Buildings (L&RC) Act 1965 and allied papers.
8. Papers relating to the establishment of Kerala HABITAT Centre.
9. Papers related to rehabilitation Housing Schemes/Kairali Housing Schemes.
10. Papers related to constructian of 500 houses to SC families.
11. Papers related to Karunya Housing Scheme.
12. Monthly report on Special Development Activity and fortnightly report on important cases disposed.
13. Papers related to workshops, seminars, training programmes etc. in connection with sustainable developments.
14. LAIs/ Assurances on the above subjects.
15. Miscellaneous papers of the department.
16. OPs and WP(C )s connected with the above subjects.
17. DCB Statement/Progress Report from the District Collectors.
1. Receipt and distribution of papers on LAIs.
2. Chief Secretaries Conference.
3. Substantive files relating to the Legislature committees like PAC, Petitions Committee, Assurance Committee, Subject Committee, Estimates Committee, Committee on Subordinate Legislation, Scheduled Caste/Tribe Committee of the Legislature, PUC.
4. Monitoring work and building up of reference library for the department.
5. Inspection reports, Draft paras, Appropriation Accounts, Audit objections of Accountant General.
6. Consolidation of Monthly Business statement of Housing department.
7. Papers relating to Staff Meeting of Housing Department.
8. Papers relating to MP's Conference.
9. Consolidation of miscellaneous papers which is not related to Housing (A, B, C) Departments on RI Act.



Contact address
Housing Commissioner,Office of the Housing Commissioner,
Technical Cell of the Housing Department,
K.S.H.B Building, Santhinagar, Thiruvananthapuram. 6950 001.
Telephone. 0471-2330720
EPABX- 0471-2330001 Ext. 496

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