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A Principal Secretary to Government heads Department of Higher Education.Higher education is a tool for social progress. It cannot be viewed as an end in itself. The Government cannot promote a throwback to diehard attitudes of obscurantism and to many stagnant concepts. Society has to change positively as the world changes and adapts itself. Higher education must aim at the comprehensive development of the new generation. It must help nation building at all layers. The 1957 EMS Government's Education Bill, the 1987 Nayanar Government's Total Literacy Campaign, the child friendly and activity  oriented curriculum of 1996 were all historical signposts of this perception about education.
Institutions and organizations 
   • Kerala State Higher Education Council
   • APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University
   • Collegiate Education
   • University of Kerala
   • Technical Education
   • Mahatma Gandhi University
   • Common Entrance Examinations
   • Cochin University of Science & Technology
   • Center for Continuing Education
   • University of Calicut
   • NCC Department
   • SreeSankaracharya University of Sanskrit
   • Audio Visual Reprographic Centre
   • Kannur University
   • Government Law College
   • Government Music Colleges
   • Kerala State Science and Technology Museum
   • National Service Scheme

Department Sections

Major Functions of the department
Collegiate Education and Technical Education, also comes under this department. Directorate of Collegiate Education is the Government agency to make arrangements for starting new Government colleges, new courses and for payment of salary to the staff of aided colleges. Directorate of Technical Education is in charge of various institutions imparting technical education in the state including Engineering colleges, Polytechnics, College of Fine arts, Food craft institutes, Commercial Institutes, Technical high schools, Vocational Training Centres, etc.

Organization Structure

Prof. R Bindu
Minister for Higher Education and Social Justice
Room No. 301
3rd Floor
Annexe- 2
Thiruvananthapuram– 695001
Tel: 0471-2332868
Mobile: 9447741385
Department Ground Floor,South Block,
Dr. Venu V. IAS
Additional Chief Secretary
Room No. 406
4th Floor
Annex II, Secretariat
Phone - 0471-2331509, 2518997
Mobile: 9560407263
Dr. Raju Narayanaswamy IAS 
Principal Secretary , Printing & Stationery
Room No. 372
1st Floor
Main Block
Phone:  0471-2518356



Services & Activities

1.  State Central Library, NSS and Miscellaneous.
2.  Kerala State Library Council, NCC.
3.  Establishment of Librarians under Common Pool.

1. All Papers relating to University of Calicut, Grant-in-aid (Plan and Non-Plan) to Kerala, M. G., CUSAT, Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Calicut and Kannur Universities.
2. Papers relating to National University of Advanced Legal Studies(except Act and Statutes).
3. Minority Status to Training Colleges and Unaided Arts and Science Colleges.
4. General Papers on academic matters, Section miscellaneous. Annual Accounts and Audit,Draft para and Audit paras relating to Calicut University.
5. Papers relating to All University Acts/Statutes/Ordinances including enactment, amendments and interpretation-Terms and conditions of service of Vice-Chancellors/Pro-Vice-Chancellors of all Universities.
6.  Establishment all new Universities (Central University, Open University, Technical University, Medical University etc.).
7. All the matters concerning CUSAT and Kannur Universities.
8. Establishment papers of Kerala State Higher Education Council— Foreign visit of all Vice-Chancellors and Pro-Vice-Chancellors and foreign visit of the Staff of Kannur University and CUSAT.
9. All miscellaneous petitions relating to Kannur university and CUSAT and Technology, Audit para, Draft para, Audit paras relating to Annual Accounts of CUSAT and Kannur Universities.
10. All meetings of Kannur and CUSAT.
11. All O.Ps related to Kannur and CUSAT.
12. Papers relating to Kerala University, sanctioning of new aided and unaided Arts and Science Colleges and courses and Training Colleges and courses, University Appellate Tribunal, IGNOU. Annual Accounts, Draft para, Audit paras relating to University of Kerala.
13. All papers relating to M.G. University and Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit. Papers relating to Inter University Consultative Committee (IUCC). Annual Accounts and Audit, Draft para, Audit para relating to M.G. University and Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit.


1. All papers including establishment papers relating to Government Law Colleges, Music Colleges, Sanskrit Colleges and Physical Education College, Kozhikode, Budget relating to Law Colleges.
2. Papers relating to scholarships, National Merit Loan Scholarships, Minority Scholarship, Hindi Scholarships, Papers relating to works in Collegiate Education Department. Purchase of equipments, furniture, stores, books etc for the Colleges under Collegiate Department. Inspection report on  purchase in the colleges. Repair works of vehicles in the Directorate of Collegiate Education—Miscellaneous papers.
3. All Papers relating to UGC scale of pay and UGC regulations.


1. Establishment papers relating to teaching staff of Private Arts & Science Colleges under Kerala University.
2. All Papers relating to grants to Private Arts & Science Colleges under Kerala University and M. G. University, O. Ps filed by teaching staff of Private Arts & Science Colleges under Kerala University, O.Ps filed by Managements of Private Arts & Science Colleges under Kerala University & M. G. University, Minority status to Private Arts and Science Colleges coming under Kerala & M.G. University, LWA of teaching staff of Private Arts & Science Colleges under Kerala University and M.G. University, petitions filed before the Committee of Petition, draft para.
3. Establishment papers relating to teaching staff of Private Arts and Science Colleges and Training Colleges under the Calicut University and Kannur University.
4.  All papers relating to grants Private Colleges under Calicut University, nomination of Government representatives to the Selection Committee of teaching and non-teaching staff of all Private Colleges.
5. General papers relating to teaching staff of all Private Colleges, minority status to aided Colleges.
6. O. Ps filed by the teaching staff of Private Colleges under Calicut University, petitions filed by the teaching staff of Calicut University before the Committee on petitions, draft paras.
7. Establishment papers relating to all non-teaching staff including the Ministerial Staff and Last Grade Staff of all Private Colleges and Training Colleges including general questions.
8. O. Ps filed by the Non-teaching staff of all the Private Colleges and Training Colleges
9. Petitions filed by the non-teaching staff before the Committee on Petitions.
10. Grading of Libraries of all Private Colleges. UGC placement of Librarians, General papers.
11. Miscellaneous papers of the Section.


1. Establishment papers of Director, Additional Director and Deputy Director of Collegiate Education Department.
2. Establishment papers of Principals (Spl. Gr.) and Principals of Government Arts and Science Colleges.
3. Establishment papers of Selection Grade Lecturers in Government Arts and Science Colleges, establishment papers relating to Lecturers and Principals of Government Training Colleges.
4. Establishment papers of non-teaching staff up to LDC in Government Arts and Science Colleges, Sanskrit College, Training Colleges covering under the Department of Collegiate Education Department.
5. Establishment papers of non-teaching staff up to LDC of Government Law Colleges (except creation and continuation of post).
6. All establishment papers relating to Lecturers (Sr. Scale) of Government Arts and Science Colleges, creation/shifting of teaching posts in Government Arts and Science Colleges, budget papers of Collegiate Education Department, deputation of Lecturer and Lecturer (Sr. Scale) of Collegiate Education Department, continuance of  Temporary posts in Government Arts and Science Colleges, establishment papers of Ministerial Staff of Collegiate Education (From UDC to Accounts officer/Administrative Assistant).
7. Issues related to the candidates selected by KPSC for the posts of Lecturers in Government Arts and Science Colleges.
8. Establishment papers relating to teaching staff of Private Arts and Science Colleges under M. G. University, administrative report of Collegiate Education Department, miscellaneous papers of the section.


1. Establishment matters of Teaching Faculty in the Government Engineering Colleges in the State.
2. Establishment matters of the Staff of Commissionerate of Entrance Examinations, Kerala Students matters of B. Tech, M. Tech., MCA, MBA etc., in the Government Engineering Colleges, Deputation of the Teaching Faculty for Higher Studies under the Quality Improvement Programme, Starting new Engineering Colleges under Government sector.
3. Establishment papers relating to the Directorate of Technical Education—Regional Directorate of Technical Education at Kothamangalam and Calicut—Office of the Joint Commissioners of Technical Education, Thiruvananthapuram.
4. Budget papers relating to Technical Education Department.
5. Appropriation Proposals relating on PAC, Committee relating to Technical Department.
6. Miscellaneous papers in Higher Education (G) Department, purchase proposals of all Government Engineering Colleges.
7. Construction of buildings in all Government Engineering Colleges, papers relating to IIM, Kozhikode, IIT, IISER
8. Matters relating to the Commissioner for Entrance Examinations, matters relating to the Fee Regulatory Committee.
9. Matters relating to admission for professional Engineering/Medical and Allied Courses.


1. Establishment papers of Gazetted Officers of Printing Department.
2. Establishment papers of Technical Staff of Printing Department.
3. OP files of Printing Department, General papers.
4. Establishment paper relating to Printing Department viz., Audit Objections, draft para, reconciliation of accounts, appropriation accounts, Re-appropriation, supplementary demands, Budget Estimates, Annual Plan, Expenditure Commission etc.
5. Papers relating to Working Group and Audit Committee, Special Rules of Kerala Government Presses, Service Papers relating to Legislature Committee viz., PAC, Estimates Committee, Subject committee etc.
6. Establishment papers of Stationary Department both Gazetted and non-gazetted (clerical as well as technical), Purchase of Stationary Stores.
7. Compassionate Employment Scheme of Stationery Department.
8. Audit Objection, draft paras, appropriation accounts, reconciliation of accounts, Supplementary demand, budget estimate, annual plan, expenditure commission etc., relating to Stationery Department and papers relating to Working Group.
9.  Audit Committees of Stationery Department General and Establishment papers of Stationery department.
10. Miscellaneous papers of stationery department and Special Rules relating to Stationery Department.
11. Papers of Legislative Committees relating to Stationery Department.
12. Any other papers specifically allotted then and there to all Seats H1, H2 and H3.
13. Establishment papers of NGO's (Clerical) of Printing Department.
14. Establishment of New Presses in the State, purchase of machinery and spares for the machines and spares for the machines of Printing Department.
15. Compassionate Employment Scheme of Printing Department.
16. L. A. Interpellation of Printing Department.
17. Sanction for Printing of new forms and re-printing of old-forms.
18. All papers relating to Kerala Books and Publication Society.


1. Establishment papers relating to Colleges of Fine Arts, Thiruvananthapuram, Thrissur and Mavelikkara, LBS Centre for Science and Technology, Private Industrial Schools.
2.Recognition of KGTE (TEN) Courses in Engineering and Drawing, KGT (Typewriting and Shorthand) syllabus revision and miscellaneous papers of the section.
3. Establishment matters relating to the ministerial staff of Government Engineering Colleges. Papers relating to Colleges under IHRD and LBS.
4.  Papers relating to sanction for new self-financing Engineering Colleges, MBA institutions, MCA institutions, Hotel Management and Catering Technology (4 year degree) Institutions, College of Applied Science and Model Polytechnics (under IHRD) and sanction of new courses in these institutions.
5. Establishment papers of IHRD, papers relating to Engineering Colleges under KSRTC, CCEK and CAPE.
6. Papers relating to conferment of minority status to self-financing Engineering Colleges and Educational Institutions under the Medical Sector.
7. Papers relating to National Institute of Technology and Center for Electronic Design and Technology.
8. Establishment matters relating to Technical High Schools, T. G. M. T. Center, Government Commercial Institutes, Technical Higher Secondary School under IHRD.
9. Establishment matters of the three Private Aided Engineering Colleges (M. A. College of Engineering, Kothamangalam, NSS College of Engineering, Palakkad and TKM College of Engineering, Kollam) and papers from AICTE in respect of Aided Engineering Colleges.
10. Subject relating to the B.Tech. Lateral Entry and State Project Facilitation Unit.


1. Faculty Improvement Programme of University Grants Commission.
2. All UGC assisted works relating to Government Colleges and hostels.
3. Miscellaneous papers of the section.
4. General Papers on Plan Schemes of Higher Education Department.
5. Papers on Financial Assistance to Voluntary Sanskrit Institutions except Government Sanskrit College, Charitable Endowments relating to Colleges. All papers relating to KSSTM.
6. Papers on ISDL Central Advisory Board of Education and Education Ministers Conference.
7. Miscellaneous papers in the Higher Education Department.
8. Consolidation work of Higher Education Department, EDUSAT, Education Grid, Departmental Reviews.
9. All papers relating to KSAVRC and NAAC.
10. Students Conference and Departmental Staff Conference.
11. Monthly Business/Fortnightly Statement, Chief Secretary's Conference, Governor's Report, M.P's Conference, Collector's Conference.
12. Visit from Union MHRD Visit of Minority Affairs Committee etc.


1. Establishment matters relating to CCEK (Except student's matters).
2. All papers relating to Aided Polytechnic College (Except student's matters new schemes).
3. Establishment matters of Tradesman/Trade Instructor in Government Engineering Colleges and Government Polytechnics (Except in Women's Polytechnic Colleges), Acquisition of land, Administrative sanction, Purchase, Construction and Rent.
4. Miscellaneous papers in the Section.
5.  All papers relating to World Bank Aided Technical Edcucation Programme.
6.  All paper relating to Women's Polytechnic College, various Courses in Polytechnics(Approval, Reorganisation etc.), Students petitions, Curriculum revision, Papers of Academic nature revision.
7.  Papers of Academic nature related to Examination Wing, Special Rules etc.
8.  All Establishment papers relating to Government Polytechnic Colleges(Except Tradesman and Trade Instructor).
9.  Papers relating to Technical Staff of Engineering Colleges (Except Tradesman and Trade Instructor).
10. Establishment papers of Joint Directors Polytechnic Stream.

1. Liaison between the Department and Legislature Secretariat on furnishing answer to L. A. and its consolidations.
2. Watch over disposal of papers relating to various committees on the Legislature.
3. Watch furnishing of replies to Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha questions from the related sections of Higher Education Department.
4. Papers relating to Right to Information Act.


Contact Us


No. Department Sections. Phone No.
1. Higher Education (A) Department 0471-2518489
2. Higher Education (B) Department 0471-2518280
3. Higher Education (C) Department 0471-2518942
4. Higher Education (D) Department 0471-2518419
5. Higher Education (F) Department 0471- 2518686
6. Higher Education (G) Department 0471-2518213
7. Higher Education (H) Department 0471-2518369
8. Higher Education (J) Department 0471-2518758
9. Higher Education (K) Department 0471-2518947
10. Higher Education (L) Department 0471-2518693
11. Higher Education (P) Department 0471-2518555


Name and Designation

Phone PABX (0471-251)
Principal Secretary 0471-2328410 8459

Additional Secretary

0471-2333658 8748

Joint Secretary

0471-2330617 8247

Joint Secretary

0471-2330617 8325


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