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The General Education Department is one of the important departments in Kerala. The Director of Public Instruction (DPI) is the Head of the Department. The Director is also the Commissioner for Government Examinations in the state. Additional Directors, Joint Directors, Senior Administrative Officer, Senior Finance Officer, Law Officer, Deputy Secretary, Accounts Officers, Deputy Directors, Assistant Directors and other staff in the headquarters assist him. The Joint commissioner, the Secretary, The Assistant Secretary and other staff, located in the Pareekshabhavan, assist him in various Government Examinations conducted by the Department.
For administrative convenience and improving the efficiently in school education, district offices are functioning in the 14 revenue districts of the state headed by Deputy Directors of Education. Each revenue district is divided into Educational Districts and further into Educational Sub-Districts There are 37 Educational Districts and 161 Educational sub-districts in the State. Deputy Director of Education (DDE) heads each District Educational Officers and Assistant Educational Officer (AEO) heads each Educational Sub-District Officers. The DEO attends the administration of High Schools, Training Schools and other special types of schools in the Educational District. The AEO is primarily responsible for the administration of all primary schools within the Sub-District.

Organisation Structure

Shri. V. Sivankutty
Minister for General Education and Labour
Room No. 201
2nd Floor
Annexe -2
Thiruvananthapuram– 695001
Tel: 0471- 2517048
Mobile: 9400009100
Department 2nd Floor
Secretariat Annex
Department of General Education
Shri. APM Mohammad Hanish IAS
Principal Secretary
Room No. 138
2nd Floor
North Block , Secretariat
Phone - 0471-2327451, 2518228
Mobile: 9847065506



Department Sections

Kerala's achievements in social development and quality of life are, no doubt, inspiring and encouraging. The state has achieved a human development index comparable to the developed countries of the World. Prof. Amartya Sen has attributed these achievements largely to the priority which the state has accorded to high literacy among all Indian states and education for a long time. The society attaches so much importance to education that the school in Kerala is really the nucleus of the social microcosm. Better education kindles the aspirations of the people and the main concern is on how to improve the quality of education. The department administers school education from pre-primary level to the secondary level and also teacher training. The Department plays an eminent role in the physical and metal development of all pupils studying in schools. There has been tremendous growth in educational facilities at all levels of education in the state during the last 50 years. The private and public sectors together played significant role in attaining the present level and their contribution to the field are remarkable.


The idea that inclusive education is key to inclusive development in a knowledge society is the guiding principle of Department of Education. The department's commitment to improve equity and quality of education at all levels of education is a reflection of this conviction. The department has already taken several steps to improve access, equity, quality and social justice both in schools and in colleges, both in Government as well as in the private sector. It will continue to implement more programmes towards this end over the next two years.


Services & Activities

1.  Establishment papers of H. S. A.s (core subjects) and Headmasters.
2.  Fixation of staff strength in all aided High Schools.
1.  Staff fixation of aided schools.
2.  Establishment papers of Primary School Teachers and Headmasters (Both Aided and Departmental) except craft and language in Malappuram, Thrissur, Wayanad and Palakkad.
3.  Staff fixation of Primary Schools in the above Districts.
1.  Establishment of Ministerial staff (Govt.).
2.  Establishment of Headmasters of all Government High Schools, AEO's.
3.  Administration Report of Education Department.
4.  Establishment matters of Officers in the cadre of Senior Superintendent, P.A. to D.E.O, A.A, A.O, APFO,D.  E.O and D.D.E, JDPI., ADPI.
5.  D.P.C. Special Rules, Delegation of Powers etc.
1.  Monthly business statement, consolidation, Staff meeting.
2.  Anglo Indian Schools, Sanik School, Kendriya Vidyalayas
3.  Noon-meal Programme.
4.  State Education including Advisory Board.
5.  Hindi Education including Hindi Training Colleges
6.  Regional Institute of English.
7.  Scouts and Guides.
8.  TTC
9.  National Education Policy.
10.Operation Black Board Scheme.
11.Improvement of Science Education in Schools.
12.Educational Technology Scheme—Supply of RCCPS CTVs. Environmental Orientation of School Education.
13. Introduction of Yoga in Schools.
14  Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas.
15. Area Intensive Programme for educationally backward minorities.
16. Minimum Levels of Learning (MLL).
17. Modernization of Madrasa Education.
18. Computer literacy and studies in School Class, Introduction of Computer in Schools (State Scheme)
19. Integrated Education for Physically Handicapped (Disabled Children).
20. Syllabus and Curriculum in Schools
21. QIP, Thiruvananthapuram Declaration.
22. National level conferences, Training Programmes.
23. DIET, DPEP, Basic Minimum Service Programme.
24. Monthly Statement of Pending files.
25. Kerala State Open School.
26. Incentive to girls for Secondary Education
27. Sarva Siksha Abhiyan (SSA).
28. Rashriya Madhyanik Siksha Abhiyan.
30. IT @ School.
31. SIET, SIMAT, UNICEF Programmes.
32. TTC including Self Financing TTI's.
1.Establishment papers of Langauge Teachers except Arabic teachers except Arabic and Urdu of both Government and Aided Schools.
1. Uneconomic schools (Government and Aided) closing of Government Schools.
2.  Opening, upgradation and amalgamation.
3.  Opening of English medium parallel divisions.
4.  Recognition of new schools, exemption from conditions.
5.  Management disputes.
6.  Take over of schools, Shifting.
7.  Minority status to schools.
8.  Exemption from conditions for recognition of new schools.
1.  Public examination conducted by the Commissioner for Government Examinations and allied matters.
2.  Minimum age rules (SSLC).
3.  Language examination, Correction of date of birth (SSLC/School records)
4.  Condonation of delay in submitting applications.
5.  Encouragement of Sanskrit Education in Schools.
6.  Appeals filed to Government against the Order of Commissioner for Government Examinations in connection with date of birth and connected OPs.
7.  Minimum age rules, Condonation of deficiency in attendance.
8.  Students Welfare Fund.
9.  Miscellaneous papers not allowed to other sections.
10.Consolidation work of the department.
11.Fortnightly reports on important orders and other related periodicals.
12. School Health Programme.
13. Special sanction to private study pupils.
14. School students accident insurance policy.
15. Quarterly statement of appointments under compassionate employment scheme.
16.  L. A. Interpellations of General nature.
17.  Papers on Legislative Committees.
1.Establishment matters of Teachers and Headmasters of Government and Aided LP/UP Schools in Thiruvananthapuram, Alappuzha, Kottayam, Idukki Districts.
1.  Kerala Education Act and Rules.
2.  General matters relating to Teachers and Headmasters of Aided Primary and High Schools
3.  Gopalan Committee Report and allied papers, C.P. Nair Committee Report.
4.  General questions relating to H.S.As.
5.  Protection to Teachers and Non-teaching Staff.
6.  Concession to XIV B opted Teachers.
7.  Recognision of Teachers Association.
8.  Qualification of Teachers and allied questions
9.  General questions relating to under qualified untrained specialist and Non-teaching Staff of Aided Schools
10. Inter district transfer of teachers.
11. General Orders.
1.Establishment matters of specialist teachers of Government and Aided Schools of all the districts  including approval of appointments of Special Teachers
1.  Establishment of LP /UP School Teachers (Government and Aided) related to Kollam, Pathanamthitta,Ernakulam and Kozhikkode Districts.
2.  Employment assistance under compassionate Employment Schemes pertaining to the above District.
1.  Printing of school text books.
2.  Purchase of printing paper and pulp board.
3.  Distribution of text books. Fixation of price-monitoring etc.
4.  Manufacturing of note books under work experience programme. Motor vehicles of the General Education department including purchase, repair and auctions of vehicles.
5.  Free distribution of teaching aids to pupils of standard I in Government and Aided Schools.
6.  Grant-in -aid from the State Government for running the Braile Press run by Kerala Federation of the Blind.
7.  Book Bank Scheme.
8.  Acquisition of land for Departmental Schools
9.  Allotment of schools ground for functions like sports etc.
10.Sparing of vacant school buildings for other institutions.
11.Supply of furniture and equipment for schools.
12.Disposal of unserviceable articles relating to General Education Department.
13.Write off of theft from Schools.
14.Write off of unserviceable articles in Offices and Schools
15.Purchase of books for Departmental School Libraries.
16.State Library Council Meetings.
17.Auction and sale of damaged articles in Schools and Offices.
18.LWA HSA core subjects (Aided) No establishment matters.
1.    Surrender of Schools
2.    Bifurcation of Schools
3.    LSS/USS Scholarship
4.    Scholarship to NDA cadets and cadets of RIMC of Dehradun.
5.    Special Pay to departmental staff.
6.    Complaint against Unaided Schools.
7.    Establishment matters of non-teaching staff of aided schools.
8.    Non formal education.
9.    NCERT School.
10.  Youth festival and Bala Kalolsavam.
11.  Issue of NOC to CBSE/ICSE Schools, Sastra Mela, Science Mela and other Melas.
12.  Maintenance grant to Aided Schools.
13.  Special Pay to Aided School Non-teaching Staff
14.  State Sakshratha Samithy and Adult Education.
1.  State Resoure Centre.
2.  XIIth and XIIIth Finance Commission.
3.  Establishment matters of all Government and Aided Headmasters in Kannur District.
4.  Fixation of Staff of Schools in Kannur District.
5.  Special Pay for Headmasters to handling cash above ` 50,000 in Kannur District, CES of deserved PD Teachers in Kannur District.
6.  Establishment matters of all Primary School Teachers and Headmasters (Aided and Government) of Kasaragod Dist.
7.  Pre-Primary Education of the State, Staff Fixation, Primary Schools in Kasargod District.
8.  Establishment matters of Primary Teachers and State Resource Commission.
9.  Development Schemes.
10. Plan Scheme and Budget Education of Women/Tribal Children
11. KST and NTS Welfare Corporation.
12. SCERT Papers—Audit para—Draft para—Establishment matters of Primary Teachers of Kannur District both Aided and Government Schools)
13. Staff fixation of schools of Primary Schools (Aided and Govt.) in Kasaragod Dist.
14. Special Pay of the Head Masters (Primary) for handling cash above `50,000 in Kasaragod.
15. Rent of School Buildings.
16. Compassionate Employment Scheme in deceased P.D. Teachers in Kasaragod District.
1.    Establishment matters of Government High School Assistants except Language Teachers.
2.    Fisheries High Schools
3.    Employment assistance under Compassionate Employment Scheme
4.    National Award and State Award to Teachers.
5.    National foundation for Teachers Welfare Education of the Handicapped
6.    Establishment matters of Special Schools (Departmental and Aided).
7.    Opening of Special Schools.
8.    Recognition of Special Schools.
9.    Sensational system in Government High Schools.
10.  Pensionary benefit of retired H.S.As of core subjects (not aided)
11.  National Teachers Day, Children day, Republic Day.
12.  Education of the Mentally Retarded.
13.  Establishment matters of departmental H.S.As. (except Language Teachers) of Thrissur, Palakkad,Malappuram, Wayanad, Kasaragod, Kannur and Kozhikode Districts including Fisheries High Schools.)
14.  Absorption of Surrendered School Teaching Staff.
15.  Grant–in–aid to Mentally Retarded Schools.
1.  Sports Schools.
2.  School Athletic Meet.
3.  Sports Development in Schools.
4.  Establishment matters of Arabic and Urudu Teachers
5.  Educational Endowments.
6.  Linguistic Minorities received through/from Assistant Commissioner Linguistic Minorities in India.
1.  Establishment matters of the Directorate of H.S.E .
2.  Entire matters relating to Higher Secondary Education.
1.  Establishment matters of HSSTs of GHSSs (except applications for LWA).
2.  Establishment matters of Principals and Non-teaching Staff (including Lab Assistants) in Government Higher Secondary Schools)
3.  Application of Government Higher Secondary Schools Teachers for LWA.
4.  Sanctioning of New Higher Secondary Schools/ Additional Batches/Change of subject combination under Government Sector.
5.  Miscellaneous papers of the Section.
6.  Miscellaneous papers on Higher Secondary Education.
7.  Academic matter of Higher Secondary Education (Curriculum, Syllabus etc).
8.  All General Papers on Admission/Examination in Higher Secondary Schools and complaints on Examination/ Admission relating to Government Higher Secondary Schools.
1.  L. A. Interpellation works, collection of interpellation and distribution to various sections.
2.  Review of Assurance.
3.  Monitoring of Subject Committees and other Legislative Committees.
4.  Monitoring or Audit Paras, Draft Paras and Public accounts Committee.
5.  Consolidation of miscellaneous interpellation.
6.  Distribution of papers on Right to Information Act, 2005 to the concerned State Public Information Officers.
1.    Preparation of Special Rules for Higher Secondary Education.
2.    Preparation of Special Rules for Vocational Higher Secondary Education.
3.    Establishment Papers relating to VHSE.
4.    Establishment matters of Teaching and Non-teaching staff of VHSE.
5.    Establishment matters of Staff of VHSE.
6.    Sanctioning of VHS Schools and Courses
7.    Budget and Financial matters of HSE and VHSE Departments.
8.    Curriculum Committees of HSE and VHSE.
9.    SET and other qualifying exams for the Staff and Teachers of HSE and VHSE.
10.  Purchase of article for HSE and VHSE, HSS and VHSS.
11.  Matters related to students of VHSS such as age relaxation for admission, revaluation of answer scripts, etc.
12.  All academic matters of VHSE Department.


Contact Us


No. Department Sections. Phone No.
1. General Education (A) Department 0471-2517188
2. General Education (B) Department 0471-2518577
3. General Education (C) Department 0471-2518561
4. General Education (D) Department 0471-2518689
5. General Education (E) Department 0471-2518715
6. General Education (F) Department 0471-2518694
7. General Education (G) Department 0471-2517193
8. General Education (H) Department 0471-2518110
9. General Education (J) Department 0471-2517201
10. General Education (K) Department 0471-2517006
11. General Education (L) Department 0471-2517199
12. General Education (M) Department 0471-2518782
13. General Education (N) Department 0471-2518727
14. General Education (P) Department 0471-2518710
15. General Education (R) Department 0471-2517024
16. General Education (S) Department 0471-2518260
17. General Education (T) Department 0471-2518690
18. General Education (U) Department 0471-2518585
19. General Education (PS) Department 0471-2517610
20. General Education (Special Cell) Department o471-2518859




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