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The organisational and functional details of Secretariat (as stated above) is generally applicable to General Administration Department also. The General Administration Department is functioning under the control of the Secretary. The work of the Department is distributed among 39 Sections assigned with specific subjects.

(1) Freedom Fighters Pension A&B
Deals with the papers under SSS Pension Scheme, Kerala Freedom Fighters Pension Scheme and award of Tamrapathras to freedom fighters.
(2) Employment Cell A & B
Deals with the papers on special recruitment of SCs/STs and review of progress. Advice on matters related to special recruitment.
(3) Secretariat Records
Deals with the receipt and issue of records requisitioned by the Departments, Preservation of valuable records.
(4) Administration Report
Deals with annual Administration Reports of individual Departments.


Strictly Confidential Section: 

General Administration (Strictly Confidential) Department

Phone : 0471- 2518531


1. Appointment of High Court Judges.
2. Cabinet papers. (Preparation of agenda, draft proceedings)
3. Monitoring of Cabinet decisions and follow up actions on time limit cases, including SC and HC judgments received directly in the GA (SC) Department.
4.  Kerala State Departmental Security Instructions
5. Maintenance of Annual Confidential Reports of All India Service Officers (IAS, IPS, IFS)
6. Maintenance of Annual Property Returns in respect of All India Service Officers (IAS, IPS, IFS)
7. Convening of screening committee and Preparation of panel of All India Service Officers (IAS, IPS, IFS) for Promotion to various grades.
8. Departmental Promotion Committee Meetings for selection to the post of Deputy Secretary and above in the Secretariat including Law and Finance Departments.
9. Cipher Bureau.
10. Recommendations for "Padma Awards"
11. Maintenance of Property Returns of Officers in the Secretariat of and above the rank of Joint Secretaries.

Computer cell deals ideas, spark of govt .secretariat.

Warrant of Precedence - Order of precedence to be observed at State Functions of the Government of Kerala - Modified - Orders issued

Organization Structure




Shri. Pinarayi Vijayan
Chief Minister  
3rd Floor, North Block
Government Secretariat
Thiruvananthapuram – 695001
0471- 2332184
0471- 2333241
0471- 2333610
Fax: 0471- 2333489
Department 2nd Floor, North Block
Department of General Administration
Shri. K. R. Jyothilal IAS
Principal Secretary
Room No. 394
1st Floor
Main Block, Secretariat 
Ph-0471-2320311, 2518669
M: 9447744200


Department Sections


Office of the Chief Secretary - Department of General Administration   ( SC)

Right to Information

State Public Information Officer

Shri. Subin Kairal S.

Deputy Secretary

Department of Public Administration   ( SC)

Phone: 0471-2518006

Appellate Authority

Shri. R. Gopakumar

Special Secretary

Department of Public Administration   (SC & SS)

Phone: 0471-2518222


Chief Secretary's Grievance Redressel Cell

Right to Information
State Public Information Officer & Section Officer
Manoj Kumar B. T.
State Public Information Officer & Section Officer
General Administration (Chief Secretary's Grievance Redressel Cell)  Department
Govt. Secretariat, Tel: 0471- 2518368
Mobile: 9544669732
Appellate Authority
R. Gopakumar
Special Secretary & Appellate Authority
General Administration (Chief Secretary's Grievance Redressel Cell)  Department
Govt. Secretariat, Tel: 0471- 2518222
Mobile: 9495155658




Secretary is holding the charge of following Sections


1. Accounts Sections (Accounts A, B, C, D, E, Budget Wing G, H, J, K, M, N, P & R)
Deals with the matters connected with the salary and other personal claims of the staff including personal staff of Ministers and Leader of Opposition, Cash and contingent expenditure of Secretariat. Other bills pertaining to the Office expenses of Secretariat are also dealt by the Accounts Sections.

2. Services Sections (Services A, C, E, H Special A, Special B, Special C and Special E)
Deals with the establishment matters of Secretariat Employees including the Officers of All India Services.

3. Services D
Deals with the appointment under Sports quota appointment in Government Service, State and All India Civil Services Tournament, Papers related with the welfare of minorities.

4. Secretariat Central Library
Deals with the purchase and distribution of books, dailies and magazines among staff members.

5. CMPGR Cell
Deals with the petitions received by Chief Minister from individuals, Organisations, MLAs etc.

6. House Keeping Cell A&B
Deals with the allotment of rooms, furniture, telephones and such other basic necessities for the functioning of the Office of the Ministers, Secretaries and Sections in the Secretariat.

7. Co-ordination
Deals with the preparation of Government Diary, Calendar, List of Holidays, Declaration of Local Holidays, MP's conference, Annual conference of District Collectors and Head of Departments, Papers related with Kerala State Information Commission and V.J.T Hall.

8. Political
Deals with visits of High Dignitaries, State Guests, Foreign VIPs, Protocol, Hospitality Rules, Warrant of Precedence, Republic Day/ Independent Day Celebrations, Swearing-in ceremonies of Ministers, Allocation of portfolios, Death of High Dignitaries.

9. Parliament Section
Deals with LA Interpellation, Compilation of important orders issued in General Administration Department.

10. Secret Section
Deals with awards under Jeevan Raksha Pathak, General papers on strike, Departmental Promotion Committee for the preparation of Select list, Conducting UPSC and SSC Examinations, Rules of Business of Government of Kerala.

11. Compassionate Employment Cell
Deals with allotment of vacancies in general categories post from general pool for appointment under Compassionate Employment Scheme.

12. Secretary- Sainik Welfare
Deals with welfare of servicing soldiers and Ex-servicemen, Department of Sainik welfare, Chief Ministers Sainik Welfare Funds, Flag Code, State Emblem, Papers on Kerala State Ex-servicemen Department and Rehabilitation Corporation, Employment assistance to department of Defence personnel killed/disabled/missing in action.

Schemes & Programmes

There are two schemes Swatanthratha Sainik Samman Pension Scheme dealt with in FFP (A) Department and Kerala Freedom Fighters Pension scheme dealt with in FFP(B) Department. These schemes are implemented through Dist. Collectors.
Those persons who participated in the approved national movements and endured sufferings as described below are eligible to apply for the pension.
  • 1-had undergone imprisonment for not less than six months or (for not less than 3 months for SC/ST candidate for S.SOS Pension
  • 2-had been kept under detention as interned in his home/externed from his district (including detention as trial prisoner) for not less than six months; or (Explanation period of normal remission upto one month will be treated
  • 3-as part of actual imprisonment)
  • 4-was killed in actions; or
  • 5-was sentenced to death; or
  • 6-died due to police or military firing or lathi charge or
  • 6-lost his, her job or means of livelihood or the whole or substantial part of his/her property/confiscation or sold out his/her property or
  • 7-became permanently incapacitated due to such participation or effected with grave disease for life
  • 8-had remained underground for more than six months consequent of warrant for arrest having been issued against him


1. Civil Disobedience Movement
2. Quit India Movement
3. I.N.A. Volunteers
4. Royal Indian Navy Mutiny
5. Malabar Rebellion*
6. Goa Liberation Movement
7. Mahe Liberation Movement
8. Punnapra- Vayalar Agitation*
9. M.S.P. Strike of 1946*
10. Cochin Police Strike of 1972
11. Karivallur Agitation*
12. Kavumbai Agitation*
13. Kayyur Agitation*
14. Malappattam Agitation
15. Kuttamkulam agitation
16. Chengannur Riot Case
17. Kadakkal Riot*
18. Kallara-Pangode Case*
19. Aaron Mill Strike- Pappinisseri
20. Chethuthozhilali Strike at Anthikad
21. Koothali Strike
22. Teachers Struggle in Malabar
23. Vaikom Sathyagraha
24. Anti-Imperialistic Procession on 12.12.1946 at Kankole
25. Vattiyurkave Conference*
26. Anti-Independent Travancore Movement that took place during 1946-47*
27. Morazha Struggle
The* Marked movements are approved by Govt. of India for S.S.S pension scheme, usually applicable in Kerala


More information:-


In October 1968, the Government of India brought to the notice of the State Government the necessity of giving financial assistance and other help to political sufferers who had participated in the National Movements for the emancipation of the country during the thirties and forties of this century and who would be old and infirm by now, many movements. Govt. of Kerala have examined the proposal in detail in consultation with the Govts. Viz. West Bengal, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu and Mysore which had already implemented a scheme of financial assistance to political sufferers. Thus the K.F.F.P scheme came to existence from 1-4-1971 onwards and S.S.S.P scheme came to existence from 15-8-1972 onwards.
In the case of KFFP Scheme, the concerned District Collector is the competent authority to sanction KFFP. District Advisory Committees of each district assist and advise the District Collector to the disposal of the applications for the pension. In the case of the S.S.S Scheme, Kerala Government recommends the application to Government of India, on the basis of the genuineness and bonafide of the application.
Continuous pension will be granted to the nearest relatives of the freedom fighters in the order of the widow, minor sons, unmarried daughters who have otherwise become independent.

General Instructions:-
  • The jail certificates of certifiers should be accompanied with the certificates produced by the applicants.
  • To prove abscondance sufferings, the abscondance certificate should be submitted and that should be supported by the jail records of the certifier, who had imprisonment sufferings not less than 2 years.
  • To prove imprisonment two certificates is necessary from co-prisoners, who should be persons who suffered imprisonment not less than 1 year.
  • To prove other kind of sufferings the applicant should produce required documentary evidence issued by competent authorities.


Achievements in the Scheme

  1. Approximately 9728 beneficiaries under the scheme are being paid pension.
  2. An amount of Rs.3000/- per month is being paid as State Pension.
  3. Other facilities given are:-

(a) 7% Dearness Allowances given on the pension amount from 6/2000 onwards.
(b) An amount of Rs.3000/- is being paid for the funeral ceremony of the freedom fighter.
(c) Free travel facility has been given by the KSRTC in all its buses to the freedom fighters and their widows.
(d) In the event of the declaration of the Golden Jubilee Celebration of the Freedom of India a free financially
assisted housing scheme has been introduced by the Kerala State Housing Board.
(e) Free medical aid is being given in Government hospitals on the basis of a ˜Medical Card issued for the
purpose.Reimbursement facility on account of the expenses incurred on the purchase of medicines
(at Govt. rates)is being allowed. Reimbursement facility for the treatment made at the Sree Chithira
Thirunal Institute of Medical Sciences, Thiruvananthapuram is also available.
(f) The Kerala State Electricity Board provides out of turn priority for the electricity connection for residential
purposes to the freedom fighters and their widows.
(g) The Department of Telecom provides one telephone connection under Non OYT/SWS category (subject to
feasibility) to the freedom fighter or their widows 

Services & Activities



G.O No. G.O Date





Implementation of Attendance Management System (AMS) in Government Secretariat - Marking of attendance through AMS - Department wise monitoring by Secretaries - Instructions issued.


32656/Cdn.4/09/GAD 10-06-2010 Implementation of Attendance Maintenance System (AMS) in Government Secretariat - Implementation of new software system and management of attendance at Section Officer level


44783/Cdn4/10/GAD 24-09-2010 Attendance Management System (Punching System)


85980/Cdn.4/10/GAD 03-12-2011 Attendance Management System in Government Secretariat - Updation of transfer and posting of employees made after 09-06-2012 in the customized web based software


85980/Cdn4/10/GAD 03-01-2011 Attendance Management System - Marking of attendance through Biometric Punching System - Further instructions issued


32656/C.D.N.4/09/GAD 16-03-2010 Implementation of Biometric Attendance Management System (Punching system) at Government Secretariat-Update of transfer and promotions related.


G.O(Ms) 318/10/GAD 15-09-2010 Government Secretariat- Attendance Management System ( Punching System)- To register attendance - More instructions– Orders issued


G.O (Ms) 85/11/GAD 10-03-2011

Government Secretariat - Attendance Management System – ( Punching system) – To register shift duty through Attendance Management system - Related instructions– Orders issued.


85980/CDN4/10/GAD 01-10-2011 Government Secretariat implementing the register of Attendance through Attendance Management System ( Punching System ) – More instructions– Orders issued




Contact Us


General Administration (Accounts A) Ph-2518704
(Accounts B) Ph-2518545
(Accounts C) EXTN:8037
(Accounts D) 2518835
(Accounts E) 2518938

GAD( Budget Wing)

GAD(Accounts G) 2518646
GAD(Accounts H) 2518385
GAD(Accounts J) 2518099
GAD(Accounts K) 2518622
GAD(Accounts M) 2518046
GAD(Accounts N) 2518045
GAD(Accounts P) 2518991
GAD(Accounts R) 2518038
GA (Administration Report) Department 2518534
GAD(Secretariat central
Library )Department
CM's Public Grievance Redressal Cell 2338430/2518939/2518940/2518040
Chief Secretary's Petition Cell 2518368
GAD (Employment Cell-A) 2518138
GAD (Employment Cell-B) 2518799
GAD Freedom Fighter's Department
Pension -A
GADFreedom Fighter's Department Pension- B 2517163
Secretariat Records 2518230
House Keeping Cell  
A 2518001
B 2518761
Store Supervisor  
A 2518767
B 2518900
Store Keeper 2518809
GAD Department  
co-ordination 2518463
Parliament 2518760
Political 2518456
GAD(Sainik Department ) 2518644
General Administration (Service-A) 2518450
General Administration (Service-C) 2518462
General Administration (Service-D) 2518544
General Administration (Service-E) 2518543
General Administration (Service-H) 2518742
General Administration (Special-A) 2518645
Special- B 2518448
Special- C 2518740
Special- E 2518645
GAD Secret Section Department 2327553/2518399
GAD Strictly Confidential Department 2518531
GAD Compassionate Employment Cell
GAD Computer cell
GAD C.R.Cell
GAD Minority Welfare Department 2517019
GAD Office Section -I 2518440
Office Section -II 2518731










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