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Kerala Forest Department (KFD) is one of the few oldest and important administrative organs of the State with its Headquarters at Thiruvananthapuram.

KFD like other state departments in India, has evolved over last one and half century in response to changes in Forest Policy, priorities in five year plans and demands on the forests.


The forests of Kerala will be managed with the following objectives;

  1. To conserve and expand unique and complex natural forests of Kerala for posterity, in particular with regard to water; biodiversity; extent; productivity; soil, environmental, historical, cultural and aesthetic values, without affecting their ecological processes.
  2. To increase the productivity of forest plantations through appropriate management interventions and use of modern technology to meet the needs of the present and   future generations.
  3. To increase the tree cover both inside and outside the forest to meet the timber & non-timber demands of the society.
  4. To conserve, maintain and enhance the existing gene pool of the state for posterity. To reduce pressure on forest through appropriate interventions.
  5. To meet the livelihood needs of tribes and other forest dependent communities.
  6. To sustainably conserve and manage biodiversity-rich and sensitive ecosystems such as mangroves, sacred groves, coastal areas, wetlands, homesteads, private plantations etc. which are outside the control of the Forest Department.
  7. To improve the standard of living of the forest dependent tribes and village communities.

Major subjects assigned to the department are Forest Protection, Biodiversity Conservation, Wildlife Management and Research, Forest Development, Social Forestry, Forest Vigilance and Evaluation, Eco-development and Tribal Welfare, Planning and Research, Tribal Rehabilitation and Special Afforestation, Infrastructure and Human Resource Development, FMIS, General Administration including Recruitment and Establishment matters, etc.


Work-Study Report on the Department of Forest and Wild Life in Government Secretariat- 2011 [pdf]



Forest Area

Total Forest Area

11309.5032 Sq.Km

Percentage of forest area to the total area of the state

29.101 %

By Legal Status (Area as per records)

Reserved Forests

9107.2066 Sq.Km

Proposed Reserve

364.5009 Sq.Km

Vested Forests & Ecologically Fragile Lands

1837.7957 Sq.Km


11309.5032 Sq.Km


Organization Structure

Shri. A. K. Saseendran
Minister for Forest and Wildlife
Room No.358, 
First Floor,
Main Block,
Government Secretariat,
Tel : 0471-2332021, 0471-2333176
Mobile :  9495969787
E-mail   :
Department 1st Floor
South Block
Shri. Rajesh Kumar Sinha IAS
Principal Secretary
Forest and Wildlife
Room No. 403
4th Floor 
Annexe I, Secretariat
Ph: 0471- 2517395
E-mail :




Department Sections


The Kerala Forest department is headed by Principal Chief Conservator of Forests. The Principal Chief Conservator of Forests is assisted by Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Chief Conservator of Forests (Wildlife), Chief Conservator of Forests (Development), Chief Conservator of Forests (Protection), Chief Conservator of Forests (Vigilance), Chief Conservator of Forests (FMIS), Chief Conservator of Forests (IHRD), Chief Conservators of Forests (Social Forestry), Chief Conservator of Forests (Administration), Chief Conservator of Forests (Eco-Development & Tribal Welfare), Chief Conservator of Forests (Working Plan and Research) and two Regional Additional Principal Chief Conservators one at Kollam and one at Kozhikode.

For general administration there are forest circles headed by Chief Conservators of Forests, under their jurisdiction Forest Divisions are controlled by Divisional Forest Officers. Each Division is further sub divided into Forest Ranges manned by Forest Rangers reporting to the Divisional Forest Officers.

Schemes & Programmes

1.    National Afforestation Programme

2.    National Bamboo Mission Scheme

3.    Schemes for the welfare of Scheduled Tribes living within the forests.
4.    Tribal Insurance Scheme
5.    Eco-tourism
6.    National Medicinal Plant Board Scheme
7.    Participatory Forest Management
8.    India Eco-development Project
9.   Sanjeevini Vanam – A programme for awareness creation for promotion of cultivation of medicinal plants in Kerala
10. Project for development and propagation of non-traditional oil-seed tree species in Kerala State
11. Compensatory Afforestation Scheme
12. Major programmes of Social Forestry
     a)   ‘Ente – Maram Paddhathi'
     b)   ‘Nammude Maram Paddhathi'
     c)   ‘Vazhiyora Thanal Paddhathi'
     d)   ‘Haritha Theeram Paddhathi'
     e)   ‘Haritha Keralam Paddhathi'
     f)    ‘Schoolil Oru Oushadha Thottam'
     g)   Suvarnodyanam – Bio-diversity park at Nedumbassery
     h)   Kuttanad Package – Development of Kuttanad Wetland eco system
     i)    Idukki Package
     j)    Sanjeevanivanam Medicinal Garden at Kulathupuzha
     k)   Conservator of Mangroves
     l)   Kadalundy Community Reserve
     m)  Development of Model plantations of teak for improving productivity in different agro-climatic zones of Kerala 13. Carbon Storage potential of different age teak plantations in Kerala
14. Field trial of tree infusion technique to manage, mistletoe infestation in Teak plantations
15. Selection of species for Coast afforestation Models
16. Forestry extension, education and awareness programme
17. Project Tiger
18. Project Elephant
19. Centrally Sponsored Schemes
20. Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve
21. Agathyamala Biosphere Reserve
22. Western Ghats Development Programme
23. Wet land Conservation
24. Conservation of Fragile Ecosystem
25. Integrated Forest Protection
26. Research and Planning

Services & Activities

1. All disciplinary cases against the staff governed by the kerala Forest Services Special Rules.
2. Disciplinary cases against ministerial staff, Watchers, maistries, Drivers, Work Establishment Mahout, Mazdoor,
3. Administration Report relating to Forest Department.
4. Disciplinary cases against staff governed by the Kerala Forest
    Subordinate Service (including senior grade Rangers)
1.   Kerala Preservation of Trees Act, 1986 and issue of passes for removal
      of tree growth under the Act.
2.   Kerala Forest Produces Transit Rules and allied papers.
3.   Co-ordination Committee Meeting for transmission of lines of
      Hydro Electric Projects.
4.   Forest Policy and Forest Management, Kerala Forest Acts and Rules.
5.   Committee for approval of Working Plans, Management Plans on tree
      felling in forest plantation/Wildlife sancturies and National Parks.
6.   Forest Contracts.
7.   Writ Petitions, Suits; Draft Paras, Audit Paras, Public Accounts
      Committee Report etc. on the above contracts.
8.   Departmental cultivation of cardamom in Kani Elan Tract.
9.   Kani Elan Rules.
10. All Plantations under the Forest Department.
11. Supply and sales of Timber from Forest Depots.
12. Opening of Forest Depots.
1.   Eviction of encroachment in Forest.
2.   Claim cases relating to occupancy right of encroachers pending in lower courts.
3.   W. Ps. and C. M. Ps filed by encroachers.
4.   Joint verification of encroachments on Forest land.
5.   Request for forest land for quarrying purposes, collection of sand, rubber etc. from forest land.
6.   Assignments of Forest land.
7.   Lease of forest land to Government Department, Quasi Government
      Institutions and Government of India Institutions.
8.   Arable Forest Land Scheme.
9.   Collection of arrears of lease rent in respect of forest land leased to Individual/Institutions.
10. Forest Conservation Act, 1980—Administration and maintenance of
      forest land-Assignment/allotment for various purposes, private or religious under the Act.
11. Monthly statement of forest cases requiring approval of Government of India.
12. Survey and demarcation of forest, lease of cardamom lands in forest areas.
13. Illicit felling of trees, smuggling of timber and other forest produces including sandal.
14. Diversion of river water through forests.
15. Confiscation and disposal of vehicles and forest produces.
16. Forest cases in connection with seizure of smuggled forest produces in various courts.
17. Forest cases relating to erstwhile Travancore State now in Kanyakumari District.
18. Papers on Taungya Cultivation.
1.    Civil works of the Forest Department.
2.    Taking building on rent for accommodation of the forest offices.
3.    Installation of Telephones in the Department.
4.    All kind of purchase of stores and equipments including World Bank Projects.
5.    Purchase, Maintenance and disposal of Departmental Vehicles including boats.
6.    Purchase of arms and ammunitions connected with forest protection.
7.    Inspection Reports Audit paras, draft paras, PAC recommendations connected with the above matters.
8.    Fixation of seniorage rate, schedule rate of timber and all other forest produces under the Kerala Forest
       Produces (Fixation and Selling Price) Act, 1978.
9.    Supply of timber raw materials to Industrial purposes to Gwalliar Rayons, HNL, Kera1a State Bamboo
       Corporation and similar institutions.
10.  Kerala Forest Development Corporation and Kerala State Wood Industries, Nilambur and their Inspection
       report, draft paras, Audit paras, PVC recommendations.
11. Central Board of Forestry.
12. All budget papers of the Forest Department/Budget allocation including letters, credit papers.
13. All papers connected with plan schemes/working group discussions centrally sponsored schemes.
14. Review of monthly progress on plan schemes/CS schemes.
15. Papers connected with C & AG's report on appropriate accounts.
16. Release of advertisements etc.
17. Miscellaneous papers of the Department.
1.   World food programme aided Kerala Forestry and tribal Development Projects.
2.   Forest protection force and committees on Forest Protection.
3.   Forest Development Agency and Vanasamrakshna Samithies (FDA & VSS)
4.   Compensatory afforestation programme. Papers relating to forest Tribunals.
5.   Kerala Private Forest (Vesting, and Assignment) Act, Administration and Maintenance.
6.   Disputes of vesting and assignment of private forests pending before forest tribunals and High Court.
7.   Complaints regarding vesting
8.   Survey and demarcation of vested forests.
9.   Forest Tribunals.
10. Miscellaneous papers relating to application of K. P. F. (V &A) Act
11. All papers relating to Social Forestry.
12. Waste Land Development Programmes
13. World Bank Aided Kerala Forestry Project.
14. National Afforestation Programme (C. S. Scheme). Decentralised peoples Nursery Scheme
15. Agro Forestry Programme.
16. Social Forestry under Jawahar Rozgar yojana. Rural Fuel wood Afforestation Programme.
17. Twenty Point Programme—point No. 16 Tree—Plantation
18. Inspection Report/PAC/Estimate Committee Reports relating to the above Schemes.
19. Miscellaneous Advance to the Officers of Forest and Wildlife
      Department. spill—over Works connected with Social Foresty under NREP/RLEGP.
1.   Establishment of Ministerial Staff, Watcher, Driver, Maistries, Work establishment mahouts, mazdoor,
     watchers and Forest Guard of the State Forest Department.
2.  Establishment papers relating to State Forest Services Staff.
3.  The Departmental Promotion Committee (Higher and Lower).
4.  Kerala State Forest Service Special Rules and the continuance of temporary posts in the Department.
5.  Forest Schools.
6.  Wild Life Act and Rules issued under the Wild Life Preservation Act, 1977.
7.  Conservation of Wild Life Preservation Act, 1977.
8.  Operation of Central Scheme such as Project Tiger and Crocodile
      conservation and the maintenance of National Parks and Wild Life Sanctuaries.
9.   India Eco development Scheme.
10 .Establishment matters relating to the staff coming under the Kerala State Subordinate Service Special Rules.
11. Inspection reports, Audit paras, PAC, Subject Committee relating to establishment matter.
12. Delegation of powers to the Officers of Kerala Forest Department.
13. Miscellaneous papers connected with establishment matter.
14. SC/ST Recruitment Review Committee.
15. Compassionate Employment Scheme.
1. Monitoring of LA Inerpellations and its timely Submission, laison with legislature Secretariat.
2. Monitoring of Report of C&AG, Report of RAC/PUC, Subject Committee, Estimate Committee,
    petition Committee and all other legi. Committees.
3. Consolidation work of LA Interpellations.
4. Staff Conference of the Department.
5. Monitoring of the action on LA Assurance.
6. Consolidation of monthly Business Statement


Contact Us







Designation Direct
Additional Secretary, Government of Kerala. 0471 2331379
Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (Working Plan & Research)
No. Department Sections. Mobile. office.
1. PCCF (HoFF) 9447979000 0471-2339593
2. PCCF (WL) & CWW 9447979002 0471-2321610
3. PCCF (SF) 9447979001 0471-2325364
4. APCCF (A) 9495002100 0471-2338491
5. APCCF (E&TW) 9447979008 0471-2325668
6. APCCF (D&P) 9447979014 0471-2337545
7. APCCF (P) 9447979013 0471-2327804
8. APCCF (IHRD) 9447979010 0471-2362291
9. APCCF (V) 9447979003 0471-2321583
10. APCCF (D) 9447979009 0471-2321994
11. APCCF (WP&R) 9447979020 0471-2321847


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