Fisheries are an important sector in the National and the State economies. The sector makes vital contribution to GDP and employment; and catalyses growth in a number of industries. It is a source of cheap and nutritious food and also earns foreign exchange for the economy.
According to the ‘The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture 2018-Meeting the sustainable development goals' published by Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), among the countries in the world, India ranks second in inland waters captured fish production and sixth in marine captured fish production. India is the second largest producer of fish and also second largest aquaculture nation in the world after China (Annual Report 2018-19, Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries, GoI). The total fish production in India in 2017-18 was 125.90 lakh tonnes with a contribution of 89.02 lakh tonnes from inland sector and 36.88 lakh tonnes from marine sector. Growth rate of total fish production in 2017- 18 was 10.14 per cent. Inland fish production constitutes 71 per cent of the total fish production in the country and annual growth rate of production has also been high. The growth rate was 14.05 per cent in 2017-18. Over years, the share of marine fisheries has decreased in India's total fish production. It was 29 per cent in 2017- 18. Though marine fish production has increased during the recent years, the growth rate is low during the last three years. Growth rate of marine fish production in 2017-18 was 1.73 per cent (Handbook on Fisheries Statistics 2018, Department of Fisheries, GoI). Fisheries engage over 160 lakh people at the primary level and many more along the value chain. In 2017-18 the volume of fish and fish products exported was 13,77,243.70 tonnes worth ₹45,106.90 crore. The export of Marine Fish products has registered growth of 21.35 per cent (Quantity) and 19.11 per cent (Value) in 2017-18.
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Source : Economic Review 2018