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Finance Department


Dr. T.M Thomas Isaac
Minister for Finance and Coir
Room No. 131, 2nd Floor, 
North Block, Secretariat
Phone: 0471-2333294 & 2333254
Mob: 9447733600
Fax: 0471-2334648
E-mail: min.fin@kerala.gov.in
Finance Department

First Floor Main Block



Shri. Manoj Joshi  IAS
Principal Secretary-  Finance
Ph-91 471 2327586, 2518292
Fax: 0471 2326990
E-mail: prlsecy.fin@kerala.gov.in
Shri. Sanjeev Kaushik IAS
Principal Secretary- Finance (Resource)
Room No. 389
1st Floor 
Main Block, Secretariat
Ph: 0471- 2331161, 2518058
E-mail: secy-res.fin@kerala.gov.in
Dr. Sharmila Mary Joseph  IAS
Secretary-  Finance (Expenditure)
Room No. 392
1st Floor
Main Block, Secretariat 
Ph-0471- 2326436, 2518695
Mob: 9446528400
E-mail: sharmila.mj@gov.in
Website www.finance.kerala.gov.inExternal website which opens in a new window
E-mail info.fin@kerala.gov.in
External website which opens in a new window
Anomaly Rectification Orders 2009
Third Kerala Public Expenditure Review Committee-First Report 2010-2011 



In the course of legislative developments in 1865, the foundation stone was laid for the Secretariat building by His Highness Ayilyam Thirunal Maharaja. The Secretariat began to function from 23rd August 1869. Earlier, the Secretariat was known as Huzur Cutchery, Public Office or Puthen Kacheri.

As part of the modernization of administration, in 1871, Col. Munro and Her Highness Rani Lakshmi Bai framed some of the major departments of the Secretariat like Finance, Revenue, Police etc. (The Secretariat came to be known as Government Secretariat from 25th August 1949 by virtue of Circular no. M3-5412/49/CS). Since its formation in 1871, Finance Department plays a major role in governance.

Mission & Vision

The State Government aims at enhancing fiscal stability through enhanced revenue receipts. The Government stands for more governmental intervention and enhanced governmental expenditure. Expenditure contraction is not its policy or mission. The Government aims at increasing Gross State Domestic Product ratio to 14 percent in 2010-11. It aims at eliminating revenue deficit by 2010-11. Liquidity management of this Government is commendable.

The State has not entered into overdraft even for a single day during the financial year 2008-09. Other major achievements include E-based tax administration; Streamlining of procedures; Greater devaluation of fiscal powers through transparency in procedures; Fiscal autonomy to deserving Public Sector Undertakings; More financial powers to Administrative Secretariats and Directorates; Modernisation and transparency.


Major functions of the Finance Department include the following:

  • Framing of rules regulating the pay, leave and pension of persons in the service of the Government and rules regulating the number, gradings or cadre and emoluments of posts under the Government and also be responsible for seeing that these rules are properly applied.
  • Finance Department is responsible for all matters relative to financial procedure and the application of the principles of sound finance
  • Advise on the financial aspect of all transactions relating to loans granted by the Government.
  • Safety and proper employment of Famine Relief Fund and other special funds, if any, and for the administration of Provident Funds, Deposits and Advances.
  • Examine and report on all proposals for the imposition, increase, reduction or abolition of taxes, duties, cesses or fees.
  • Examine and report on all proposals for borrowing or giving of a guarantee by the Government and raise such loans as have been duly authorised,  Finance Department shall be in charge of all matters relating to the service of loans or the discharge of guarantees.
  • Ensure that proper financial rules are framed for the guidance of other departments and that suitable accounts, including commercial accounts, whatever necessary, are maintained by other departments and establishments subordinate to them.
  • Prepare an estimate of the total receipts and disbursements of the State in each year and watching the state of the Government's balances and for their ways and means operations.
  • Preparation of Budgets and supplementary estimates.
  • Advise departments responsible for the collection of revenue regarding the progress of collection and methods of collection employed.

Sections in Finance Deoartment

Section Name  Contact   (Prefix 0471)
 Finance Main Hall,First Floor,Main Block,Govt.Secretariat
Accounts A    2517101 
Accounts B  2518112  
Administration  A  2333620,   2518320 
Administration  B  2518167 
Administration  C 2518949 
Cash Counter  2337794, 2518382 
Establishment B  2518133
Establishment C  2518526   
Establishment D  2518922  
Expenditure A  2517280
Expenditure B  2518953 
Expenditure C 2517278
Rules A 2517052 
Rules B 2518521 
e-Office Helpdesk  2517282 
 Budget Hall, First Floor, Main Block, Govt. Secretariat   
Budget  A 2518912 
Budget  B   2518327
Budget  C   2518774 
Budget  D  2518327
Budget  E  2518329
Budget  F  2518913 
Budget  G   2517089
Budget  H  2518913 
Budget  J   2518914 
Budget  K  2518914  
BDS & GB   
Near Budget Hall,First Floor,Main Block,Govt.Secretariat
Secret Section  2333928, 2518372 
Development Hall,First Floor,Main Block,Govt.Secretariat
Agriculture A  2518520 
Agriculture B  2518924
Agriculture C  2518140
Development   2518034
Education A  2518328 
Education B  2518259
Education C  2517137 
Funds  2518684 
Grant-in-Aid Monitoring Cell  2517184  
Health & Labour A  2517198 
Health & Labour B  2518777 
PAC - A 2518064
PAC - B   
Planning A 2518681 
Planning B  2518293 
PSA & Information 2518812 
PU A 2517074
PU B 2517085
PU C  2518599
PU D  2518170 
Streamlining  2518814 
Ways and Means  2518865
Welfare Wing  2517175  
Industries & PW A  2517129
Industries & PW B  2518834
HBA 2518898
Nodal Centre A 2518141  
Nodal Centre B 2518141
Nodal Centre C 2518141 
Revenue Monitoring Cell 2517047
Loans  2518832 
Pensioners' Welfare Cell 2518017
Diarisation Unit   2517313 
Registry Unit 2517313
  Ground Floor,Rear Wing,Main Block,Govt.Secretariat
PRC A  2517202
PRC B  2518841 
PRU  2518967 
PF 2737921
Performance Budget    2517153
 Old Legislature Library Hall, Main Block, Govt. Secretariat  
PRC C  2518948 
PRC D 2518102 
ARC  2518272 
  Secretariat Annexe
Records I 2518901 
CSFC A 2518435
SFC-A 2518909
SFC-B 2518909
SFC-C 2518909 
 Fourth Floor,Canteen Complex,Government Secretariat 
Inspection A  2517316
Inspection B 2517322
Inspection D 2517323
Inspection E 2517324
Inspection F 2517317
Inspection G 2517315
Inspection H 2517325
Inspection J 2517321
Inspection K 2517314
Pension A 2518039  
Pension B  2518764 
Pension C   
 Housing Board Building  
FBS A 2737900 
FBS B  2737903 
Group Insurance Scheme  2737903
Internal Audit Cell A 2737916
Internal Audit Cell B   
NPS Cell 2737901 
India Heights,IV Floor,Opp.Women's College,Vazhuthacaud
SBT Employees Union Building,Pulimood,Thiruvananthapuram
Inspection Technical Wing  2462828 
Near Secretariat Computer Training Centre 
IT-Systems Unit 2517146 

Centre for Training in Financial Management,DPC Building,Kerala University Office Campus, Palayam,Thiruvananthapuram

CTFM  2305399

        DPC Building,Kerala University Office Campus, Palayam,Thiruvananthapuram

IT-Software Unit   2301981 
 Development Hall, First Floor, Main Block, Govt. Secretariat  
Office Section (Accommodation)  2518339 
Office Section (Stationery)  2518339 
Office Section (New Tappal)    2517125
Office Section (Tappal)  2517176 
Office Section (Des patch)   2518840
 Secretariat Annexe  
 Office Section (Records) 2518901


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