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A new Department by name Environment Department was formed by delinking the subject 'Environment' from the then existing Science, Technology and Environment Department, vide G.O. (Ms) No.10/2006/GAD dated 06.01.2006.The department of Environment is the nodal agency for the planning, promotion, co-ordination and overseeing the implementation of Kerala's environmental and forestry policies and programmes.
The Department shall also be the nodal Department to co ordinate with other departments on matters related with environment, awareness generation, climate change management etc.The primary concerns of the department are implementation of policies and programmes relating to conservation of the state's natural resources including its lakes and rivers, its biodiversity, forests and wildlife, ensuring the welfare of animals, and the prevention and abatement of pollution.
The Department of Environment was formed by delinking the subject 'Environment' from the then existing Science, Technology and Environment Department.Later at directorate level, Department of Environment and Climate Change (DoECC) under Environment Department was constituted in December 2010 to encourage and promote environment and Climate Change related activities in the Kerala as per G.O.(Ms.) No.06/2010/Envt dated 18.12.2010 and the existing Environment Management Agency, Kerala is declared as the Directorate of Environment and Climate Change under the Environment Department, Government of Kerala.
The Main functions of the Department are:
- Take up State level environmental development programmes and implement them in collaboration with appropriate agencies.
- Take up State level developmental programmes (Plan, Non Plan, Externally aided, Centrally Sponsored Schemes etc.)
- Activities related to National Action Plan on Climate Change.
- Exercise administrative control of all environmentally related institutes being established in the State.
- Investigate and take appropriate action on complaints related to Environment (Protection) Act 1986.
- Conduct environmental appraisal at planning level related to the development schemes of the State Government.
- Scrutinize the environment related proposals prepared by Government/ non Governmental organizations.
- Involve in various environmental technology activities of Local Self Government institutions, information on environmental technologies and develop a database system.
These objectives are well supported by a set of legislative and regulatory measures, aimed at the preservation, conservation and protection of the environment.

Mission and Vision of the Department


The Kerala State Pollution Control Board and the Kerala State Biodiversity Boards comes under the administrative control of this Department. Various activities for pollution control and biodiversity conservation are carried out through the Boards. An Environment management Agency was also formed vide GO (Ms) No. 5/2007/Envt. dated 28.07./07 for strengthening the Department and for coordinating activities related to environment carried out by various Departments.


Subjects Allotted to Environment Department


1. All matters relating to environment and allied matters dealt with by the Nodal Department.
2. Administration of  Biodiversity Act and  Rules,  Kerala  State Biodiversity Board and allied matters.
3. Administration of all Acts and Rules relating to Environmental Protection.
4. Environment awareness, creation of Eco-clubs and allied matters.
5.    Kerala State Pollution Control Board.
6. Climate change and allied matters.
7. River conservation programmes.
8. Environmental awards.
9. Environmental Research and Development.
10. Environment Information System.
11. Kerala Coastal Zone Management Authority and allied matters.
The Environment Department shall be specially responsible for and charged with the following functions, namely:-
1.  It shall  be the Nodal  Department  in the State  in all subjects related to or impigning on environment or climate.
2.  It shall he responsible for and charged with the implementation of environment policy of the State, enforcement of the legislative, statutory and executive measures for protection and conservation of environment and climate of the State, except in the case of the subjects  specifically  allotted  to any other Departments  as per Part II of these rules.
3. It shall  be responsible  for  co-ordination of  the activities  of different Government Departments, Authorities, Institutions and Local Governments in the State, relating to environment and climate.
4. It shall ensure the Science and Technology inputs are an essential part of Government's  decision making process with regard to environmental issues concerning the State. It shall also ensure that the Scientific Research and Development activities in the related areas  and reports of scientific studies and technological innovations  are put to .effective implementation  or actionable Environment Management Schemes.
5. It shall be responsible for creating environmental awareness and providing environmental education among citizens especially students and members of the public through various public as well as Non Governmental Organizations.
6. It shall  facilitate  issues  of conservation of environment  and primary environment care through the decentralized planning and development system of the Local Self Governn1ent Institutions as an effective mechanism to ensure environmental protection at grass root level with popular participation.

Organization Structure

Shri. Pinarayi Vijayan
Chief MInister 
3rd Floor, North Block
Government Secretariat
Thiruvananthapuram – 695001
0471- 2332184
0471- 2333241
0471- 2333610
Fax: 0471- 2333489
Department South Sandwich Block
Room – SSBT II, 4th Floor
Government Secretariat
Thiruvanathapuram - 695 001
Dr. Venu V. IAS
Additional Chief Secretary
Room No. 406
4th Floor
Annex II, Secretariat
Phone - 0471-2331509, 2518997
Mobile: 9560407263
Department of Environment & Climate Change Department of Environment & Climate Change (DoECC)
Pettah P.O,Thiruvananthapuram – 695024
Director Phone: 0471 2742264(off)
Fax: +91 471 2742554



Department Sections



Department of Environment and Climate Change


Address Devikripa, Pallimukku
Pettah P.O
Phone 0471-2742264
Fax 0471-2742554

Kerala State Pollution Control Board

Address Pattom. P. O.,
Phone 0471-2312910,2318153,
2318154, 2318155
Fax 0471-2742554
Chairman 0471-2318150
Member Secretary 0471-2318151
Kerala State Biodiversity Board
Address L-14, Jai Nagar,
Medical College P.O,
Thiruvananthapuram - 695 011
Phone 0471-2312910,2318153,
2318154, 2318155
Fax 0471-2742554


Services & Activities

Activities in this departments
1. All maters relating to Environment and allied matters.

2. Kerala State Biodiversity Board and Administration of Biodiversity Act and Rules and allied matters.
3. Administration of all Acts relating to Environmental Protection.
4. Environmental awareness creation, Eco-clubs and allied matters.
5. Kerala State Pollution Control Board.
6. Climate change and allied matters.
7. River Conservation programmes.
8. Environmental Awards.
9. Environmental Research and Development.
10.Environment Information System.
11.Administrative Control of Kerala Coastal Zone Management Authority.
12.Water Appellete Authority.

Schemes & Programmes

The following are some of the major schemes being implemented by the Environment Department

1.Biodiversity Conservation
2.Eco Restoration of Wetlands
3.Environmental Research & Development
4.Environmental Education & Training
5.Air & Water Quality Monitoring
6.Environment Impact Assessment
7.Climate Change

Contact Us


Additional Secretary


Ph: 0471 2333990, 2518030

Under Secretary


Ph: 0471 2517245


Two sections are functioning under the Department with following officials:


Section (A&B)Officers         -2 Ph: 0471 2518996 (A),  2517273 (B)
Assistants                              -5  
Confidential Assistant         -1  
Typists                                   -2  
Peons                                    -2  


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