Domestic Violence



SI No. Designation Address
1 District Probation Officer Gr. I (i/c)

Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
Phone : 0471-2342786

2 District Probation Officer Gr. II

Civil Station,
Kollam, Kerala
Phone : 0474-24794029

3 District Probation Officer Gr. I

Mini Civil Station,
Pathanamthitta, Kerala
Phone : 0468-2325242

4 District Probation Officer Gr. I

Court Building, 
Phone : 0477-2238450

5 District Probation Officer Gr. I

T.B. Road,
South P.O, Kottayam, Kerala
Phone : 0481-2300548

6 District Probation Officer Gr. I (i/c)

Mini Civil Station,
Thodupuzha P.O, Idukki, Kerala
Phone : 0486-2220126

7 District Probation Officer Gr. I (i/c)

Corporation Shopping Complex,
East of High Court, Ernakulam, Kerala
Phone : 0484-2396649

8 District Probation Officer Gr. I

Civil Station,
Thrissur, Kerala
Phone : 0487-2363999

9 District Probation Officer Gr. I

Civil Station,
Palakkad, Kerala
Phone : 0491-2505275

10 District Probation Officer Gr. I (i/c)

Court Building, Manjeri, Malappuram, Kerala
Phone : 0483-2777494

11 District Probation Officer Gr. I

Civil Station,
Kozhikode, Kerala
Phone : 0495-2373575

12 District Probation Officer Gr. I

Wayanad, Kerala
Phone : 0493-6207157

13 District Probation Officer Gr. I (i/c)

Kannur, Kerala
Phone : 0490-2344433

14 District Probation Officer Gr. I

CIvil Station, Vidya Nagar P.O., Kasaragod, Kerala
Phone : 0499-4255366


Over the last two decades, domestic violence has emerged as one of the most serious problem faced by women in Kerala. They are experiencing physical and psychological violence not only from their in-laws but also often from their intimate partner.

This scenario, underlines the need for the effective implementation of Domestic Violence Act 2005, which came into force in October 2006. The definition of DV has been made wide enough to encompass every possibility of abuse/harm to the woman. It has been welcomed by all since it provides for the first time civil remedies to women by way of protection orders, residence orders and orders for monetary relief in the event of a domestic violence incident.

The Act is basically meant to provide protection to the wife or female live in partner from violence at the hands of the husband of male live-in-partner or his relatives. Domestic violence under the Act includes actual abuse or the threat of abuse, whether physical sexual, verbal emotional or economic. Harassment by way of unlawful dowry demands to the women victim, or her relatives would also be covered under the definition of domestic violence.




  • Definition of Domestic Violence - it includes physical, sexual, verbal, emotional  and economic abuse that can harm, cause injury to, endanger the life, limb,  health, safety, or wellbeing, either mental or physical of the aggrieved person.

Role and function of the Central/State Government under the Act has been specified in section 11 of the Act. They are as follows.

  • To give wide publicity through public media including TV, radio & print media at regular basis.
  • Periodic sensitization & awareness training on the issues addressed by the Act to the officer including the police officers & members of judicial service.
  • Effective co-ordination between concerned Minister & Departments.
  • Publication of protocol for various agencies concerned with the delivery of services.

Against Whom?

Complaint can be made against any adult male person or his relation (also women) who have been in a domestic relationship with  aggrieved women for example husband or male partner or mother-in-law.

Whom to Complain?

  • Protection officer
  • Police Officer
  • Service Provider
  • Judicial Magistrate of Fist Class or Metropolitan Magistrate

How to Complain?

  • Over telephone to the Protection Officer/Service Provider
  • Written Complaint to Protection Officer, Police Officer, Service Provider, Magistrate

How can you complain?

  • When the incident of domestic violence has happened
  • When the incident of domestic violence is happening
  • When there is a probability that it will happen

Any one who has the knowledge of the violence happening can give complaint/ information. 

Only a woman can file a complaint of Domestic Violence under the Act.

Support Services Available for Women to Combat Domestic Violence in the State