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Government have formed a separate department of Consumer Affairs as per the GO(MS)No.352/07/GAD dated 17-07-2007 by incorporating the Section of Consumer Affairs under the Food & Civil Supplies Department and the Legal Metrology Department under the Revenue Department for strengthening and coordinating the consumer protection measures and activities in the state. The Consumer Protection Act, 1986, one of the benevolent social legislations in the Country, intends to protect the consumers from exploitations.


The provisions of the Act cover Products as well as Services to provide cheap, speedy and simple redressal to each District and the State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commisssion at the State Level, in Kerala. The Consumer Affairs Department, Government of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram is responsible for the formulation and monitoring of schemes on Consumer Protection in the State, and strengthening of the consumer movement,apart from implementing the policy and programmes of the Central Government.As per G. O. (Ms)No. 348/2013/GAD dtd. 04/12/2013, the subject 'Legal Metrology' is now under the control of Revenue department. However files related to Legal Metrology are routed to the Hon'ble Minister for Food and Civil Supplies through Special Secretary, Food and Civil Supplies.

Organisation Structure (PDF)


Organization Structure

Adv. G. R. Anil
Minister for Food and Civil Supplies
Room No. S-210(Old-644)
2nd Floor
South Block
Tel:0471- 2333371
Mob: 9400662244
Shri. Teeka Ram  Meena IAS
Additional Chief Secretary
Room No. 388
1st Floor
Main Block , Secretariat
Phone: 0471- 2517380, 2335462
Mobile: 9400156199



Department Sections

Line departments, Institutions and organizations under the department
The District Forums are conferred with powers under the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 to entertain and dispose of the complaints filed by the consumers.As per the amended provisions of the Act, the District Forums are conferred with powers to pass interim orders.
Under the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986, the State Commission is conferred with powers to entertain and dispose of complaints filed before it by the consumers, to entertain and dispose of the appeals preferred against the orders passed by the District Forums and revisions filed against the orders passed by the District Forums challenging the orders on the grounds that the Forum has exercised a jurisdiction not vested in it by law, or has failed to exercise a jurisdiction so vested or has acted in exercise of its jurisdiction illegally or with material irregularity in accordance with law.
The main aim of the Cell is to perform, facilitate and promote better protection of Consumers' rights and interests with special reference to rural India. It acts as a forum for creating dialogue among policy, makers, service providers, representatives of various business establishments and their associations, professional bodies/associations, civil society organization, educational/research institutions, economic and social development organizations as well as leading NGOs.
It also acts as a storing and clearing-house for the exchange and constant flow of information, ideas and activities relating to consumer protection and welfare.
The objectives of the Cell include:
1. Organize seminars/workshops/conference/round tables on the contemporary issues relating to consumer protection.
2.Sensitize trade and industry and the service providers to the requirements of the consumers, especially to alternative and informal mechanisms to resolve their complaints and redress their grievances
In the year 1956, Central Government enacted standards of Weights and Measures Act describing metric units of Weights and Measures for the whole India accordingly State Governments passed there own enactment for the enforcement of metric system. Rules were also framed under the enforcement act implement the provisions of this act effectively. A special officer appointed under the board of revenue for the adaptation of metric system was later designated as the Controller of Weights and Measures.
The Government of Kerala made Kerala Weights and Measures Enforcement Rules 1992 with effect from 24.07.1992. Due to technological advancements it has become necessary to review the enactments and to get rid of the anomalies as well as to keep the regulations pragmatic to the extend required for protecting the interest of consumers, the Legal Metrology Act, 2009 was enacted and it came into force on 1 April, 2011.





Services & Activities


1) Selection Committee of Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission/Consumer Disputes Redressal Fora.

2) Strengthening of Consumer Affairs Department in Government.

3) State Award on Consumer Protection to Voluntary Consumer Organizations.

4) Schemes on Consumer Welfare Fund other than by State Government, and its monitoring.

5) Encouragement of Voluntary Consumer Organizations in the State.

6) Evaluation of Consumer Welfare Fund Projects undertaken by Voluntary Consumer Organizations.

7) Prevention of Exploitation of Consumers and Unfair Trade Practices and Legislations thereof.

8) Continuance Sanction of Temporary Posts attached to Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission/Consumer Disputes Redressal Fora.15

9) Monthly and Quarterly Progress on Consumer Activities undertaken in the State.

10) Camp Sittings of Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission/ConsumerDisputes Redressal Fora.

11) Setting up of Additional Fora in the State.

12) Construction and Maintenance of Building and Assignment of Land thereof to Consumer Fora.

13) Lok Sabha / Rajya Sabha Questions on Consumer Affairs.

14) Papers on Legislature Committees relating to Consumer Affairs.

15) Consumer Affairs—General Review Meetings.

16) Training to Non-Judicial Members and Staff.

17) World Consumer Rights Day—Celebration.

18) Papers on National Consumer Day.

19) Providing Information to Websites.

20) Introduction of Consumer Protection Act and Rules in Colleges/Schools.

21) General Papers on Consumer Affairs.

22) Miscellaneous Papers.

23) Implementation of Plan Schemes and Annual Action Plan etc.on Consumer Affairs.

24) State Consumer Protection Council—Constitution and matter thereof.

25) Central Consumer Protection Council.

26) Providing Central Assistance to State, Implementation, Evaluation thereof.

27) Issues raised in the Standing Working Group of Central Consumer Protection Council/Parliament.

28) Providing Infrastructure to Consumer Fora including purchase of Books/Periodicals.

29) One-time grant" by the Central Government for Providing Infrastructure facilities of Consumer Fora.

30) Reports on Functional/Non-Functional Consumer Fora.

31) Leave, Working Hours and Other Service Conditions including Amenities like Purchase of Vehicle, Providing of

32) Telephone, rented Building etc. of Personnel in Consumer Fora.

33) Consumer Protection Act, 1986/Rules and Amendment thereunder.

34) Consumer Awareness Programmes.


CA 1
1) Selection to the post of Presidents and Members in the Consumer Disputes Redressal Agencies.
2) Strengthening of Consumer Affairs Department in Government.
3) State/National Award on Consumer Protection for the Voluntary Consumer Organizations.
4) Schemes on Consumer Welfare Fund and  its monitoring.
5) Prevention of exploitation of Consumers and Unfair trade practices and legislation thereof.
6) Continuance sanction of temporary posts attached to the Consumer Disputes Redressal Agencies.
7) Camp sittings and additional fora of the Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum/Commission.
8) Matters related to State wise Inspection squad.
9) Disciplinary action related to officials in Legal Metrology Department .
10) Court cases related to Legal Metrology Department other than establishment matters and the consumer cases.
11) Encouragement of Voluntary Consumer Organization.
12) World Consumer Day and  National Consumer Day Celebrations.
13) Co-ordination of Consumer Awareness programme.
CA 2
1) Monthly and Quarterly progress on consumer protection in the State.
2) Construction and maintenance of Building for the CDRFs and the Legal Metrology Department.
3) Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha questions on consumer protection and the Legal Metrology Department.
4) Papers on Legislative  Committees related to Consumer Affairs and Legal Metorlogy Departments.
5) Maintenance and Updation of the Website of the Consumer Affairs Department.
6) Miscellaneous papers on Consumer Affairs Department.
7) Preparation and publication of Administration Reports of Legal Metrology Department.
8) Budgetary  matters of Consumer Affairs Department.
9) Matters related to Working Group in respect of Consumer Affairs Department.
CA 3
1) Implementation of Plan Schemes and Centrally Sponsored Programme of Consumer Affairs Department/ Legal Metrology Department and its monitoring.
2) Consumer Protection Councils.
3) Budgetary matters of Legal Metrology Department.
4) Sanctioning of availing building on rent basis by Consumer Affairs Department /Legal Metrology Department.
5) Matters related to Working Group  in respect of Legal Metrology  Department.
6) Matters related to leave of the President and Members in the CDRFs and CDRC, Gazetted and Non-Gazetted officers in the Legal Metrology Department.
7) Consumer Protection Act/Rules and its amendments.
8) Training Programme on Consumer Protection and Packaged Commodity Rules.
9) Annual Performance Report of Legal Metrology Department.
10) Review of Plan Progress of Legal Metrology Department.
CA 4
1) Establishment matters of Gazetted Officers in the Legal Metrology Department .
2) Matters related to Administration, Control and Monitoring of the offices of Legal Metrology Department .
3) Matters of Licensees related to Legal Metrology Department .
4) Complaints from the public related to Legal Metrology Department .
5) Anomaly related to Junior/Senior fixation in the Legal Metrology Department 
6) Miscellaneous papers related to Legal Metrology Department .
7) Amendments in Acts and Rules related to Legal Metrology Department.
8) Establishment matters of the non-gazetted officers in the Legal Metrology Department.

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