Kerala at a Glance



Date of Formation 1 November 1956

Southwest tip of the India's main land

Latitude - 8°18` and 12° 48` N
Longitude - 74° 52` and 77° 22` E

Capital Thiruvananthapuram
Area 38,863 sq. km.
Principal Language Malayalam
Currency Indian Rupee
National Festival Onam
State Animal Elephant
State Bird The Great Indian Hornbill (Buceros bicornis)
State Flower Kanikonna (Cassia fistula)
State Tree Coconut Tree (Cocos nucifera)
State Fruit Jack Fruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus)
Staple Food Rice
State Fish Pearl Spot ("Karimeen" in Malayalam)(Etroplus suratensis)
Neighbouring States/ Union Territories Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Lakshadweep




Population 3,34,06,061
Male 1,60,27,412
Female 1,73,78,649
Sex Ratio (Females Per 1000 males) 1,084
Population density 860/
Urban population 1,59,34,926
Rural population 1,74,71, 135
Decadal growth rate 4.9
Child population (0-6 years): Total 34,72,955
Rural Child population 18,23,664
Urban Child population 16,49,291
Scheduled Caste population 30,39,573
Scheduled Tribe population 4,84,839
Literacy rate 2,81,35,824
Male Literacy rate 1,37,04,903
Female Literacy rate 1,44,30,921
Literacy rate(%) 94.0
Male Literacy rate(%) 96.1
Female Literacy rate(%) 92.1
Rural Literacy rate 1,45,49,320
Urban Literacy rate 1,35,86,504


No. of Administrative Units


Districts 14
Taluks 75
Villages 1535
Statutory Towns 59
Census Towns 461
Grama Panchayats 941
No. of Community Development Blocks 152
District Panchayats 14
Assembly Seats 140+ 1 Anglo Indian Nominee
Lok Sabha Seats 20+ 1 Anglo Indian Nominee
Rajya Sabha seats 9
Municipalities 87
Municipal Corporations 6
Cantonments 1(Kannur)
Township 1(Guruvayoor)
Legislative Constituencies 140
Loksabha Constituencies 20
High Court Kochi
Highest Populated District Malappuram
Lowest populated district Wayanad
Largest district Palakkad
Smallest district Alappuzha
Longest river Periyar
Highest peak Anamudi
Largest lake Vembanad Lake


* All administrative units are as on 31-12-2009, the date of freezing of administrative boundaries for Census

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