The agriculture and allied sector growth declined to (-) 0.5 per cent in 2018-19 from a growth rate of 1.7 per cent in 2017-18. Food crops comprising rice, tapioca and pulses accounted for 10.15 per cent of the total cropped area in 2018-19 while cash crops (cashew, rubber, pepper, coconut, cardamom, tea and coffee) constituted 62.1 per cent. The area under crops like rubber, coffee, tea and cardamom was 27.7 per cent of the total cropped area. 
The key initiatives undertaken by the Department of Agriculture in 2019-20 for the improvement of agricultural sector included integrated food crop production programme focusing on increasing rice production and self-sufficiency in vegetable production, holistic development of coconut sector through Keragramams, production and distribution of quality planting materials, and comprehensive fallow land cultivation with people's participation. Efforts were also undertaken towards modernisation and establishment of labs, establishing institutional mechanism for marketing, strengthening extension activities, Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) plus model of extension, rejuvenation of spices economy, quality control of agricultural inputs and outputs and effective programmes for soil and root health management, crop health management covering pests and disease surveillance. Also measures were taken for promotion of organic farming and safe food production, crop insurance, establishment and strengthening of Agro Service Centres (ASCs) for improved service delivery and revival package for pepper in Wayanad.

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Source : Economic Review 2019