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Agriculture Development & Farmers' Welfare


Minister for Agriculture
Room No. 300
1st Floor
Secretariat (Annex II)
Phone: 0471- 2333091/2335075
Fax    :0471- 2333775
Shri. Anil X. IAS
2nd Floor 
Annex II
Mob: 9446458619,9495949057
E-mail: secy.ahd@kerala.gov.in

Agriculture Development & Farmers' Welfare Department


Farm Information Bureau

Farm Information Bureau
India.Phone: 0471- 2317314, 2318186
Fax: 0471- 2314358
Website: www.fibkerala.gov.in





This department deals with the formulation and implementation of various programmes to augment production of both food crops and cash crops in the State. It undertakes activities among farmers to promote scientific methods of cultivation plant protection etc. and also arranges the supply of high yielding varieties of seeds, seedlings, planting materials and plant protection chemicals to farmers. The department also formulates policies and programmes relating to provision of credit to farmers. Agricultural Research, Education and Extension are three important functions of the department. It runs agricultural farms and also has an engineering wing.

Organization Structure


The Director of Agriculture is the head of the Department. The department has offices at the regional, district and Panchayat levels. It has a presence in all the village panchayat through Krishi Bhavans. There is a directorate of soil conservation, which has a soil conservation wing and soil survey wing. They undertake investigation preparation, and execution of all the soil conservation work.Agriculture Production Commissioner heads the Agriculture department and under him there is Secretary Agriculture and Secretary Animal Husbandry and Dairy Development. There are separate field departments for Animal Husbandry and Dairy Development.


Department Sections

Phone No.


Agriculture (Establishment - A) Department

0471- 2518253


Agriculture (Establishment - B) Department

0471- 2517106


Agriculture (planning - A) Department

0471- 2518958


Agriculture (planning - B) Department

0471- 2517340


Agriculture (NCA) Department

0471- 2518019


Agriculture  (Farms) Department

0471- 2517159


Agriculture (P U) Department

0471- 2518528


Agriculture (Agri.) Department

0471- 2518070


Agriculture  (IFA) Department

0471- 2518796


Agriculture  (PPM cell) Department

0471- 2461452


Agriculture  (PS) Department

0471- 2518130


Agriculture  (WTO Cell) Department

0471- 2517169


Agriculture Development & Farmers' Welfare (Dairy) Department

0471- 2518728


Agriculture Development & Farmers' Welfare (AHE) Department

0471- 2518569


Agriculture Development & Farmers' Welfare (AHF) Department

0471- 2518754


Agriculture Development & Farmers' Welfare (AHG) Department

0471- 2518506


1. Agriculture Development & Farmers' Welfare (Establishment - A) Department




EA 1

  1. Establishment papers except disciplinary action of the following officers of Agriculture Department.
    • Additional Director
    • Joint Director
    • Deputy Director
    • Assistant Director
    • Assistant Engineer
    • Assistant Executive Engineer
    • Executive Engineer
    • Assistant Soil Chemist
    • Senior Grade Scientific Assistant.
  2. Delegation of powers of the officers of Agriculture Department.
  3. Special Rules of Agricultural State Services.
  4. DPC I of Agriculture Department.
  5. Revision of orders and manuals of Agriculture Department
  6. Miscellaneous LA Questions of the section.

EA 2

  1. Establishment papers of Agricultural Officer, Agricultural Assistants and Field Supervisors of Agriculture Department.
  2. Disciplinary action in respect of Agricultural Assistants & Agricultural Filed Officers.
  3. All papers related to:

·         Organization and set up of Agriculture Department

·         Krishi Bhavans

  1. Land owned by Agriculture Department
  2. Miscellaneous papers of the section.

EA 3

  1. Disciplinary action of the following officers of Agriculture Department.

·         Agricultural Field Officers

·         Agricultural Officers

·         Assistant Director of Agriculture

·         Deputy Director of Agriculture

·         Joint Director of Agriculture

·         Additional Director of Agriculture

  1. Papers relating to Special Vigilance Cell.



2. Agriculture Development & Farmers' Welfare (Establishment - B) Department




0471- 2517106

EB 1

Establishment papers of Soil Survey & Soil Conservation Department.

Revision of Codes and Manuals of Soil Survey & Soil Conservation Dept.

Review of Administrative Report of Soil Survey and Soil Conservation Dept.

EB 2

  • All papers related to deputation of officers of Agriculture Department, Soil Survey and Soil Conservation Department and Farm Information Bureau for Trainings, Festivals, Seminars, Conferences and Workshops including papers for training and deputation received from GAD and P & AR Department.
  • Deployment of staff of Agriculture Dept. to Local Self Govt Institutions.
  • All papers related to vehicles of Farm Information Bureau and Soil Survey & Soil Conservation Department.
  • Convening of Farm Information Bureau meetings.
  • Mass Media (including Government of India), Booklets, Journals, Newsletters, Press Release, advertisement, Farm Guides, Short films/video, website etc.
  • Kissan Kerala Project.
  • Awards to farmers and officials of Agriculture Department.
  • Administrative sanction for advertisements.
  • Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) to Photocopier/Risso/Fax of Agriculture Department, Soil Survey and Soil Conservation Department and Farm Information Bureau.
  • All papers related to purchase and maintenance of furniture for Agriculture Dept., Soil Survey & Soil Conservation Dept and Farm Information Bureau.
  • Other establishment papers
  • Miscellaneous papers of the section.

EB 3

  • Papers related to the scheme of employment assistance to dependents/relatives of public servants (dying in harness) in respect of Agriculture Department, Soil Survey & Soil Conservation Department and Farm Information Bureau.
  • Establishment papers of ministerial staff including non-gazetted officers of Agriculture Department.
  • Review of Administrative Report of Agriculture Department.


  1. 3. Agriculture Development & Farmers' Welfare (planning -A) Department



0471- 2518958

PA 1

  • All papers related to:

Centrally Sponsored Schemes in Agriculture and Soil Survey & Soil Conservation.

Review of progress report of centrally sponsored schemes

National Projects on Biogas development.

Non-conventional energy sources including Biogas and Biomass.

Bio-diesel and Getropha plant.

Pokkali and Kariland cultivation.

Kariland Development Agency.

Micro irrigation(Drip & Sprinkler Irrigation).

Lift Irrigation

Construction, Repair and Maintenance of bunds, ponds and canals for agricultural purposes.

Monthly review of development activities.

State Level Nodal Agency for Watershed (NWDPRA)

Miscellaneous papers of the section.

PA 2

  • All papers related to:
    • State schemes removed from the list of centrally sponsored schemes under Agriculture and Soil Survey & Soil Conservation.
    • District and State Level Co-ordination Committees on Agricultural Production Programme.
    • Programmes under Agro Climatical Zonal Team.
    • Extension activities in Agriculture Department.
    • National Food Security Programme.
    • National Development Council.
    • Haritha.
    • ATMA.
    • SAMETI
    • LEEDS
    • Bio Resource cum Agro-service Centre
    • National Horticulture Mission
    • National Organic Farming Programme
    • Rashtriya Krishi Vinjhan Yojana (RKVY), except project preparation and monitoring.
    • Lease land cultivation
  • General papers relating to contract farming and group farming

PA 3

  • All papers related to:
    • Paddy (cultivation, production, conservation, procurement, marketing, and supporting prize)
    • Paddy Development Agencies.
    • Paddy Board.
    • Production bonus to paddy farmers.
    • Padasekhara Samities.
    • Aquaculture in Padasekharams.
    • Fallow paddy land cultivation.
    • Rice Bio-Park
    • Upland paddy cultivation (കരനെല്‍കൃഷി)
  • Free power for agriculture purposes.
  • State Food Security Programme
  • All papers related to District Development Council (Jilla Vikasana Samiti)


4. Agriculture Development & Farmers' Welfare (planning - B) Department

Phone : 0471- 2518130





PB 1

  • All papers related to:
  • Coconut Cultivation
  • Cashew, sugarcane, banana, spices, vanilla and mushroom including their cultivation, value added products and State Schemes.
    • Floriculture
    • Tissueculture and Tissueculture lab.
    • Hi-tech farming.
  • Organic farming and Organic Farming Policy.
  • Plan Schemes on Private Nurseries.
  • Pension schemes for small and marginal farmers.
  • Karshika Vikasana Samiti.
  • Vanilla Marketing crisis.
  • State Horticulture Mission, EEC assisted horticulture development and miscellaneous papers on horticulture.
  • National and State Medicinal Plant Boards and other papers related to medicinal plants.
  • Kerala Land Use Commission.
  • Special Employment Programme for One Lakh Youth.
  • Karshaka Raksha Insurance and other insurance schemes for farmers.
  • Kisan Abhiman Pension programme and other pension schemes for farmers.
  • Papers related to Kerala Agricultural Workers Welfare Fund Board.
  • Miscellaneous papers of the section

PB 2

  • All papers related to:
    • Arecanut cultivation.
    • Tapioca and other tuber crops, pepper, cocoa and vegetables and fruits other than banana including their cultivation, value added products and State Schemes.
    • Precision farming.
    • Budget speech
    • Budget estimate (Plan & Non-plan) of Agriculture Department, Soil Survey & Soil Conservation Department and Farm Information Bureau.
    • State Plan Schemes of Agriculture and Soil Survey & Soil Conservation Departments and Farm Information Bureau.
    • Plan Schemes for pepper.
    • Fallow land cultivation except paddy.
    • Agriculture Development Policy (Karshika Vikasana Nayam).
    • Vegetable and Fruit Promotion Council Kerala (VFPCK)
  • Monitoring of State Plan Schemes & Plan Progress Review.
  • Monitoring of 20 point programme.
  • Special Schemes/Projects/Packages for Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe communities.
  • Working group meeting in respect of Agriculture Department and Department of Soil Survey and Soil Conservation

  2. 5. Agriculture Development & Farmers' Welfare (NCA) Department

Phone : 0471- 2518019





  • All papers related to: 
    • Coconut Development Board.
    • Procurement of raw coconut and copra.
    • Support price to coconut and copra.
    • Installation of copra dryers.
    • Soil Testing Laboratories (Excluding establishment)
    • Quality Control Laboratories (Excluding establishment)
    • Agmark Grading Laboratories (Excluding establishment)
  • Kuttanad Package.
  • Idukki Package.
  • National Commission for Agricultural Cost and Prices
  • Rubber (including cultivation) and Rubber Board


  • Kerala Land Utilization Order 1967.
  • Revision petitions filed under Kerala Land Utilization Order.
  • Committee constituted to study the gravity of illegal conversion of paddy land & the remedial measures for it.
  • Kerala Conservation of Paddyland and Wetland Act, 2008.


  • All papers (excluding establishment) related to:
    • Regulated markets including Agriculture Marketing Bill.
    • Madras Commercial Crops Marketing Act and Rules.
    • Malabar Market Committee, Calicut.
    • Agricultural Market Intervention Schemes.
    • Price support schemes to cash crops, spices etc.
    • Spices Board.
    • State Agricultural Prices Board.
    • Plant diseases.
    • Pesticides & insecticides
    • Bio Fertilizer Laboratory (Excluding establishment)
    • Parasite Breeding Stations (Excluding establishment)
    • Bio-Control Lab (Excluding establishment)
  • Kerala Plant Diseases and Pests Act, 1972.
  • Spraying against Eryiophid mite.
  • Kerala Centre for Pest Management.
  • Miscellaneous papers of the section

6.  Agriculture Development & Farmers' Welfare (Farms) Department

Phone : 0471- 2517159



AF 1

  • All papers related to:
    • Agricultural farms
    • Agricultural farm labourers and contingency employees of Agriculture Department.
    • Seed Act and Seed Rules.
    • Seed stores, Seed farms & Godowns
    • Seed Committee
    • Seed Testing Laboratories.
    • Kerala State Seed Development Authority.
    • Production, storage, preservation & Distribution of seeds.
    • Coconut seed germination.
    • Procurement cost of coconut seedlings and paddy seeds
    • Nurseries & Nurseries Registration Act.
    • Neera.
    • National e-Governance Programme (NeGP)
    • IT, IDEAS, SPARK, DDFS, e-Office

AF 2

  • All papers related to:
    • Agricultural Research and Extension Co-ordination Boards.
    • Krishi Vigyan Kendras.
    • Indian Council for Agricultural Research (ICAR)
    • Kerala Agricultural University.
    • Admission to other Agricultural Universities.
    • All Research Stations and Agronomic Experiments.
    • Regional Agricultural Technology Training Centre.
    • Genetically modified Crops.

AF 3

  • All papers related to:
    • Accomodation (Construction, shifting and maintenance of building)
    • Rent of building.
    • Tribal Resettlement and Development Mission, Kerala.
    • Deseeya Karshaka Thozhilali Federation.
  • Inspection reports from the Stores Purchase Department.
  • Strengthening of Agriculture Engineering Wing.
  • Establishment papers of Non Gazetted technical staff, Class IV employees, driver, Part time Sweeper and Casual Sweeper of Agriculture Department.
  • Miscellaneous papers of the section


7. Agriculture Development & Farmers' Welfare (P U) Department

Phone : 0471- 2518528


    Agriculture  (P U) Department

    Phone : 0471- 2518528

    PU 1

    All papers related to:

    • Plantation Corporation of Kerala.
    • Oil Palm India Ltd.
    • Horticultural Products Development Corporation.
    • Trivandrum Rubber Works

    PU 2

    All papers related to:

    • Kerala State Coconut Development Corporation.
    • State Warehousing Corporation of Kerala.
    • State Farming Corporation of Kerala.
    • Nadukkara Agro Processing Company.
    • Establishment of cold storages.
    • Vazhakkulam Agro & Fruit Processing Company
    • Kerala Pineapple Mission

    PU 3

    All papers related to:

    • Kerala Land Development Corporation
    • Kerala Agro Industries Corporation
    • Kerala Agro Machinery Corporation
    • Miscellaneous papers of the section

8. Agriculture Development & Farmers' Welfare (Agri.) Department

Phone : 0471- 2518070





AG 1

  • All papers related to:
    • Chief Secretary's Conference, MP's Conference, Collectors' Conferences, Staff Meeting etc.
    • Governor's address
    • Rainwater harvesting.
    • Result Framework Document (RFD)
    • Wayanad Package.
    • Dr.Prabhakaran Commission Report (Kasaragod Development Package)
  • General miscellaneous papers of the Department.
  • Revision of Subject Distribution Order of Agriculture Department
  • Miscellaneous papers of the section.

AG 2

  • All papers related to:
    • Suicide of farmers
    • Crop loss due to natural calamities (Flood, Drought, Saline water intrusion etc.)
    • Kerala Farmers Debt Relief Commission Act, 2006.
    • Kerala State Farmers' Debt Relief Commission.
    • Prime Minister's Special Rehabilitation Package for the distress affected districts of Wayanad, Palakkad & Kasaragod.

AG 3

  • All papers related to:
    • Fertilizer Control Order 1985
    • Zonal Fertilizer Conferences.
    • Allocation of fertilizer from Central Government to State.
    • Periodical report on supply of fertilizer from firms.
    • Vehicles of Agriculture Department.
    • Small Farmers Agri-business Consortium (SFAC)
    • Consolidation of Monthly Business Statement of the Department
  • Papers related to various crop insurance schemes:
    • State Crop Insurance Scheme.
    • National Agricultural Insurance Scheme.
    • Weather Based Crop Insurance Scheme.
    • Comprehensive Crop Insurance Scheme.
  • Crop cutting experiments and preparation of crop statistics.

9. Agriculture Development & Farmers' Welfare (IFA) Department

Phone : 0471- 2518796




  • All papers related to:
    • Agricultural implements including pumpsets, petty-para etc.
    • Supply and recovery of short term/medium term/long term loans on schemes announced by Government of Kerala/Government of India.
    • Institutional credit to farmers.
    • State Level Bankers' Committee (SLBC) meetings.
    • Agro Service Centre and service delivery and related matters.
    • Karshika Karma Sena
    • Agro Clinics.
    • Pumping Subsidy given to farmers.
    • Micro watersheds/ Neerthada Padhathi/Nirmary.
    • Coconut oil and other value added products from coconut except Neera
  • Miscellaneous papers of the section


  • All papers related to:
    • NABARD assisted RIDF schemes in all districts.
    • Registration of farmers & Agricard
    • Subsidy & e-payment to farmers.
    • Sahasra Sarovar Project.
    • Ponnani Kole Development Agency
    • Thrissur Kole Development Agency
    • Thrissur Ponnani Integrated Kole Development Schemes
    • Onattukara Vikasana Agency.
  • General papers relating to soil conservation and NABARD.

10. Agriculture Development & Farmers' Welfare (PPM cell) Department

Phone : 0471- 2461452





PPM Cell

  • Preparation of projects seeking financial assistance from Government of India and external agencies.
  • Preparation of Policy papers and concept notes related to agriculture.
  • Preparation and monitoring of Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana(RKVY) projects

11. Agriculture Development & Farmers' Welfare (PS) Department

Phone : 0471- 2518130






  • All papers related to consolidation of:
    • L.A. Interpellations and Assurances.
    • Audit paras.
    • Inspection Report of AG.
    • Report of C& AG of India.
    • Reports of Public Accounts Committee, Public Undertakings Committee, Estimates Committee, Subject Committee and other Legislature Committees.
  • Reply to miscellaneous L.A Interpellations, Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha questions referred from other departments.
  • Papers related to progress in implementation of official language (ഔദ്യോഗിക ഭാഷാമാറ്റ പുരോഗതി)

12. Agriculture Development & Farmers' Welfare (WTO Cell) Department

Phone : 0471- 2517169



    WTO Cell

    • The WTO Cell set up in the Agriculture Department in 2004 looks into matters related to trade in Agriculture in general and specifically on issues related to foreign trade policy, WTO & Regional Trade agreement intellectual property rights affecting Agriculture. It also looks into the functioning of EEC aided wholesale market, AEZ Projects, plan review exercise and L.A.R cases related to EEC markets.

13. Agriculture Development & Farmers' Welfare (Dairy) Department

Phone : 0471- 2518728

  1. Plan Schemes of Dairy Development Department including Central Sector Schemes.
  2. Budget papers of Dairy Development Department.
  3. General Sector Schemes benefiting SC/ST.
  4. Establishment papers of all officers of the Dairy Development Department.
  5. All papers relating to Kerala Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation and the three milk Unions and 
    APCOS/Co-operative Milk Societies.
  6. Residuary papers on kottayam Dairy Projects and other allied subject
  7. OP's relating to Milk Societies.
  8. All papers relating to Flood II Programme.
  9. Swiss Aided Dairy Project.
  10. Papers relating to Motor Vehicles and purchase of Stores of Dairy Department.
  11. Administration Report of Dairy Department.
  12. Papers not alloted to any other seats in the section.
  13. Papers on Sewage Farms under Dairy Department.

14Agriculture Development & Farmers' Welfare (AHE) Department

Phone : 0471- 2518569

  1. All Establishment matters relating to AH Department including farm labourers
  2. All papers relating to appointment under compassionate employment scheme in Directorate of 
    Animal Husbandry.
  3. Papers of continuance of temporary non-gazetted posts in the Directorate of Animal Husbandry.
  4. Special rules of Animal Husbandry Subordinate service.
  5. Establishment papers of Livestock Inspectors.
  6. Delegation of powers to officers of Animal Husbandry Department.
  7. Papers relating to charge allowance to officers of A.H.D. and their Deputation, Seminars/Training outside to state.
  8. All papers relating to Special Recruitment.
  9. Establishment papers of Sr. Superintendents/Administrative Assistants/ Accounts Officers etc. 
    (including disciplinary action)
  10. Papers not allotted to other branches in this Section.
  11. All papers relating to Gazetted Officers of the Animal Husbandry Department.
  12. Special Rules for Animal Husbandry State Service.


15. Agriculture Development & Farmers' Welfare (AHF) Department

Phone : 0471- 2518754

  1. All papers relating to K. L. D. B.
  2. All papers relating to Kerala State Poultry Development Corporation.
  3. Papers on cattle improvement Assets and others selected through special employment programme.
  4. All papers relating to Meat Products of India.
  5. Papers of Kerala Feeds Ltd. (including budget)
  6. Papers on New Veterinary/Dairy Colleges and the proposed Veterinary University.
  7. Papers on LIPCOS/SPCAs including Budget.
  8. Amendment/Additions to the existing Acts/Rules of Animal Husbandry Department and all papers relating to 
    Indian Veterinary Council/Kerala State Veterinary Council.
  9. Artificial Insemination facilities.
  10. Miscellaneous papers/petitions and consolidation work of the Animal Husbandry and dairy Departments.
  11. Papers on Meetings/Seminars/Exhibitions etc.
  12. Papers not allotted to other branches in this Section.

    16. Agriculture Development & Farmers' Welfare (AHG) Department
  13.  Phone : 0471- 2518506
  1. Plan Schemes of Animal Husbandry Department.
  2. Budget papers of Animal Husbandry Department.
  3. Papers relating to Central Sector Schemes in A.H.D.General Sector Schemes.
  4. Benefiting Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes.
  5. Livestock Census.
  6. Special Animal Husbandry Programme.
  7. Review of 20 point programme.
  8. Annual Administration Report of Animal Husbandry Department.
  9. Miscellaneous papers of the AHG Section.
  10. Write off of birds/animals died.
  11. Papers relating to Institute of Animal Health and Veterinary Biologicals, Palode.
  12. Construction works of Department of Animal Husbandry.
  13. Opening of Veterinary Dispensaries,Hospitals, Sub Centres etc.
  14. Shifting of Veterinary Institutions of A.H.D.
  15. Compensation to loss sustained on natural calamities.
  16. Papers relating to purchase of feed ingredients, medicine chemicals.
  17. Follow up action on non-supply/defective supply medicine feed etc.
  18. Purchase and repair of Sundry articles and various equipment of the A.H.D.
  19. Condemnation of artices not useful to the A.H.D.
  20. Write off/loss due to theft and natural calamities.
  21. Settlement of dues payable on account of purchase of feed etc.
  22. Inspection report of Stores Purchase Department, Finance Department and Accountant General.
  23. Purchase of vehicles of Animal Husbandry Department.

Schemes and Programmes



A.Crop Husbandry

  • Promotion of Group Farming for Augmenting Rice Production
  • Food Security Project
  • Coconut Development
  • Seed Authority
  • Augumenting Production of Planting Materials through Departmental Farms
  • Special Support Scheme for Farm Sector Debt Relief Commission
  • Establishment of modern laboratories
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Farm Information and Communication
  • Strengthening of Agricultural Extension
  • Farmers Welfare programme
  • Crop Insurance
  • National Agricultural Insurance Scheme
  • Coconut Crop Insurance
  • Weather based insurance
  • Small farm mechanisation and Agricultural Engineering service
  • Agro Service Centres
  • Vegetable Promotion through Vegetable and Fruit Promotion Council of Kerala in selected districts
  • State Horticulture Mission (State Share)
  • Development of Vegetable through Agriculture Department
  • Contigency Programme to meet Natural Calamities
  • World Trade Orgzn. Cell (WTO)
  • State Agricultural Management and Extension Training Institute [SAMETI]
  • Application of Information Technology
  • Development of Kuttanad wetland eco system
  • Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana [RKVY]
  • Kissan Project
  • Commodity safety net scheme
  • Rural Infrastructure Development Fund Projects
  • Share capital contribution to Kerala State Horticulture Products Development Corporation

B. Agricultural Research & Education

  • Human Resource Development
  • Planting Material Programme for KAU
  • On farm trails and front line demonstration for KAU

C. Central Sector Schemes (State Share)

  • Support to state extension programmes for extension reforms [ATMA] (90% CSS)
  • Micro Irrigation (90% CSS)

D.Agricultural Marketing & Quality Control

  • Market Intervention Support for Price Stabilization
  • Grading of Agricultural Commodities
  • Market Development
  • Expansion of Farmers Market of VFPCK
  • Agro Industries Corporation
  • Kerala State Warehousing Corporation
  • Rural Infrastructure Development Fund Projects



    A. 50% CSS

  • Production of T x D Hybrid Seedlings
  • Establishment of Regional Nurseries
  • Total - A

B. 75% CSS

Integrated scheme of oil seeds, pulses and maize (ISOPOM)
Total - B 10.00

C. 100% C.S.S.

  • National project on organic farming
  • Coconut Development Board scheme for integrated farming in coconut holdings for productivity improvement
  • Promotion and strengthening of agricultural mechanisation
  • National project on Biogas development

D. Macro Management Scheme(90% CSS )

  • Rice development
  • Agriculture Mechanization
  • National watershed development programme [NWDPRA]


Sustainable Development of Rice-Based Farming System



Activities to be implemented during the current financial year

The Special farms are to be modernised to function not only as production centres of quality planting materials but also as centres of demonstration of advanced agricultural technologies. The farms have to be provided with basic as well as sophisticated infrastructural facilities like green houses, irrigation support, tissue culture and hardening facilities, seed processing and storage facilities. The functioning and resource allocation will be modified in such a manner economically viable and commercially feasible.

Another amount of Rs.11.00 lakhs under the H/A : 2401-00-104-91 plan will be utilised for gap filling works at farms which are transferred to the District Panchayats.Provision for Rs.1.00 lakh under the captioned head is laid down for modernization works of Kannara Farm and Agricultural Demonstration Centre, Chalode

Separate provision of Rs.4.50 lakhs is set apart for meeting the transportation expenses at the farm. An amount of Rs.6.50 lakhs is provided under the sub heads TE and POL @Rs.3.00 lakhs and Rs.3.50 lakhs respectively for meeting the traveling expenses of the farm officers and fuel charges towards transporting planting materials

The following activities will be undertaken in each special farm in tune with the funds set apart for each component.

Purchase of newly evolved nucleus planting materials from KAU, NSC, Research Institutions etc. More importance should be given for the procurement of remunerative crops and planting materials of high value crops so that receipt of farm can be increased.Increasing the area under progeny orchards and mother gardens· Purchase of inputs required for existing crops as well as for production of planting materials Increasing irrigation facilities including purchase of pumpsets,laying pipelines, modern agricultural machineries, syntex type water tanks, constructions of water tanks, installation of sprinkler system, drip system, etc.

To undertake any minor works, not exceeding Rs. 1.00 lakh, such as water harvesting structures, micronizers, land development,green houses, hardening facilities for tissue culture plantlets, fruit processing facilities, seed processing facilities, repair works etc.· Meeting other contingencies including transportation cost.

Important Officials


Address of Important Authorities




E-mail address

Addl. Director of Agriculture (CP)

Directorate of Agriculture Vikas Bhavan Thiruvananthapuram – 33 Pin: 695 033

Fax: 2304230


Addl. Director of Agriculture (Plg)

Directorate of Agriculture Vikas Bhavan Thiruvananthapuram – 33 Pin: 695 033



Addl. Director of Agriculture (M)

Directorate of Agriculture Vikas Bhavan Thiruvananthapuram – 33 Pin: 695 033




Addl. Director of Agriculture (Bio-gas)

Directorate of Agriculture (Bio Gas) Vikas Bhavan Thiruvananthapuram – 33 Pin: 695 033




State Agriculture Engineer

Directorate of Agriculture, Vikas Bhavan Thiruvananthapuram – 33 Pin: 695 033

Mob: 9446504833


Senior Admn. Officer

Directorate of Agriculture, Vikas Bhavan Thiruvananthapuram – 33 Pin: 695 033



Senior Fin. Officer

Directorate of Agriculture, Vikas Bhavan Thiruvananthapuram – 33 Pin: 695 033



Vigilance Officer

Directorate of Agriculture, Vikas Bhavan Thiruvananthapuram – 33 Pin: 695 033



Law Officer

Directorate of Agriculture, Vikas Bhavan Thiruvananthapuram – 33 Pin: 695 033



Joint Director (PP)

Directorate of Agriculture, Vikas Bhavan Thiruvananthapuram – 33 Pin: 695 033



Joint Director (AR&T)

Directorate of Agriculture, Vikas Bhavan Thiruvananthapuram – 33 Pin: 695 033



Joint Director (WM)

Directorate of Agriculture, Vikas Bhavan Thiruvananthapuram – 33 Pin: 695 033



Joint Director (VC)

Directorate of Agriculture, Vikas Bhavan Thiruvananthapuram – 33 Pin: 695 033



Joint Director(Farms)

Directorate of Agriculture, Vikas Bhavan Thiruvananthapuram – 33 Pin: 695 033



Dy. Director (Mkg.)

Directorate of Agriculture, Vikas Bhavan Thiruvananthapuram – 33 Pin: 695 033



Dy. Director (Plg.)

Directorate of Agriculture, Vikas Bhavan Thiruvananthapuram – 33 Pin: 695 033



Dy. Director (Hort.)

Directorate of Agriculture, Vikas Bhavan Thiruvananthapuram – 33 Pin: 695 033



Dy. Director (IT)

Directorate of Agriculture, Vikas Bhavan Thiruvananthapuram – 33 Pin: 695 033



Dy. Director (AEZ)

Agri. Wholesale Market, Venpalavattom, Anayara (PO) Thiruvananthapuram-29



Dy. Director (PPO)

Directorate of Agriculture, Vikas Bhavan Thiruvananthapuram – 33 Pin: 695 033



Dy. Director (CD)

Directorate of Agriculture, Vikas Bhavan Thiruvananthapuram – 33 Pin: 695 033



Principal Agricultural Officer, Thiruvananthapuram

Kisan Jyothi, Perunthanni, Thiruvananthapuram



Principal Agricultural Officer, Kollam

3rd Floor, Civil Station, Kollam –13

PIN 691013




Principal Agricultural Officer, Alappuzha

Civil Station, Alappuzha

PIN  -688001




Principal Agricultural Officer, Pathanamthitta

Mini Civil Station, Pathanamthitta




Principal Agricultural Officer, Kottayam

Civil Station, Kottayam




Principal Agricultural Officer, Idukki

II Floor, Mini Civil Station Thodupuzha, Idukki


Fax: 2222428



Principal Agricultural Officer, Eranakulam

Civil Station, Kakkanadu, Ernakulam
Pin: 682 050

Fax: 2422224


Principal Agricultural Officer, Thrissur

Chembukavu, Thrissur,

PIN: 682 030

Fax: 2323297



Principal Agricultural Officer, Palakkad

Civil Station, Palakkad

PIN: 678 001




Principal Agricultural Officer, Malappuram

Up Hill, Malappuram,

PIN: 676 505



Principal Agricultural Officer, Kozhikkode

Civil Station, Kozhikode,

PIN: 673 020

Fax: 2370897


Principal Agricultural Officer, Wayanadu

Kalpetta, Wayanad, Pin: 673 122




Principal Agricultural Officer, Kannur

Civil Station, Kannur, Pin: 670 002



Principal Agricultural Officer, Kasargod

Civil Station, A- Block, Vidyanagar, Kasargod, Pin: 671 123

Fax: 2430346






A. Quality Control Laboratories

1.Pesticide Testing Laboratory, Thiruvananthapuram

2. Fertilizer Quality Control Laboratory 
(a) Parattukonam, Thiruvananthapuram (b) Pattambi, Palakkad

B. Seed Testing Laboratories (2 Nos)

1. Alappuzha

2. Thiruvananthapuram

C. Soil Testing Laboratories


District Stationed at



Thiruvananthapuram- Parottukonam


Kollam -Kollam


Alappuzha -Kalarakode


Kottayam- Ettumannur


Idukki -Thodupuzha


Ernakulam -Vytilla


Thrissur- Thrissur


Palakkad- Pattambi


Malappuram -Malappuram


Kozhikode -Thikkodi


Waynad- Mananthavady


Kannur- Thaliparamba


Pathanamthitta -Pandalam


Kasargode -Kasargode

B. Mobile Laboratories



















C. Agmark Grading Laboratories
























Sales Cum Service Depots (8 Nos) 
1. Thiruvananthapuram 
2. Kollam
3. Alappuzha 
4. Kottayam
5. Ernakulam 
6. Thrissur 
7. Palakkad 
8. Kozhikode  

Parasite Breeding Stations 
1. Thiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram 
2. Kollam Kureepuzha
3. Alappuzha Kalarcode
4. Kottayam Kottayam
5. Ernakulam Vytilla
6. Thrissur Irinjalakuda
7. Malapuram Manchery
8. Kozhikode Tikkodi
9. Kasargode Nileswar

Regional Agricultural Technology Training Centres

1. Kazhakkuttom, Thiruvananthapuram District 
2. Kozha, Kottayam District 
3. Vytilla, Ernakulam District 
4. Malampuzha, Palakkad District 
5. Thaliparamba, Kannur District  

Farmers Training Centres 
1. Alathur, Palakad District, [To be shifted to Pathanamthitta]
2. Farokke, Kozhikode District  

Engineering Offices 
a). Regional Executive Engineers' Offices 

1. Kalarcode , Alappuzha District
2. Kuthiravattom, Kozhikode District 

b). RTT Centres
1. Vellayani, Thiruvananthapuram District.

c). Engineering Workshop
1. Perunthanni, Thiruvananthapuram District 
2.Kavanad, Kollam District 
3. Kalarcode, Alappuzha District 
4. Manganam, Kottayam District 
5. Vytilla, Ernakulam District
6. Aranattukara, Thrissur District 
7. Malampuzha, Palakkad District 
8. Kavungal, Malalppuram District 
9. Puthiyara, Kozhikode District 
10.Thana, Kannore District
11. Kasargode, Kasargode District  

Mobile Agro clinics 
1. Thiruvananthapuram
2. Alappuzha
3. Thrissur
4. Ernakulam
5. Kozhikode
6. Kannur
7. Kottayam
8. Wayanadu
9. Malappuram 
10. Palakkad

(a). Bio Technology Centre
Bio Technology Centre, Kazhakuttam
.E-mail: - Adabmfc@sancharnet.in
(b). State Bio Control Laboratory, Mannuthy
(c). Bio Fertiliser Laboratory

1. Pattambi (Rhizobium Only) 
2. Parattukonam,Thiruvananthapuram

Operational Research Project 
1. Moncompu, Kuttanad, Alappuzha. E-mail: - orpmoncompu@sancharnet.in

Farms under The Department

  • Thiruvananthapuram District
    District Agriculture Farm, Peringamala; Banana Nursery, Peringamala (Spl. Farm); State Seed Farm, Ulloor;  State Seed Farm, Chirayinkil; Coconut Nursery, Valiathura; Coconut Nursery, Kazhakuttam.
  • Kollam District
    District Agriculture Farm, Anchal; State Seed Farm, Kottarakkara; State Seed Farm, Kadakkal; Coconut Nursery, Karunagapally; Cashew Farm, Kottarakkara (Spl. Farm).
  • Pathanamthitta District 
    State Seed Farm, Adoor; State Seed Farm, Pullad; Sugarcane Seed Farm, Pandalam (Spl. Farm) .
  • Alappuzha District
    District Agriculture Farm, Mavelikkara; State Seed Farm, Arunoottimangalam; State Seed Farm, Veeyapuram.
  • Kottayam District 
    District Agriculture Farm, Kozha; State Seed Farm, Kozha; State Seed Farm, Valachira.
  • Idukky District 
    District Agriculture Farm, Areekuzha; State Seed Farm, Karimannore; 
    State Vegetable Farm, Vandiperiyar (Spl. Farm)
  • Ernakulam District 
    District Agriculture Farm, Neriamangalam; State Seed Farm, Aluva; State Seed Farm, Okkal;
    Coconut Nursery, Vytila
  • Thrissur District 
    District Agriculture Farm, Chelakkara; State Seed Farm, Mannuthy; State Seed Farm, Kodassery;
    State Seed Farm, Nadavarambu; State Seed Farm, Edathuruthy; State Seed Farm, Pazhayannore;
    State seed farm, Panamchery; Coconut Nursery, Irinjalakuda
  • Palakkad District 
    Orange & Vegetable Farm, Nelliampathy (Spl. farm);Horticultural Development Farm, Malampuzha (Spl. farm);Integrated Seed Development Farm, Erithampathy (Spl. farm); Central Orchard, Pattamby (Spl. farm); State Seed Farm, Alathur; State Seed Farm, Kannannur; State Seed Farm, Kongad;
    State Seed Farm, Ananganadi;State Seed Farm, Muthalamada.
  • Malappuram District 
    District Agriculture Farm, Chungathara; Seed Garden Complex, Munderi (Spl. Farm); State Seed Farm, Thavanoor; State Seed Farm, Anakkayam; State Seed Farm, Chokkad; Coconut Nursery, Parappanagadi
  • Kozhikode District 
    District Agriculture Farm, Koothali; State Seed Farm, Perambara; State Seed Farm, Puthuppadi; Coconut Nursery, Thikkodi.
  • Wayanadu District 
    Wayanadu District has no farms under the control of the Department.
  • Kannur District 
    District Agriculture Farm, Thaliparamba; State Seed Farm, Kankole; State Seed Farm, Vengad;
    State Seed Farm, Palayad
  • Kasaragod District 
    State Seed Farm, Pullur; State Seed Farm, Kasaragod; Cashew Progeny Orchard, Adhur & Gallimukha (Spl. Farm).

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