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State Agricultural Prices Board State Agricultural Prices Board
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The State Agricultural Prices Board was constituted as per G.O (MS) 29/1994/AD dated, 04.02.1994 with the following major aims and objectives, as part of the Agricultural Development Policy announced by the Government on 31 March 1992:


1.To organize the collection and analysis of data on the prices of important agricultural commodities produced within the state, their demand, supply situations, export and import potentials and to conduct studies on cost of cultivation on a continuous basis.


2.To advise Government as well as the farmers on the current and future price situation in respect of major crops so as to promote optimum land use and cropping patterns within the state.


3.To recommend minimum support price for major crops and to monitor the implementation of price support programmes and working of various institutions entrusted with the task so as to make them more effective.


4.To keep under review the developing price situation and to make appropriate recommendations as and when necessary within the frame work of overall price policy.


5.To suggest improvements in market infrastructure such as market yards/warehouses, improved transportation, suitable institutions for market intervention etc.


6. To advise on any problem relating to agricultural prices and production that may be referred to the Board by Government from time to time.



1.STUDY ON COST OF CULTIVATION OF COCONUT: The Board had undertaken a detailed study on cost of cultivation of Coconut in Kerala in association with the Department of Economics & Statistics with financial assistance from the Coconut Development Board. The field level data collection and its supervision in all the districts of the state was undertaken by the Department of Economics & Statistics. The data supplied was compiled and the report finalized by the Board during 1998. The project was sanctioned as per G.O (MS) 348/1996/AD dated, 13.11.1996.


2.TERMS OF TRADE BETWEEN AGRICULTURAL AND NON- AGRICULTURAL SECTORS IN KERALA: A Committee under the Chairmanship of the Chairman of the Board was constituted for reporting the terms of trade between Agricultural and non- Agricultural Sectors in Kerala, as per G.O (Rt) 1709/1996/AD dated, 05.12.1996. The Committee after a detailed study finalized the report and submitted to Government during 1998.


3.COMMISSION ON WTO CONCERNS IN AGRICULTURE: All the financial and administrative work related to the Commission on WTO concerns in Agriculture under the Chairmanship of Dr.M.S.Swaminathan, had been carried out by the Board as ordered by Government.


4.REPORTS ON PRICE POLICY TO THE COMMISSION FOR AGRICULTURAL COSTS & PRICES, GOVT. OF INDIA: The Board prepares the Report on Price Policy for Copra and Kharif Crops every season based on the questionnaire forwarded by the Commission for Agricultural Costs & Prices, (CACP) Govt. of India and submits to Govt. of Kerala for retransmission to the CACP, for finalizing the Price Policy.


5. STUDY ON PRICE SPREAD ANALYSIS OF COCONUT AND BANANA IN KERALA: A study on price spread analysis of Coconut and Banana in Thiruvananthapuram District has been undertaken in collaboration with the Department of Economics & Statistics with the following objectives:

1.To analyse the price spread of major agricultural commodities ie., coconut and banana through a pilot study in Thiruvananthapuram District.

2.To study the cost of production, quantity produced, income and the role of markets relating to the above crops.
3.Using these data prepare suitable projects to assist the cultivators.