Official Language (Legislative) Commission


Official Language
(Legislative Commission)
TC-30/ 1633
KSV -120
Petta P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram- 695 024
Chairperson 0471-2743957
Members 0471-2743125/ 0471-2743229
Secretary 0471-2743657


The Commission was constituted for the purpose of scrutinizing the Glossary of Standard Hindi Legal Terminology prepared by the Central Official Language (Legislative) Commission and suggesting modifications if any, with a view to make them suitable for adoption into Malayalam. This was intended for scrutinizing the Malayalam Translations of the Central Acts, Rules made there under etc. prepared by the Central Official Language (Legislative) Commission. It was also aimed at suggesting modifications to make the translations into the Malayalam Language and for translating the State Acts, Ordinances and the Rules made there under into Malayalam. Even though the State Commission was constituted to scrutinize the Malayalam translation of the Central Acts prepared by the Central Commission, the Original Translations are being done by the State Commission. Thereafter, those translations are sent to the Official Language Wing of the Legislative Department in the Ministry of Law and Justice for approval. The Legislation wing of the Law Secretariat of the Government of Kerala is translating the State Acts, Bills, Ordinances etc. Presently the State Commission is entrusted only with the task of translation and publication of the Central Acts. In implementing this scheme, the Commission is functioning on the basis of the directions issued by the Official Language Wing of the Ministry of Law and Justice, Government of India. The Government of India is meeting the expenses in connection with the translation, printing and publication of the Central Acts. The Commission is the lone Institution in the State, having the exclusive authority to publish the Malayalam version of the Central Acts as Authoritative Texts.
In view of the provisions contained in Section 2 of the Authoritative Texts (Central Laws) Act, 1973 (Act 50 of 1973), the translated version of the Central Acts published by the State Commission are the Authoritative Texts of those Acts. As such, these publications have the authority of the President of India by virtue of the said provision, the publications of the Commission have prime importance especially when the Government of Kerala have decided to switch over from English to Malayalam, the Language of the Subordinate Courts. The Commission is taking all endeavors to publish all the Central Acts applicable to the State of Kerala in Malayalam. The Commission considers that such efforts would help the common man of the State to have access to the Central Laws in Malayalam language.

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