Masjid Festivals

Chandanakuda Mahotsavam in Beemapalli

The holy shrine of Beema Beevi, more popularly known as Beemapalli, which is held sacred by Muslims as well as others, is situated about five kilometres southwest of Thiruvananthapuram Central Railway Station, on the beach road leading to Poonthura via Valiyathura. Beemapalli is a shrine dedicated to the hallowed memory of Beema Beevi, a pious and devoted Muslim lady gifted with divine powers. It is one of the most distinguished mosques in Kerala, which draws large gatherings. Pilgrims of all ages from all communities can be seen heading towards the shrine all along the routes during this festival.


Festival at Cheraman Juma Masjid, Kodungalloor

This is the first Juma Masjid in India and is situated in Methala Village of Kodungalloor taluk, hardly 20 km from Irinjalakuda railway station. According to the legend, Cheraman Perumal went on a pilgrimage to Arabia where he met Prophet Mohammed at Jeddah and embraced Islam and accepted the name Thajuddin.


Veliancode Jaram Nercha Festival

In the village of Veliancode in Malappuram district, there is a Jaram (tomb) where the body of a great Tangal (priest) who had exceptionally divine qualities, lies buried. The 'Nercha festival' is celebrated in memory of his death.


Source: IT Department, Government of Kerala