Land Reforms


Even before the formation of the State of Kerala, there had been endeavours at land reforms; the Restriction on Possession and Ownership of Lands Bill, 1954 , being the best example for the same. After the formation of the State of Kerala the first major achievement was the Kerala Agrarian Relations Bill, 1957 which was passed on October 15, 1960. This Act was repealed in 1961 and was substituted by The Kerala Land Reforms Act, 1963. This act had provisions relating to the fixation of ceiling on land holdings, the vesting of lands in excess of the ceiling in Government, Assignment of surplus lands, abolition of tenancy system, assignment of proprietary right on land to the cultivating tenants, the conferment of the right on Kudikidappukars to purchase land and the constitution of a Kudikidappukars Benefit Fund.