Land Information Mission

Land Information Mission has been constituted for the purpose of carrying out the objectives of Bhoomi Keralam, the most ambitious project of Government of Kerala. Bhoomi Keralam is a time bound project for the completion of cadastral survey of the State using hybrid technology (aerial photogrammetry, GPS+ETS ground survey). The ultimate goal is to generate digital land records as GIS layers that would be permanently available over the web for easy verification by stake holders. The objectives of the mission include , finalising resurvey in the State within a period of three years, maintain updated records of all public lands,  prepare survey records of 27,000 Hectares of land to be distributed to the Adivasis of the state in nearly 1000 locations, complete resurvey of 31 villages of Thiruvananthapuram taluk under the centrally sponsored National Land Records Modernisation Programme (NLRMP), complete the resurvey of land in the possession of M/s. Harrison Malayalam Plantation limited and to identify excess land if any held by the company unauthorisedly, attend to survey of lands to be acquired for public purpose under special projects and on those objectives which may be directed by the Government, from time to time.


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