Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation (KSIDC) is the premier Government agency working for industrial and investment promotion in Kerala. Formed in 1961, KSIDC started with the objective to promote, facilitates and finance large and medium scale industries and serves as a catalyst for the development of physical and social infrastructure required for industrial growth in the State.


A one-stop shop to set up an industry in Kerala and a single-point contact for investments to the State, KSIDC offers a comprehensive set of services that include developing business ideas, identifying viable projects, feasibility study and providing financial assistance and guidance for implementation….read more


Advantage Kerala

Kerala is an investor-friendly and environment-friendly State, where your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more. The south-western State in the Republic of India, Kerala is also known as God's Own Country. This scenic State is bordered by the Arabian Sea in the west and the majestic Western Ghats in the east. Known for its pleasant climate and unique topography, the lush green landscape punctuated by rivers, backwaters, beaches and hills, makes it unique in the great Indian landmass….read more


Key Investment Zones

Kerala offers matchless investment potential with excellent law & order situation, unparalleled infrastructure, well-trained human resource pool, and rich in natural resources. KSIDC aims to convert Kerala into a favoured destination for manufacturing, agro processing, health services, knowledge-based industries and services.


KSIDC will accelerate the investment options to:


(a) Make traditional industries competitive by modernisation, value addition and skill development.

(b) Promote and support MSMEs as an ancillary to large scale industries as well as a self-sustaining entity.

(c) Attract huge capital investment on mutually beneficial terms.

(d) Tap the rich industrial potential of biotechnology.

(e) Accelerate growth in service sector and to make Kerala a major commercial hub….read more


Start Your Own Business

Would you like to start a business venture in Kerala? Let your innovative ideas take you to the upper echelons of success. Set up new business ventures in Kerala with easy steps and start dreaming big.


A business unit can be formed as Proprietary Concern, Partnership Firm, Private Limited Company or Public Limited Company. Most ventures with foreign participation are either Private Limited or Public Limited Companies. A Private Limited Company will have at least two and a maximum of 50 shareholders and a minimum of two directors. A Public Limited Company is required to have a minimum of seven shareholders and three directors -there is no limit on the maximum number of shareholders. The documents and procedures for incorporating a Public or Private Limited Company - Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, Prospectus etc - are taken care of by accounting firms…..read more


Finance Your Project

Projects are financed by a combination of long-term loans and equity with a debt:equity ratio averaging 1.5:1. The loan will be repayable in a period of 8 to 10 years depending on the debt servicing capacity with an initial moratorium of 2 years. Minimum promoters' contribution required for a project is 25% of the project cost. Part of the promoters' contributions can be obtained from State-level institutions like KSIDC….read more


Industrial Growth Centres

As per scheme announced by the Central Government, Government of Kerala has entrusted Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation Ltd (KSIDC) for developing and managing Industrial Growth Centres in various locations of the State. Accordingly KSIDC has acquired /purchased land at four industrially backward locations in the following districts:

Kannur - Valiyavelicham (Kuthupramba)
Kozhikode - Kinalur (Balusserry)
Alappuzha - Pallippuram (Cherthala)


The Industrial Growth Centres at the above locations are under various stages of development and basic infrastructural facilities such as road, water, power, telecommunication etc are already put in place. Steps are being taken to improve the facilities further....Read more


For more information, visit: www.ksidc.org