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The department mainly dealt with the subjects like Law and Order of the State, Special Rules for the Kerala Police Subordinate Service., Special Rules for Armed Police, Cost Accommodation and allied matters of CRPF and other State Police Force deputed to Kerala., Kerala Prisons Act and Rules, Sub Jail Rules and their amendment., Modernization of Prisons, Civil Rules of practice, Criminal Rules of practice and Code of Civil Procedure. High Court Establishment, Establishment of Subordinate judiciary courts, NRI Cell, Community Policing, State Security Commission, Petroleum Act and Rules, Hajj Pilgrimage, Kerala Gaiming Act, Indian Arms Act and Rules, Granting, renewing and extending Arms License., Explosives Act and Rules, Advocates Act, Loud Speakers Licensing, Young Persons Harmful Publication Act etc.


The department has taken meaningful steps to protect to set up policing with public co-operation and modernising expired laws. The comprehensive community policing project, named as 'Janamythri Suraksh Padhathi', has got attention even in the national level. The Government is also obliged to realise immediate justice to the poor and is committed in protecting human rights.


Home department is headed by a Additional Chief Secretary at Secretariat. Activities of Kerala Police headed by Director General of Police, Kerala Fire Force headed by Commandant General, Fire force and Civil Defence, Prisons Department headed by Additional Director General of Police (Prisons) and the Chemical Examiners Laboratory headed by the Chief Chemical Examiner are under the administrative Control of the Home Department.All these departments are inter-linked and co-ordinated by the Home department.  

Organization Structure

Shri. Pinarayi Vijayan
Chief Minister  
3rd Floor, North Block
Government Secretariat
Thiruvananthapuram – 695001
0471- 2332184
0471- 2333241
0471- 2333610
Fax: 0471- 2333489
Home Department

Ground Floor,Main Block,


Additional Chief Secretary
Shri. T. K. Jose IAS  
Additional Chief Secretary
Room No. 357(A) & 358
Main Block
Tel: 0471- 2333174/2518455
Fax: 0471- 2327395
Tel: 0471 - 2721601
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Official website of Coastal Police Government of Kerala


Department Sections

Services & Activities

1. Cost Accommodation and allied matters of CRPF and other State Police Force deputed to Kerala.
2. Recovery of cost of State Battalion deputed outside the State.
3. Establishment matters relating to Armed Police Battalion.
4. Miscellaneous papers related to Police establishment.
5. Special Rules for Armed Police.
6. Establishment of Gazetted Officers in General Executive of the Police Department including deputation and all Executive Officers in General Executive for the Police Department including deputation and all Executive officers of Crime Branch.
7. Government of India papers relating to Delhi Special Police Establishment, Police Training and Special Police Establishment.
8. Establishment of Non Gazetted Staff of Police Department and General Executive (Police constables and Sub Inspectors of Police).
9. Special Rules for the Kerala Police Subordinate Service.
10.Establishment papers of India Reserve Battalion.
 1.  Papers related to the release of prisoners, classification of prisoners, release of criminal lunatics and custodial deaths.
 2.  Kerala Prisons Act and Rules, Sub Jail Rules and their amendment.
 3.  Jail Advisory Board.
 4.  Jail Reforms Committee.
 5.   Grievance Deposit Boxes.
 6.   Scheme relating to Welfare of Prisoners.
 7.  Remission and Commutation of sentences.
 8.  Empowered Committee and all papers relating to prisoners.
 9.   Purchase of articles for jails and settlement of contracts.
10.  Construction and repairs of jail buildings.
11. Audit reports and inspection reports of the Jail Department.
12. Papers relating to the Welfare of Officers of the Jail Department.
13. Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act and Regulations.
14. Establishment matters of Jail Department.
15. Follow up action on the Reports of Legislative Committees including PAC, of the Jails Department.
16. Administration Report and Special rules of the Jails Department.
17. Employment Assistance under compassionate Employment Scheme.
18. Modernization of Prisons.
19. Administrative Sanction to works of Jail Department.
 20. Death of Prisoners in Jails and petitions relating to death and parole.
 21. Parole to convicts of Central Prisons, Viyyur, Open Prisons Nettukaltheri and Cheemani and Women's Prison, Neyyattinkara.
 1. High Court Establishment.
 2. Establishment of Subordinate judiciary courts.
 3. Contempt of Court Proceedings.
 4. Investiture of Magisterial powers to Executive Magistrates.
 5. Appointment of Honorary Special Judicial Magistrates for Railways.
 6. Appointment of Special Public Prosecutors and fixation of their remuneration.
 7. Amendments in Criminal Procedure Code.
 8. Civil Rules of practice, Criminal Rules of practice and Code of Civil Procedure.
 9.  Installation of telephones in Judicial Departments.
10. Administration Report of Civil and Criminal Wing of Judicial Department.
11. Gazetted establishment (District Judge, Motor Accidents Claims Tribunals, Munsiffs and Judicial Magistrates of First Class) of Judicial Department (Civil and Criminal). Budget papers of Judicial Department.
12. Accommodation of Courts and Tribunals.
13. Finance Commission Award and Centrally Sponsored Schemes.
14. Works of Judicial Department.
15. Establishment of New Courts and Tribunals.
16. Issue of Special Rules relating to Judicial Department.
17. Establishment of Family Courts.
18. Territorial Jurisdiction of New Courts and Tribunals.
19. Papers relating to the establishment of the Director General of Prosecution, the Deputy Directors of Prosecution and Assistant Public Prosecutors of the State.
20. Preparation of Budget allotment, reconcilliation etc.
1. Paper relating to Law and Order of the Districts of Thiruvananthapuram (Rural), Kollam, Alappuzha and Idukki.
 1. Opening and Shifting of Police Stations and redefining of area of jurisdiction of Police Stations.
 2. Opening of Police Stations/Out posts, Police Circles/Sub-divisions, Coastal Police Station etc.
 3. Notification relating to Police Stations.
 4. Construction works of Police Department, Police Housing etc.
 5. Finance Commission Award Scheme for Modernization of Police Force etc.
 6. Kerala Police Housing Construction Corporation Ltd.
 7. Repairs and maintenance of departmental vehicles, hiring of vehicles, Installation of telephones and purchase of stores etc. of the Police Department.
 8. Inspection Reports/Administration Reports of the Police Department, Arms and Ammunitions etc.
 9. All papers related to M.A.C.T., Land assignment and Land accusation in respect of Police Department.
10. Police Sports and Sports Fund.
11. Kerala Police Welfare and Amenity Fund and Papers relating to the Welfare of Police Personnel.
12. Parade Grounds, Police Stadium, Maidan etc.
13. All papers relating to Chemical Examiner's Lab.
14. Supply of food to Law and Order duty.
15. Miscellaneous papers of the Police Department.
16. Kerala Police Performance and Accountability Commission.
17. Establishment of Coastal Police Stations.
18. NRI Cell.
19. Community Policing.
20. IT.
21. Administrative Sanction for demolition and auction of building belonging to Police Department.
22. State Security Commission.
23. Police Complaint Authority.
24. Police Establishment Board.
25. DNA Testing.
1. Indian Arms Act and Rules, Granting, renewing and extending Arms License.
2. Explosives Act and Rules.
3. Advocates Act.
4. Loud Speakers Licensing.
5. Young Persons Harmful Publication Act.
6. Thrissur Pooram.
7. Quarry Accident.
8. Habitual Offenders Act.
9. Kerala Dramatic Performance Act.
10. Petroleum Act and Rules.
11. Filing of criminal appeal and Vakalathnama.
12. Appeal sanction of all criminal cases.
13. All papers relating to Fire and Rescue Services Department.
14. Hajj Pilgrimage.
15. Kerala Gaiming Act.
16. Granting of emergency leave to convicts of Central Prison, Kannur and extension of emergency leave.
1. Long-term Visa of foreigners. (Except Pakistan and Bangladesh nationals).
2. Extension of stay of foreigners. (Except Pakistan and Bangladesh nationals).
3. Deportation of foreigners (Except Pakistan and Bangladesh nationals).
4. Arrest and death of foreigners. (Except Pakistan and Bangladesh nationals).
5. Approval of research projects of foreigners (Except Pakistan and Bangladesh nationals).
6. Verification of Nationality Status of Indians abroad.
7. Verification of antecedents for issuing new passports to Indians abroad.
8. Verification of genuineness of documents produced by Indians abroad, Issuance of "No Obligation to Return to India" Certificate and Police Clearance Certificate.
9. Foreigners Act and Rules. (Except Pakistan and Bangladesh nationals).
10. Passport Act and Rules.
11. Prosecution of persons for violation of the provisions of Passport Act and Rules.
12. Registration under Indian Citizenship Act. (Except Pakistan and Bangladesh nationals)
13. Determination of Nationality Status. (Except Pakistan and Bangladesh nationals)
14. Miscellaneous papers of Home Department.
1. Disciplinary cases against Police Constable to Superintendent of Police (Non-IPS) of the Police Department including Police Drivers, Mounted Police, Police Band and Dog Squad and KPDIP & A Rules 1958.
2. Establishment of the Ministerial staff of the Police Department.
3. Finger Print Bureau.
4. Kerala State Human Rights Commission.
1. Law and Order papers relating to the Districts of Kasaragod, Kannur, Kozhikode, Malappuram, Wayanad, Thrissur, Palakkad, Kottayam and Ernakulam
1. Establishment papers of Armed Reserve Police, Police Drivers and Motor Transport Unit of Police Department.
2.  Establishment papers of the Armour Unit.
3. Railway Police.
4. Police Hospitals.
5. Forensic Science Laboratory.
6. Women Police.
7. Police Telecommunication.
8. Camp Followers.
9. Personnel Guard to Ministers.
10. Mounted Police.
11. Last Grade and Part Time Contingent Employees.
12. Technical staff of the Police Department.
13. Police Band and Dog Squad and Boat crew in Police Department.
14. Employment Assistance under the Compassionate Employment Scheme.
15. Allotment of Police Family quarters, request for exemption from panel rent, request for the continuance in the Police Family Quarters, payment of water charges, payment of rent for the building hired for the use of Police Department.
16. Security Officers of Secretariat.
1. Withdrawal of Prosecution cases in respect of all Districts in the State.
2. Establishment matters of Subordinate Judiciary.
3. Employment Assistance under Compassionate Employment Scheme of Judicial Department.
4. Issue of special Rules related to Kerala Judicial Ministerial Subordinate Service Rules.
5. PAC/Draft Paras of Subordinate Judiciary.
1. Law and Order Papers relating to Thiruvananthapuram District (City) and Pathanamthitta District.
2. Law and Order petitions from the Keralites living abroad (incident occurred outside Kerala).
3. General papers of Law & Order except those assigned to Home (SSA) and Special Cell Department.
4. General LA Interpellation of all Districts - Lok sabha and Rajya Sabha Questions.
5. All papers requesting consent of the State Government under Section 6 of the Delhi Police Establishment Act, 1946 to the extension of powers and jurisdiction of the members of Special Police Establishment in the whole State for investigation of offences punishable under the various Acts of the Government of India reflecting of cases for enquiry by CBI.
6. All papers relating to referring cases to Crime Branch including Crime Cases and all others.
1. COFEPOSA cases related to the State and outside the State including Union Territories.
2. Cases of preventive detention under PITNDPS Act pertaining to the whole State.
3. Kerala Anti-Narcotic Special Action Task Force (KANSAF).
4.  Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA).
5. Commission of Enquiry Act, 1952.
6. Enquiries into incidents involving Police Lock up death and clashes in which the Police are involved.
7. Papers of Law and Order which are absolutely secret and sensitive in nature like firing, lathi charges etc. by the police and Political and Communal clashes.
8. Papers relating to Emergency Victims.
9. All India Conference of Chief Secretaries, Home Secretaries, Director Generals of Police regarding Law and Order etc. and Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 1976.
10. Fortnightly confidential reports on Law and Order to Government of India, Governor of Kerala and other States Intelligence Reports.
11. Periodicals, fort nightlies from other States.
12. Religious Institutions (Prevention of misuse) Act.
13. Papers relating to Internal Security.
14. Papers relating VIP Security.
15. Communal Harmony and communal Harmony Awards.
16. Detention Orders against persons belonging to outside State.
17. Papers related to National Human Rights Commission.
18. Papers related to T.A.D.A, N.S.A, and E.S.M.A, T.A.D.A (Prevention) Act, 1987 and E.S.M.A 1981 Act.
19. Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967.
20. Execution of detention orders issued by the Government of India and other State Governments.
21. Activities of extremists, militants and naxalism.
22. Kerala Anti-Social Activities (Prevention) Act 2002 (KASA).
23. State Level Police Complaint Authorities (SLPCA).
24. Papers relating to establishment of High Court Bench.
1. General papers/directions relating to the visit, stay, exit, citizenship, death etc. of Pakistan/Bangladesh nationals.
2. Consolidation of Monthly Business Statement convening of Departmental Staff Conference and follow up action.
3. Chief Secretary's Conference with Secreataries.
4. Appeal petitions from candidates for appointment.
5. Declaration of vital installations and sensitive points as prohibited places under Indian Official Secrets Acts within the powers delegated to State Government.
6. Processing of daily intelligence report and weekly digest of ADGP (Int.)
7. Action under Cr.PC/IPC for prescription of books/periodicals etc.
8. Implementation of Civil Defence Schemes in the State Home Guards.
9. Periodicals relating to Pakistan nationals.
10. Request for prosecution sanction for offences punishable under section 153 (A) IPC and 297 (A) IPC.
11. Award of Police and Fire Service Medals.
12. Action on activities of Police Associations in the State.
13. Correspondence relating to Budget estimates and reimbursement of expenditure booked under ‘252 (a)7'   from the Central Government.
14. Upkeep and maintenance of classified documents such as Internal Security Schemes/War book.
15. Papers relating to Civil Military Liaison Conference
16. Verification of Character and Antecedents of candidates selected to Public Appointment including in defence forces, DRDO, ISRO, IA etc.
17. Papers relating to Hawala related crimes.
1. Untouchability/Atrocities on Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes.
2. Periodical Report to Government of India.
3. Concession granted to Para Military Force.
4. Secretaries Security Operational cases of Security Staff.
5. Issuing of Identify Cards, Entry Passes, NLC etc.
6. Granting of Parole to the convicts of Central Prison, Thiruvananthapuram.
7. Traffic Regulations.
8. Lotteries other than Government Lotteries.
9. Prize Competition Act.
1.  Attestation of the Certificates/Documents for use abroad.
2.  Attestation of Signature of HRD Officials in Academic Certificates to be sent to Consulate of UAE, Mumbai.
1. Follow up action on the reports of PAC/PUC, Subject Committee,
2. Estimates Committee and Committee on Subordinate Legislation,
3. Assurance Committee and other Legislative Committees and
4. Furnishing replies on L.A. Interpell


Contact Us



No. Department Sections Phone No.
1. Home (A) department 0471- 2518359
2. Home (B) department 0471- 2518351
3. Home (C) department 0471- 2517112
4. Home (D) department 0471- 2518420
5. Home (E) department 0471- 2518077
6. Home (F) department 0471- 2518736
7. Home (G) department 0471- 2518943
8. Home (H) department 0471- 2518227
9. Home (J) department 0471- 2517183
10. Home (K) department 0471- 2517141
11. Home (L) department 0471- 2518153
12. Home (M) department 0471- 2518237
13. Home (SS A) department 0471- 2518438, Direct: 0471-2333637
14. Home (SS B) department 0471- 2518719, Direct: 0471-2333485
15. Home (SC) department 0471- 2518031
16. Home (Attestation) department 0471- 2517107
17. Home (PS) department

0471- 2518676


Director General of Police, Kerala 0471-2721601

Additional Director General of Police Operations, Police Head Quarters,
Inspector General of Police Police Head Quarters,
Inspector General of Police Modernisation,
PHQ, Thiruvananthapuram.
DIG (Admn.) PHQ, Thiruvananthapuram. 0471-2722002
LAW & ORDERS IG SZ, Thiruvananthapuram. 0471-2323775
DIG, Thiruvananthapuram Range   0471-2310768
DIG, Ernakulam Range, Ernakulam   0484 -2353516
IGP NZ, Kozhikode   0495-2368500
DIG Thrissur Range   0487-2425250
DIG Kannur Range   0487-2711500
ADGP Crimes Crime Branch CID,
Head Quarters, Thiruvananthapuram.
IGP Crimes Thiruvananthapuram. 0471-2461433
DIG, CB CID (SR) Charachira, Pattom,
DIG CB CID Central Range, Ernakulam 0484-2322577
ADGP (Intelligence) SB CID HQ, Thiruvananthapuram. 0471-2554452
IGP (Intelligence), Thiruvananthapuram. 0471-2726705
DIG (Intelligence) SB CID, HQ, Thiruvananthapuram. 0471-2446877
DIG (Security), SB CID, HQ Thiruvananthapuram. 0471-2550123
Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram. 0471-2446522
DIG (Technical) Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram. 0471-2445828
TRAINING & AP. BATTALIONS ADGP (Trg), Thiruvananthapuram. 0471-2323497
IGP Training & Joint Director KEPA, R. V. Puram, Thrissur 0487-2330894
DIG (Training) PTC, Thiruvananthapuram. 0471-2323229
IGP APBNs   0471-2323775
DIG APBNs Thiruvananthapuram. 0471-232205


Police Help Line Numbers
0471 3943000
0471 3944000
0471 3945000


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