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The Civil Supplies Department discharges the important responsibilities of public distribution, enforcement of market discipline and promotion of consumer awareness and protection of their interest. In the 60s and 70s it won many accolades for the pioneering achievements in the implementation of Universal Rationing System.The Department of Civil Supplies functions under the Department of Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs of the Government of Kerala.
Kerala has the privilege of having the best system of Public Distribution System in the whole country. The system is evenly spread over the whole State without any distinction between urban or rural. To ensure equitable distribution of the food grains at a fairly low cost to all people especially to the weaker sections of the population. There is a very good network of wholesale and retail outlets for the distribution of rationed articles under the Public Distribution System. 

Organization Structure

Adv. G. R. Anil
Minister for Food and Civil Supplies
Room No. S-210(Old-644)
2nd Floor
South Block
Tel:0471- 2333371
Mob: 9400662244
Department Ground Floor
North Sandwich Block
Shri. Teeka Ram  Meena IAS
Additional Chief Secretary
Room No. 388
1st Floor
Main Block , Secretariat
Phone: 0471- 2517380, 2335462
Mobile: 9400156199



Organisation Structure

The Public Distribution System in Kerala is enforced by the State Civil Supplies Department which is under the exclusive charge of the Commissioner of Civil Supplies and Secretary to Government, Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Department. Under him, there is the Director of Civil Supplies who is the Chief Executive Head of the Department. There is a Controller of Rationing with State wide jurisdiction on matters of Rationing and a Controller of Rationing (Enforcement) having the same status to implement the rules and policies and Assistant Secretaries and staff to assist the Director on administrative matters. There are four Deputy Controllers of Rationing with zonal jurisdictions whose functions mainly are inspection of subordinate offices and to conduct enquiries on complaints against the dealers and members of the staff etc.In each district, there is a District Supply Officer who is the head of the Civil Supplies administration of each Revenue District. The concerned District Collector also supervises the work of the District Supply Officer. Under the District Supply Officer, there is a Taluk Supply Officer in each Taluk, who is assisted by Rationing Inspectors.  All the Ration Shops are being inspected by the officers frequently to guard against malpractice. A Vigilance Officer having state-wide jurisdiction is also been working under the direct supervision of the Director of Civil Supplies


1) Papers related to establishment matters of officers in State Service of Civil Supplies Department.
2) Disciplinary action in respect of officers in State & Subordinate Service of Civil Supplies Department.
3) Creation and continuance of the posts in the Civil Supplies Department.
4) Departmental Promotion Committee (Higher) in respect of Officers in Civil Supplies Department.
1) Papers related to establishment matters of officers in Subordinate Service of Civil Supplies Department.
2) Compassionate Employment Scheme for the dependants of Government Servants of the Civil Supplies Department who die-in-harness.
3) Medical reimbursement claim in respect of officials in the Civil Supplies Department.
4) D.P.C.(Lower) in respect of Civil Supplies Department.
5) Deputation of officials in Civil Supplies Department to SUPPLYCO.
1) Purchase and maintenance of vehicles of Civil Supplies Department.
2) Administration Report of the Civil Supplies Department.
3) Annual Performance Report of Civil Supplies Department.
4) Budgetary proposals including Resumption, Additional Authorization, Re appropriation and SDG.
5) Plan formulation.
6) Miscellaneous/General papers of the Department except L.A.Interpellation & L.A. Committee recommendation.
7) M.P.'s Conference/Collector's Conference.
8) Staff meeting.
9) Secretaries' meeting with Chief Secretary.
10) Proposals for consideration by Rent Committee of PWD & permission to avail buildings on rent basis for functioning offices of Civil Supplies Department.
11) Regularization of excess consumption of fuel.
12) Training Programme for officials in the Civil Supplies Department.
13) Result Framework Document.
14) Establishment of new offices of Civil Supplies Department.
15) Delegation of Financial powers of officials in Civil Supplies Department.
1) Sanctioning of new AWDs.
2) Revision Petitions/Appeal Petitions from Authorized Wholesale Distributors of 7 northern districts.
3) Writ Petitions in connection with appointment of AWD licensees, irregularities by AWDs etc. of 7 northern districts.
4) Other Miscellaneous complaints on sanctioning of AWDs, Issuance of AWD licenses, Request for conversion of AWD licenses into Partnership, Inclusion of new members in the Partnership/Dealership etc. of 7 northern districts.
5) Implementation of Smart Ration Cards in PDS.
6) Kerala Rationing Order 1966 and its amendment.
7) Computerization of Civil Supplies Department including End to End Computerization of PDS in the State.
8) Implementation of Direct Transfer of Kerosene Cash Subsidy & GPS Vehicle tracking of PDS.
1) Revision Petitions/Appeal Petitions from the Authorised Retail Distributors throughout the State.
2) Complaints regarding the distribution/quality etc. of the ration articles issued through the ARDs throughout the State.
3) Other Miscellaneous papers involving cancellation of ARD license, change of lincensee, complaints regarding appointment of licensee etc. of the ARD throughout the State.
1) All papers related to Sugar Distribution
2) Sanctioning of new ARDs in the State.
3) Miscellaneous paper in 'B' Section.
4) Papers related to Food Security including Food Security Bill.
5) Papers related to Food Advisory Committees.
6) Sanctioning of new AWDs (Southern Districts).
7) Revision Petitions/Appeal Petitions from AWDs(Southern districts).
8) Writ Petitions (WP(C))in connection with appointment of AWDS licensee(Southern Districts), irregularities by AWDs (Southern Districts) etc.
9) Other Miscellaneous complaints on sanctioning of AWDs(Southern Districts)/Issuance of AWD licenses (Southern Districts),Request for conversion of AWD licenses(Southern Districts) in to Partnership, Inclusion of new members in the Partnership/Dealership etc.
10) All papers related to Ration Cards:- Issue of Administrative sanction of the printing and distribution of ration cards & related declaration forms, complaints from the public regarding the non receipt of ration cards, delay in getting ration cards, conversion of APL ration cards to BPL ration cards etc.
11) Implementation of AAY in the State as per the Guidelines issued by the Government of India and subsequent correspondence with Government of India on AAY (upto the issuance of AAY Ration Cards only).
12) Reports of Legislative Committees.
13) Monthly Rationing Report.
1) Kerala Vegetable Oils, Vanaspathy and Baby Food Dealers Licensing Order, 1975.
2) Pulses, Edible Oil Seeds and Edible Oils(Storage Control) Orders, 1977.
3) Kerala Pulses Dealers Licensing Order, 1972.
4) Maveli Medical Stores, Petrol Bunks and Kerosene Depots by Kerala State Civil Supplies Corporation.
5) Mobilization of Revenue, Enhancement of License fee etc.
6) Credit facilities to the salaried class.
7) Marketing of Maveli Soaps and other items.
8) Papers relating to Taxes of Kerala State Civil Supplies Corporation.
9) Land Assignment and Storage facilities related to Kerala State Civil Supplies Corporation .
10) Paddy procurement.
1) Inspection Reports.
2) Papers of Legislative Committees related to Kerala State Civil Supplies Corporation Ltd.
3) Profit making Ventures by Kerala State Civil Supplies Corporation Ltd.
4) Loans of/to Kerala State Civil Supplies Corporation Ltd.
5) Opening of New Maveli Stores and Labham Supplyco Markets.
6) Providing of Essential Commodities to Selected Societies/Co.operative Maveli Stores.
7) MIS by Kerala State Civil Supplies Corporation Ltd.
8) Fair Price/Annapoorna Hotels, Onam/Ramadan/Bakrid/ Christmas fairs and markets.
9) Mid Day Meal Scheme to school children.
10) Government guarantee for Kerala State Civil Supplies Corporation.
11) Papers related to CFRD.
12) Price control of essential commodities.
1) Establishment papers in respect of officials in KSCSC Ltd.
2) Disciplinary cases of officers in KSCSC Ltd.
3) Committee on strengthening of Head Office/Regional Offices of KSCSC Ltd.
4) Special Rules related to KSCSC Ltd.
5) Papers related to Board meetings/Annual General Meetings of KSCSC Ltd.
6) Representations of Schedule Caste/Scheduled Tribe in Public Sector Undertakings.
7) Miscellaneous papers of the section.
1) Papers related to Food Grain Dealers Licensing Order, 1967.
2) Papers related to Essential Commodities Act, 1955.
3) Issue of notifications on Central orders related to stock limits.
4) Papers on hoarding and Black marketing of essential commodities and inspection conducted in the open market to check hoarding/black marketing.
5) Papers related to Village Grain Bank Scheme.
6) Allotment of rice under Annapoorna Scheme and furnishing of UC to GOI.
7) Papers related to Commission/Revision of Commission/Arrear amount of existing commission to Ration Dealers.
8) Papers related to Establishment permits and allotments to institutions such as Jails, hospitals.
9) Allotment of rice and wheat under Welfare Institution Scheme/ Issue of ration permit to Welfare Institutions and furnishing Utilization Certificate.
10) Papers related to OMSS(D) Scheme and Adhoc Special allotment to poorest districts.
11) Price control of food items in Hotels.
12) Miscellaneous papers of FCS(D) Dept, including miscellaneous L.A. Questions, Monthly Action Taken under EC Act etc.
1) Papers related to Ration Subsidy schemes.
2) Papers related to TPDS/PDS.
3) All papers related to FCI.
4) All papers related to Ration Dealers.
5) Quality of food grains lifted/distributed through PDS.
6) Allocation/Storage/Movement of food grains(Intermediate storage, Declaration of alternate depots, de-linking/retagging of AWDs, additional allocation, additional adhoc allocation including to poorest districts in the state and special allocation of food grains)
7) FCI Zonal Committees & State Consulative Committee Meetings & follow up action.
8) All papers related to sanctioning of free ration.
9) Recommendation of Wadhwa Commission Report including door step delivery of food grains.
10) Furnishing of U.Cs. on Normal(APL/BPL), Additional & Adhoc(PL/BPL) and Special allocation(Flood/Festival seasons etc.)
11) Monitoring of lifting/Resolving labour/transportation/ operational issues and extension of lifting period.
12) OMSS(D) Special allocation for festival seasons its lifting and Guidelines.
13) Matters related to Kerala Ration Dealers Welfare Fund Board,except establishment matters.
14) Reimbursement of additional transportation charges in respect of AWDs on account of relinking and papers on claiming amount due from FCI.
1) Earmarking of PDS Kerosene to Fisheries/Agriculture Sector.
2) Kerosene establishment permit and permits to individuals on special grounds.
3) Revision/Appeal petitions of KWDs.
4) All papers related to allotment and distribution of kerosene under PDS including non-subsidized special purpose kerosene.
5) Committee to control and monitor prices of essential commodities.
6) KWD Dealer Commission.
7) All papers related to monitoring the functioning of LPG plants and distribution of LPG.
8) All papers related to hoarding/black marketting/confiscation of LPG/Kerosene.
9) Lok Sabha/RajyaSabha/LA Interpellations related to distribution of petroleum products.
10) Kerala Food & Beverages Control Act.
11) Monitoring of the distribution of Petroleum Products.
1) Papers related to Legislative Committees.
2) L.A. Interpellations /Lok Sabha Questions / Rajya Sabha Questions /Legislative Committee Recommendations which are General/Miscellaneous in character.
3) Papers related to Audit Monitoring Committee.
4) Papers related to Governor's Address.
5) Fortnightly report on important Orders.
6) Monthly Business Statement and related papers.
7) Monitoring of Lok Sabha, RajyaSabha questions.
8) Monitoring of L.A.Interpellation/Assurance.

Schemes & Programmes

Issue of new Ration Cards
Implementation of Smart-Card in selected ARDs
The Civil Supplies department is mainly concerned with the implementation of schemes connected with distribution of Rice, Wheat, Sugar and Kerosene. Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS) is now followed by the State. The stock of PDS items were allotted by the Central Government is lifted through AWDs and Distributed through ARDs; on the basis of family Ration Cards.
The families are categorised as Below Poverty Line(BPL) and Above Poverty Line(APL).
A. Distribution for BPL Cards
BPL card holders will get 35 Kg. of Rice @ Rs. 6.20 per month and the Sugar issue is limited only to BPL card holders now except festival times.
B. Annapurna
The Scheme is intended for the benefit of senior citizens above the age of 65 and it is a centrally sponsored scheme. The scheme was implemented in the state with effect from 14-2-2001. They are eligible to draw 10 Kg. Rice per month free of cost.
C. Anthyodaya Anna Yojana
This is centrally sponsored scheme. The scheme is intended for the poorest of poor. The beneficiary families are entitled for 35 Kg. of Rice per month at a highly subsidised rate of Rs. 3/- per Kg. The transportation and other incidental expenses of the implementation of the scheme are met by the State Government.
D. Distribution to SC/ST/OBC Hostels
Distribution of Rationed articles to SC/ST and OBC hostels were also done by this department. Eligible hostels can apply for the scheme.
E. Distribution to APL families
APL families will get all the rationed articles except Sugar from the ARDs. But sugar will be issued to APL families also during Festival Seasons.
With a view to protect the interests of the consumers, various Control Orders were issued under the Essential Commodities Act and these Acts are administered by the Civil Supplies Department in the State to detect malpractices in the Civil Supplies front and to take remedial measures under the leadership of the Controller of Rationing (Enforcement). In order to curb the price hike, hoarding etc. various measures have been implemented as follows:
a)Open Market Raids
b)Surprise Checks
c)Inspection in AWD, KWD and ARD

Contact Us


Additional Secretary 0471- 2518225
Food & Civil Supplies (A) Department 0471 2518524
Food and Civil Supplies (B) Department 0471 2518770
Food and Civil Supplies (C) Department 0471 2518734
Food and Civil Supplies (D) Department 0471-2518360
Food and Civil Supplies (P) Department 0471-2517114







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