During the period of lockdown, all fishing harbours and fish landing centres in the State were closed as per the guidelines. Mechanised fishing boats were not allowed to operate and fish auctions were prohibited. The traditional way of fishing was, however, permitted. Traditional fishermen were allowed to go out to fish but were asked to not auction their products, as social distancing measures were difficult to implement. Instead, purchase and sales of marine fish were conducted at a price fixed by the Government. The Harbour Management Societies were entrusted to fix the prices of different fish. In the fishing harbours and landing centres, a token system was introduced to avoid crowds. A mobile application was also developed for the online marketing of fish. The Government issued orders exempting aquaculture activities, fish farms and hatcheries and movement of feed, seed, and aquaculture essentials from lockdown restrictions. 
Saltwater ponds are to be set up in 3,000 hectares for farming Pearl Spot. Besides, 5,000 units are to be set up for joint saltwater fish farming so that production can be increased by 5,000 tonnes. 5,000 plastic ponds costing ₹1 lakh per unit are also to be set up. Mobile aqualabs will be set up in all 14 Districts to ensure quality and disease control. The sanctions on the marine fishing activities were lifted from the mid-August, 2020.
Source : Economic Review 2020