Financial Assistance

NORKA Department Project for Returned Emigrants

The project intends to guide and assist returned emigrants to start sustainable income generating ventures. Those who have worked for a minimum of two years abroad and the groups formed by them will be the beneficiaries of this project. The sectors covered include farm-based ventures, trade, services, small and medium scale production units….. read more


Karunyam ( Fund For Repatriation Of Dead Bodies Of Non Resident Keralites)

NORKA extends financial assistance to legal heirs of NRKs for repatriation of dead bodies of NRKs. The amount is Rs. 50,000/- for repatriation from abroad and Rs.15,000/- within India. The Fund is constituted for extending financial assistance, subject to conditions specified herein after, by way of grant to legal Heirs of NRKs for repatriation by air or rail, in the most economical manner/carrier available, mortal remains of the NRK who expired while abroad or in an Indian state outside Kerala. The deceased NRK must have a valid Indian passport and should have been legally residing/working in the foreign country….. read more



Swanthwana is a scheme that has been launched for returned NRKs in distress. Through this scheme financial Assistance is provided to NRK returnees having a minimum period of service of two years abroad or outside the State. The period after return or death of NRK should not be exceeded the period of his working in the foreign country or ten years whichever is shorter…. read more


Chairman Fund

In order to step up the welfare activities of the organization, NORKA ROOTS Board of Directors decided that 10% of the money collected through the Certificate Attestation Centres will be transferred to a separate account called Chairman's Fund, out of which financial assistance will be given to the deserving NRK's with the approval of the board….. read more


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