• General

  • What is Kerala State Portal all about?

    Kerala State Portal is the Official Web Portal of the Government of Kerala. Portal contains informational contents, Government documents and Government department services. Portal also provides provision for the citizen to engage and participate in the government activities. This portal will be a single point of access to the citizens, for either information or transactional purposes. One of the goals of the Government is to cooperate, collaborate and integrate information across different departments in the Centre, States and Local Government. It is served through this portal.

  • What is SSDG?

    State Service Delivery Gateway (SSDG) project, formulated under the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP), is to fulfill the vision of providing easy and convenient services to the citizens through remote access primarily through Common Service Centres (CSCs). And there by enabling the State Portal by implementing the key components State Portal viz. SSDG, electronic Form (e-Forms), Application and Computing Infrastructure.

  • Account

  • How to register in the Portal?

    If you are not a registered user in the State Portal, Click on ‘SSO Sign In' link in the top right corner of the portal. Click on ‘Create Account' link. Signup with the details asked for and register. You can login to the state portal using this login credentials.

  • What if I forget the password of my account?

    Click on ‘SSO Sign In' link in the top right corner of the state portal. Click on ‘Forgot Password' link. Provide your registered email Id and then answer your secret question to reset the password.

  • Services

  • Are online government services available through this portal?

    Yes government department services are available through the Kerala State Portal. Services are available on clicking the ‘e-Services' button in the header section or clicking on the ‘Services' tab in the main menu. Some services are accessible only to registered citizen in the state portal. Clicking on such services will prompt login if the user is not logged in. If you are not a registered user then you have to register in the state portal.

  • How to track the status for my application?

    Click on 'e-Services' button in the page header. Type the acknowledgement number in track application status section and check the status. To view the status of all the transactions performed by you click on 'View All Transactions' link.