Enterpreneur Support Schemes

The Entrepreneur Support Scheme aims to merge and replace all the previous schemes titled the Entrepreneur Support Scheme 2012 to be operated in the State of Kerala with the following objectives from 01.04.2012.
The new Entrepreneur Support Scheme intends to:
i.provide extensive support to micro, small and medium enterprises and
ii.give one-time support to entrepreneurs, with due regard to special categories by optimal utilization of funds and giving more flexibility of operation while implementing the Scheme. 
The Directorate of Industries & Commerce is an implementing agency of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise related policy decisions of the Industries Department of Government of Kerala. The Directorate along with its subordinate field offices viz. District Industries Centers and Taluk Industries Offices are responsible for promoting/sponsoring, registering, financing and advising MSME (Micro Small and Medium Enterprise) industries in the State.
The role of the Department is to act as a facilitator for industrial promotion and gives all assistance to start and sustain the MSMEs (Micro, Small or Medium Enterprise). Major functions of the department are:-
1. Identify entrepreneurs and motivate them.
2. Provide project ideas/project profiles/project feasibility advice/business management advices/guidance.
3. Give appropriate technology sourcing/know-how/evaluation/tie ups with national and international partners.
4. Provide information on the availability of infrastructure/market/machinery details & suppliers/raw material source & dealers.
5. Conduct Seminars/Entrepreneurship Development Programs/Exhibitions to assist stakeholders.
6. Issue due Acknowledgement for applications filed by MSM Enterprises.
7. Provide all requisite hand-holding services to the unit to start operation and meet statutory requirements.
8. Extend facilitation and personal supervision service for project clearances/documentation.
9. Act as a liaison with financial institutions/other departments/agencies.
10. Prepare and forward Technical Feasibility Reports to financial institutions for loan.
11. Assist the unit to get necessary licenses/clearances/NOC from statutory bodies through Green Channel Counter/Single-Window Clearance Board.
12. Extend financial assistance to the unit under the different schemes undertaken by Government to promote Industrialization. 
13. Organize/assist Entrepreneurship Development Clubs in Schools/Colleges to promote industrial culture among the youth.
14. Identify and revive sick units under Sick Unit Revival Programme.
15. Assist revival of industrial Clusters and co-operative societies.
16. Implement other department/Government of India schemes.
17. Acquire, develop land for the benefit of entrepreneurs by establishing Industrial Development Plots/Areas/MIEs.
18. Act as a sounding board for the industrialists in the various forums.
19. Issue all essential documentation to the industry to run/acquire assets/procure controlled items for industrial purpose.
20. Create and extend infrastructural requirement for the development of industries.
21. Promote Entrepreneurship.
22. Care for the environment while promoting industry.