GoK Citizen Center & Sprinklr


The context and need of adopting a platform like Sprinklr were explained in detail in the press release by the IT department on 14-02-2020. (Press Release)


The documents mentioned in the above press release is being published here for greater transparency and clarity. The Purchase order with Sprinklr was signed on the 2nd of April 2020, effective from the 25th of March 2020. This is a standard Order form the company follows internationally and the Order is based on the Sprinklr Master Services Agreement (USA, Version 1.3, 20180413) located at www.sprinklr.com/legal and the standard NDA which forms part of the documents.


The end date of the assignment is given as earlier of (i) 24th September 2020, and/or (ii) the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, as mutually agreed upon by the parties. There is a provision for License Term to be renewed by mutual written agreement of the parties (each a "Renewal Term"). The Data retention and support terms are as per the Silver and Standard categories respectively of the Sprinklr Service Level Agreement (SLA).


The privacy policy and the NDA of Sprinklr has been shared and clarifications on the same was sought from Sprinklr. They have come up with an affirmation letter on how the data concerns are addressed on the 11th of April and a revised letter was issued on 12th with a non-legal format for better understanding.




1. Press release by IT dept

2. Order Form – Purchase of the

3. Master Services Agreement (USA Ver 1.3 20180413)

4. Sprinklr Service Level Agreement

5. Sprinklr Privacy policy

6. NDA

7. Letter of Affirmation dated 11-04-2020

8. Letter of Affirmation (revised) 12-04-2020