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The mandate of the Department of Cultural Affairs is to preserve and promote all forms of art and culture emphasizing the cultural heritage of the state at its best. The functional spectrum of the Department is rather wide, ranging from generating cultural awareness at the grassroots level to promoting cultural exchanges at an international level. Along with the programmes for the preservation of the state's cultural heritage, the activities of the Department encourage and disseminate a variety of contemporary creative arts as well. The aim of the Department is to develop ways and means through which the basic cultural and aesthetic sensibilities of the people remain active and dynamic.
To this end, the Department of Cultural Affairs undertakes activities that follow from the Cultural Policy adopted by the Government of Kerala.The activities are carried out through the directorate and other autonomous bodies/societies.
Directorate of Cultural Affairs
This Directorate was formed with a broad view to effectively co-ordinate and regulate all the art, literary and cultural institutions which were lying scattered and functioning   under various departments by bringing them under one umbrella.
The Directorate of Culture is also entrusted with the task of distribution of financial assistance or award amount to men of arts and letters, pension to indigent artists, widows of renowned artists and writers and employees of various cultural institutions and akademies.  Besides, financial assistance is also extended to artists for medical treatment.
It also serves as an agency of the State Government to distribute recurring and non-recurring grants to eligible cultural establishments and agencies including JawaharBalabhavans that foster, promote and disseminate the cultural heritage, knowledge and the distinctive features of traditional and contemporary art forms of Kerala within and outside the country.  Undoubtedly, the ultimate aim of all cultural institutions is the cultural progress of the society and the state.  But it is noticeable that at least some of them are sometimes deviating from their motives and commitments.  In this backdrop, the Directorate of Culture, as a co-ordinating mechanism of the Government is vowed to strengthening the functions and activities of cultural institutions by bringing them in right direction and giving them timely assistance and guidance whenever or wherever needed for fulfilling their commitments in this scenario.
Activities of the directorate include:
•Assistance to Artists in indigent circumstances
•Various Awards (EzhuthachanPuraskaram, KathakaliPuraskaram, PallavurAppumararPuraskaram, Raja Ravi VarmaPuraskaram, SwathiPuraskaram,ChembaiPuraskaram)
•Financial Assistance to the diseased and destitute Artists and Cultural Activists for urgent medical treatment
•Grant-in-aid to memorials to eminent men of Arts and Letters
•Financial Assistance to promote Dance, Drama, Music and other Art Forms and other such Cultural Institutions.
•Grant-in-aid to JawaharBalabhavan etc.
Kerala has a spectacular heritage of cultural expressions across many artforms and customs. The time - honoured values lie dormant in the living traditions of these expressions. The feudal chieftains and provincial landlords who patronized these visual and devotional arts for centuries were not only encouraging them as entertainments but were also upholding their moral and ethical messages.
Vivid visual effects and stunning music are hallmarks of Kerala's performing arts. In a land, which cannot boast of monumental architectural feats, unlike many other parts of India, the performing arts, both individually and collectively, make up for the lost magnificence. No other state in India can match the grandeur and creativity of Kerala's performing arts.
The crowning jewels of Kerala's performing arts are Koodiyattam and Kathakali. Koodiyattam, the one thousand year old classical dance drama is regarded as one of the earliest traditions in theatre across the world. UNESCO has named it as a World Heritage describing it as a masterpiece of oral and intangible heritage. Though Koodiyattam is the oldest, Kerala perhaps owes its transnational fame to Kathakali, the classical dance drama combining facets of ballet, opera, masque and the pantomime. Though geographically a small strip of land, one could find in Kerala a large number of different streams of cultural heritage.

Organization Structure

Shri. A. K. Balan
Minister for Welfare of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes  and Backward Classes, Law, Culture and Parliamentary Affairs
Room No: 118,1st Floor
North Block,Secretariat
Mob: 9447962200
Tel: 0471-2333772/ 2333849
Fax: Tel: 0471-2332239
Minister for
Archaeology &
Room No 648,3rd Floor, South Block,
Government Secretariat,
Thiruvananthapuram – 695001
Phone Number: 9447754400
Minister for
Forest, Wildlife
Protection, Animal
Dairy Development,
Milk Co-operatives & Zoo
Room No 501,5th Floor,
Annex Block,
Government Secretariat,
Thiruvananthapuram - 695001
Phone Number: 9447864486
Cultural Affairs
1st Floor, South Block
Secretariat statue
Additional Chief Secretary,
Cultural Affairs ( Archaelogy, Archives, Museums)
Dr. Venu V. IAS
Additional Chief Secretary,
Room No. 374
1st Floor
Main Block, Secretariat
Tel: 2327438, 2518232
Mob: 9560407263
Secretary, Cultural Affairs 
Smt. Rani George IAS

Secretary, Cultural Affairs
Room No. 521

IInd Floor 

South Sandwich Block, Secretariat


Tel: 0471-2339182, 2518002
Fax: 0471- 2327270
Mob: 9447753565

Secretary, Cultural Affairs (Zoos)
Smt. Tinku Biswal IAS
Room No. 392
First Floor
Main Block
Ph: 0471- 2518035, 2330273
Mob: 9447713067



Services/ Activites


Government has made vigorous interventions in the cultural arena against cultural imperialism coming through the corridor of globalization. Destruction of human values and machinations of the market economy from the West have been destroying our sensibilities. Cheap thrillers with technical perfection have been vitiating our young minds on both the big and small screen. They play havoc on our value system. Government alone cannot resist this cultural colonization.
Against this backdrop activities of Sangeetha Nataka Academy, Lalithakala Academy, Sahithya Academy and Chalachithra Academy have been made more vigorous and people-oriented. Quality film and videos from within and abroad are being screened before a wider audience.
KeralaKalamandalam is being streamlined so as to become a Deemed University. Balasahithya Institute, Bhasha Institute, and Sarvavignanakosam have also started attractive programmes. Book Mark and Kerala State Film Development Corporation are on a revival mode.

Department Sections



1. Papers relating to Kerala Kalamandalam, Kerala Sahitya Academy, Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy, Kerala Folklore Academy, Kerala Lalithakala Academy, Bharat Bhavan, Thulu Academy
2. Audit Reports, L.A. Interpellation, Subject Committee Report, Estimate Committee report, O.P. Etc.
3. Issuing Awards such as Ezhuthachan puraskaram,Kathakali Puraskaram,Pallavoor Appu Marar Puraskaram, Raja Ravivarma Puraskaram, Keraleeya Nritha Natya Puraskaram.
4. Papers relating to Grant-in-aid to Jawahar Bala Bhavan in the State and allied matters.
5. Grant-in-aid to memorials to eminent men of arts and letters and allied matters.
6. Grant-in-aid to Cultural Organisations in the State and NRG to various Cultural Institutions.
7. Papers relating to Kerala State Chalachitra Academy, Kerala State Film Development Corporation.
8. Related papers with L.A., Apex Committee Meeting etc. and Miscellaneous papers.


1. Papers relating to Archaeology Department, Centre for Heritage Studies,Tripunithura Hill Palace.
2. Papers relating to Administration and Establishment matters of Museum & Zoo Department, Thiruvananthapuram & Thrissur.
3. Multi Purpose Cultural Complex Society (Vyloppilly Samskrithi Bhavan).
4. Miscellaneous papers of Cultural Affairs (B) Department.
5. Papers relating to South Zone Cultural Centre and Swathi Sangeetholsavam.
6. Cinema-TV Awards, Cultural Exchange Programme, Monthly Plan Progress.
7. Papers related to Budget proposals of Cultural Affairs Department, Subject Committee, Vasthuvidya Gurukulam and Cine Artists' Pension.
8. Paper related to Subsidy for Malayalam film and grant to federation of film societies of India
Sanctioning of grant for the conduct of International Film Festivel, Kerala


1. All papers relating to State Institute of Languages, Kerala State Institute of Children's Literature, State Institute of Encyclopaedic Publications, Kerala State Book Mark, Konkani Sahithya Academy, Kerala State Cultural Activists Welfare Fund Board.
2 Pension papers of Kerala Government Cultural Institution Employees Pension Scheme..
3. All papers of State Archives Department & Directorate of Culture
4. Monthly pension to artists who are in indigent circumstances, Arrear pension of pensioner to his/her heirs.
5. Financial Assistance to Artists for Medical treatment, Central-state pension to artists.
6. All miscellaneous papers relating to the Section.
7. Consolidation work of Cultural Affairs Department.
8. L. A. Interpellation.
9. Monthly Business Statement.
10.Papers related to classical language Status to Malayalam


Contact Us


No. Department Sections. Phone No.
1. Cultural Affairs (A) Department 0471 2518890
2. Cultural Affairs (B) Department 0471 2518723
3. Cultural Affairs (C) Department 0471 2517016


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