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Social Justice

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file icon 3083_14hot!Tooltip 03/21/2014 Hits: 82

Social Justice Department--Ex-Grashia of Smt .Ragini fund allotted on the treatment of Master.Sheffek -Orders  issued.

G.O.(RT)No.181/2014/SJD                         Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 14.03.2014

file icon 3156_14hot!Tooltip 03/24/2014 Hits: 82

Social Justice Department-Kerala  Vanitha Commission Chair Person Official Vehicle-Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.189/2014/SJD                         Dated,Thiruvananthapuram,17.3.2014

file icon 3237_14hot!Tooltip 03/26/2014 Hits: 82

Social Justice Department - Maintenance works of official vehicle, ICDS Office, Ottappalam - Amount sanctioned - Orders issued
G.O (Rt) No. 211/2014/SJD     Thiruvananthapuram,  25-03-2014

file icon 3297_14hot!Tooltip 03/28/2014 Hits: 82

Social Justice Department - Govt. Childrens' Home, Kozhikode - Tuition fees for 2010-13- Balance Amount sanctioned - Orders issued
G.O (Rt) No. 202/2014/SJD   Thiruvananthapuram,  22-03-2014

file icon 3338_14hot!Tooltip 03/29/2014 Hits: 82

Social Justice Department-ICDS-2013-14 Financial Year Anganwadi  Medicine Kit  sanction amount for Social Justice Director TSB Account Deposit-Administrative Sanction-Orders issued.
G.O.(RT)No.223/2014/SJD                   Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 28.3.2014

file icon 3427_14hot!Tooltip 04/01/2014 Hits: 82

Social Justice Department- Orphanage Control Board  amount transfered to P.D.Account-Administrative sanction-Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.245/2014/SJD                          Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 31.3.2014

file icon 3686_14hot!Tooltip 04/08/2014 Hits: 82

Social Justice Department-Establishment-Sri.V.T.Nandakumar,Watchman,Government Children's Home for Boys-Leave without Allowance for study Purpose-Orders issued.
G.O.(RT)No.236/2014/SJD                       Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 31.03.2014

file icon 4076_14hot!Tooltip 05/03/2014 Hits: 82

Social Justice Department-Establishment-Ashabhavan (Men)-Thiruvananthapuram,- Deputation-Smt.Jisha Beegum,A.S, Staff Nurse-Administrative Sanction- Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.274/2014/SJD                        Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 23.04.2014

file icon 4326_14hot!Tooltip 05/17/2014 Hits: 82

Social Justice Department- Setting up of a Social Justice Complex at Thavannoor, Malappuram-Administrative Sanction accorded-Orders issued.
G.O.(RT)NO>281/2014/SJD                          Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 28/04/2014.

file icon 4381_14hot!Tooltip 05/17/2014 Hits: 82

Social Justice Department- Ernakulam Childrens Home Inmatees  buying of bed-Administrative Sanction accorded-Orders issued.
G.O.(RT)NO.326/2014/SJD                          Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 08/05/2014.

file icon 4513_14hot!Tooltip 05/20/2014 Hits: 82

Social Justice Department- Kerala Social Suraksha Mission- Thalolam project-Administrative sanction-Orders issued.
G.O.(RT)No.339/2014/SJD                      Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 14.05.2014

file icon 7134_14hot!Tooltip 07/23/2014 Hits: 82

Social Justice Department- Social Justice Directorate Official Vehicle  buying of Tyre, Tube-sanction amended-Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.433/2014/SJD                          Dated,Thiruvananthapuram,09.07.2014.

file icon 10886_14hot!Tooltip 10/18/2014 Hits: 82

Social Justice Department-Kerala Social Security Mission- Interview to the post of Regional Director-Nomination of Smt.N.B.Komalavally Amma, Additional Secretary as Government nominee in the Selection Committee-Sanctioned-Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.614/2014/SJD                 Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,08.10.2014.

file icon 12613_14hot!Tooltip 11/28/2014 Hits: 82

Social Justice Department- 'Vanitha Ratnam' award- amount sanctioned-Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt) No.690/2014/SJD                Dated,Thiruvananthapuram,21.08.2014.

file icon 12714_14hot!Tooltip 11/29/2014 Hits: 82

Social Justice Department-Kerala Women's Commission-Extension of term of deputation of Sri.John Paul.A as  Civil Police Officer in Kerala Women's Commission,Thiruvananthapuram-Sanctioned-Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.697/2014/SJD               Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,26.11.2014.

file icon 3080_14hot!Tooltip 03/21/2014 Hits: 83

Social Justice Department- Government Children's Home (Girls),Kozhikkode Tution fees amount sanctioned-Orders issued.
G.O.(RT)No.177/2014/SJD                      Dated,Thiruvananthapuram,12.03.2014

file icon 3198_14hot!Tooltip 03/26/2014 Hits: 83

SJD- Idukki Old age home- No. of inmates enhanced to 100- Orders issued
G.O.(MS)No.26/2014/SJD                     Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 14.03.2014

file icon 4081_14hot!Tooltip 05/03/2014 Hits: 83

Social Justice Department-Resignation of Shri.Babu.N, Chairman, Child Welfare Committee, Kozhikode and Smt. Glory George,Member,Juvenile Justice Board, Wayanad-accepted-Orders issued.
G.O.(RT)No.263/2014/SJD                                 Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 08.04.2013

file icon 4078_14hot!Tooltip 05/03/2014 Hits: 83

Social Justice Department- Kerala Women's Commission- Extension of term of deputation of Smt.Sabeena.A, as Junior Superintendent in  Kerala Women's Commission, Thiruvananthapuram, Sanctioned-Orders issued.
G.O.(RT)No.272/2014/SJD                                    Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 22.04.2014

file icon 4250_14hot!Tooltip 05/15/2014 Hits: 83

Social Justice Department- Club F.M.94.3 Radio Station-Administrative sanction -Orders issued.
G.O.(RT)No.312/2014/SJD                           Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 06.05.2014.

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