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Local Self Government

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file icon 13530_14new!Tooltip 12/18/2014 Hits: 23

LSGD-Engineering Wing-Kodungallur Municipality-Disciplinary action initiated against Shri.P.P. Shalu, Assistant Engineer and Shri.Vipin K.C, Overseer--Finalized-Orders issued.
G.O.(RT)No.3330/2014/LSGD                Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,16.12.2014.

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LSGD-Engineering Wing-Departmental action initiated  against Smt.Mini.A.S, Assistant Engineer,LSGD-Finalized-Orders issued.
G.O.(RT)No.3331/2014/LSGD                Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,16.12.2014.

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LSGD-Engineering Wing-Departmental action initiated  against Shri.Rajeev.R.Engineer, Nileswar Municipality-Finalized-Orders issued.
G.O.(RT)No.3326/2014/LSGD                Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,16.12.2014.

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LSGD-Engineering Wing-North paravoor corporation -Kerala civil services rule 1960- disciplinary action of employees -for official enquiry  - Sri.N.Sulaiman,superintendent engineer,Tvpm corporation ,as nodal officer -Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.3263/2014/LSGD                      Dated,Thiruvananthapuram,10.12.2014.

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Local Self Government Department-Panchayat Establishment-Order dated 26.08.2014 of the Hon'ble Kerala Administrative Tribunal in OA No.1498/2014 filed by Smt.J.Beenamol-Complied-Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.3332/2014/LSGD                 Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,16.12.2014.

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LSGD-Engineering Wing- Sri.K.U.Udayan,assistant executive engineer ,Kozhikodu- disciplinary action -Finalized-Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.3282/2014/LSGD                      Dated,Thiruvananthapuram,11.12.2014.

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LSGD_Suchitwa Mission-Appointment of Shri-G-Jyothishchandran, Assistant Engineer,Valayar Grama Pnachayat ,Malappuram as Project Consultant in Suchitwa Mission on deputation basis-Sanctioned-Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.3268/2014/LSGD               Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,10.12.2014.

file icon 13439_14new!Tooltip 12/17/2014 Hits: 28

LSGD-Engineering Wing- Sri.M.Manojkumar,Sri.K.K.Velaudhan- disciplinary action -Finalized-Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.3281/2014/LSGD                      Dated,Thiruvananthapuram,11.12.2014.

file icon 13379_14new!hot!Tooltip 12/15/2014 Hits: 155

Local Self Government Department- Redeployment -Transfer of clerks in various department -Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.3267/2014/LSGD                  Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,10.12.2014.

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LSGD-Engineering Wing-Sinakarathopu Palace, Thiruvananthapuram,Disciplinary action initiated against Shri.K.Balagopal,Retd Assistant Engineer and Shri Gopalakrishna Pillai, Assistant Executive Engineer Dropped-Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.2794/2014/LSGD               Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,28.10.2014.

file icon 13310_14hot!Tooltip 12/12/2014 Hits: 63

LSGD-Engineering Wing-Sri.M.A.Shamsuddin,Assistant Executive Engineer,Nemam block-disciplinary action -Finalized-Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.3158/2014/LSGD                      Dated,Thiruvananthapuram,01.12.2014.

file icon 13308_14Tooltip 12/12/2014 Hits: 44

LSGD-Engineering Wing-Sri.M.A.Shamsuddin,Assistant Executive Engineer,Nemam block-disciplinary action -Finalized-Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.3202/2014/LSGD                      Dated,Thiruvananthapuram,05.12.2014.

file icon 13309_14Tooltip 12/12/2014 Hits: 41

LSGD-Engineering Wing-Sri.N.S.Radhakrishnan,Assistant Executive Engineer,Nemam block-disciplinary action -Finalized-Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.3246/2014/LSGD                      Dated,Thiruvananthapuram,09.12.2014.

file icon 13252_14hot!Tooltip 12/11/2014 Hits: 60

LSGD-Engineering Wing-Muthalamada Grama Panchayat-Disciplinary action initiated against Shri.C.B,ManojKumar, Assistant Engineer-Finalised-Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.3203/2014/LSGD                       Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,05.12.2014.

file icon 13253_14hot!Tooltip 12/11/2014 Hits: 134

LSGD-Engineering Wing-Transfer and posting in the cadre of Executive Engineer and Assistant Executive Engineers-Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.3255/2014/LSGD                      Dated,Thiruvananthapuram,09.12.2014.

file icon 13256_14hot!Tooltip 12/11/2014 Hits: 62

LSGD-Engineering Wing-Vigilance Surprise Check-MPLAD-Allegation of corruption in the construction of Amenity Centre for our Patients in District Hospital, Kollam-Transfer and posting in the cadre of Executive Engineers-Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.3254/2014/LSGD             Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,09.12.2014.

file icon 13257_14Tooltip 12/11/2014 Hits: 23

LSGD-Engineering Wing-Estt- Charge arrangements in respect of Shri.Joji Paul, Assistant Executive Engineer,LSGD Sub Division, Chalakkudy Block Panchayat is given additional charge of Assistant Executive Engineer,PAU, District Panchayat, Thrissur-Action of the Executive Engineer,PAU, District Panchayat, Thrissur is ratified-Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.3201/2014/LSGD              Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,05.12.2014.

file icon 13254_14Tooltip 12/11/2014 Hits: 31

Local Self Government Department-Engineering Wing-Establishment-Declaration of Probation in respect of Shri.P.Muhammed Abdurahiman in the cadre of Assistant Executive Engineer-Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.3254/2014/LSGD              Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,09.12.2014.

file icon 13255_14Tooltip 12/11/2014 Hits: 27

Local Self Government Department-Engineering wing- Sri.Joy. P.Thomas Assistant Executive Engineer, Devikulam Block Panjayat - O.I.No.1525/2014,case filed before hon'ble kerala Administrative Tribunal -judgment Finalized-Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.3193/2014/LSGD                    Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,04.12.2014.

file icon 13200_14Tooltip 12/10/2014 Hits: 27

Local Self Government Department- Kollam Municipal corporation-'friends Janasevana kendra' works-DD returned to IKM -Ratification-Orders issued.
G.O.(Rt)No.3025/2014/LSGD                  Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,20.11.2014.

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